Characters: Ensign Logan "Monster" Cox, LTJG (Lieutenant Junior Grade) Joey "BAG" Williams, Lieutenant Commander Bill Grey. (For this chapter)

Reference guide: The Cornerian Fighter is the same one used in the 64 version on Katina. C.S.S stands for Cornerian Space Ship, Joey's callsign stands for Banged A Goth. The Mammoth looks familiar to the T.C.S Midway from Wing Commander Prophecy, (Google T.C.S Midway in images, you will know it when you see it.) CNC is Command and Control.

Chapter 1: 2 Friends and the Officer.

"This is Ensign Logan Cox, returning from a reconnaissance mission, and requesting docking clearance to the ship C.S.S Mammoth." Logan spoke through his comm piece in his helmet. He was one of the many pilots on this lone carrier in space, belonging to the Husky unit. His callsign, 'Monster', was a reference to his last name, which he despised incredibly. He earned it in his first days at the Academy by some final year students, who liked his last name and thought Monster in front of his name sounded funny with it. It stuck with him all the way, and still stands with him even after graduating. Even though he hates his callsign, he'd rather have that, than be called BAG.

BAG, was LTJG Joey Williams callsign. In his second year at the Academy, over a Christmas break, he slept with a gothic girl, and it so happened to be a friend of a 3rd year pilot. News spread fast and his callsign will forever remain as BAG.

Logan and Joey were best of friends since they could walk, their parents met each other at a preschool, and sure enough, brought both of them with them. Eventually, they started talking to each other about their parents, and then they started building things with the building blocks, and before you knew it, had become the best of friends. When the Lylat Wars began, they were both finished with the minimum requirement for becoming pilots from school teaching. Both Logan and Joey decided to become pilots and support Corneria in defeating the Venom Army. Logan was at age 13, as his parents signed him up for school earlier than most, and Joey was 14, he was signed up for school on time. They had become the best duo in their class, causing all other pilot pairs to fail miserably when fighting them together. When they finally graduated the Academy 4 years later, as luck would have it, they were assigned to a new carrier fresh from the shipyards. The C.S.S Mammoth has been their home for 1 year now. Logan was 19, and Joey was 20.

Even though the graduated from the same class, Joey had more credit under his name than Logan did. As a result of this, and some extreme combat situations he resolved, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade within 4 months of graduation.

Logan awaited an acknowledgement from CNC, feeling his message did not go through, he repeated himself again. "This is Ensign Logan Cox returning from reconnaissance mission, requesting clearance to land on the C.S.S Mammoth."

A female Akita responded to his call this time, "Roger Ensign, you are cleared to land in landing bay 2."

Logan smiled, "You all are getting slow on response time, I coulda died if we were in a combat situation. Anyway, I'm coming in for a landing, ETA, 3 minutes." Logan flipped the landing gear switch from the 'up' position, to the 'down' position. He heard the familiar noise of the landing gear hatches opening, and the machine lower the gear. He veered to the right, facing the landing bay on the right side. He flipped another switch, and his canopy glass animated landing lights outside the ship that went into the hangar bay. These lights help keep him even with the carrier so he doesn't accidentally put to much pressure on one wheel and snap it, which could put him into a fiery explosion. He guided his craft along the lights evenly as he was taught to in training. He slowed his speed to 25 thrust, as he entered the bay. The craft eased onto the metal surface. Even though he eased into it, he still felt the wonderful smash as the front wheel hit the ground. He turned to park it into its designated hanger, the hanger marked HB-034. He turned his craft to the left and parked it in the center of the box shaped hanger, and still had ample room to move in, no where near as much as in the landing bay, but enough to get out of his canopy, back in, and enough room for a team of 7 flight engineers to fix up the ship.

He looked behind him as he saw the clear steel doors close behind him, when the silently slammed into each other, he heard the sound of air rush into the now enclosed cube he was parked in. This was the signal that he could open his canopy without fear of dieing. He saw the ladder wheel up to the left side of the canopy. Logan took his right hand and found the familiar bolt that kept the canopy locked and air tight. He lifted the bolt up, the air hissed out of the canopy, allowing the air outside in. Then he pulled it back, releasing the lock. He released the bolt from his hand, and using his left, flipped a switch from the down position, to the up position. With the flick of that switch, the canopy opened. When the canopy had fully opened, he walked out of his canopy and onto the ladder, step by step he reached the bottom.

The Petty Officer at the bottom saluted him. Logan removed his helmet and saluted the bull dog. Logan was a grey fox, much like Fox McCloud in appearance, but he was grey, and rather than having green eyes, he had sapphire blue eyes. After returning the salute, both the officer and him eased up, and the officer spoke first, "welcome back Ensign. I trust you didn't run into any trouble?"

Logan held his helmet under his arm, and looked back at his ship, "it was a quiet trip, I'm glad you installed that music player, or I might have ran into an asteroid just from boredom."

The bull dog frowned at this joke, "you know I hate it when you joke about trashing your fighter like that, it means I will have to spend my whole shift fixing your craft."

Logan returned his look at the Petty Officer, "Well, it is what you get paid for is it not?" The bull dog opened his mouth to respond, but Logan stopped him. "You know what? Don't answer that, just fuel her back up, and have a simple flight diagnostic."

The bull dog saluted him, "Right away sir!" He turned to his crew, "You heard the man! Get that fuel pump out! And prepare a computer diagnostic of the fighter!"

The crew of 6 responded, and saluted "Yes sir!" and they started scrambling around to get the job done.

Logan walked to the elevated platform with the only door besides the one that lead to the landing bay. The door slid open and he walked down the hallway that merged with another hallway that lead to Landing bay 1. Here he met up with LTJG Joey Williams, his wingman for the reconnaissance mission, and his buddy.

"Hey Logan!" Joey said. He was a grey wolf, with a similar look to Wolf O'Donnell, but a less rugged, and had blueish green eyes. "How was that recon mission? Fun huh?" He said sarcastically.

"Oh yea, it was a BLAST! It was as fun when I figured out my callsign was going to be 'Monster'." Logan responded, sharing the same sarcastic attitude as Joey.

Both of them laughed at this, and walked towards the locker room to stow their gear and put on their maroon colored uniforms. They continued talking about stuff like who was the better pilot, what the best movie out was, and who was the best looking model. They arrived at the locker room, still discusing who the best looking model was.

"Nooo, I am POSITIVE the best one right now is Paige Gott, she is defiantly the best." Joey shook his head at the statement that Logan gave him.

"No way. Jennifer Bond is by far the best looking of them all." Joey smiled at the thought of actually meeting her one day, as they entered the locker room.

"I am telling you, Paige is the-" they both looked forward and saw Bill Grey, their superior officer. Joey and Logan quickly saluted him.

He saluted back, allowing them all to stand at ease. "Looks like you all were having a nice conversation."

Joey quickly responded back, "Uh, yeah, it was rather interesting."

Bill smiled at this, "Well, get your uniforms on, we will be arriving at Corneria within 2 to 3 hours."

Logan looked at Bill with confusion written all over him, "Corneria, sir? Did I hear you right?"

Bill turned his attention from Joey to Logan, "You heard me right, General Pepper saw it fit to give us some new recruits, and as such, we will be receiving supplies and such. Along with this, the crew will have 1 week of R&R. I believe all our pilots, including you 2, have earned it."

Logan snapped a salute, "Thank you, sir."

Bill returned the salute, and began easing his way through them, "now if you will excuse me, I am needed on the Bridge."