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Reference guide: Katina base- I know it is different in Star Fox 64, but for realistic purpose's, I'm changing the base around some.

Chapter 12: Katina

The ride to Katina was short, thanks to the Jump Gate at Corneria. Within less than a day they had arrived, and Logan disembarked the shuttle in his maroon uniform, along with Joey. Aaron and Allie were somewhere else, possibly having already disembarked the Frigate.

Logan spared a look at the outside of the base. He saw a pyramid styled building, or what was commonly referred to as the Main Hub. This was the primary area for duty. At the bottom was standard greeting and registration area for new recruits, transfers, and retiring soldiers/pilots/crew.

He looked back at his feet and walked with what little confidence he had towards the base. It had been a while since he'd flown planet side, hopefully they'd let them do some practice flights, or at least give them some simulator time.

Joey seemed to notice his buddies discomfort, and patted him on the shoulder, "Whats got you so down? Missing the funeral, or the transfer?"

Logan looked up from the paved concrete to make some eye contact with his bud before looking at the sky. "To tell you the truth, I don't quite know this time."

Joey wrapped his hand around his friends neck, pulling him into a noogie. "Cheer up! We got transferred off of that crowded, flying metal death trap they call a carrier. Besides, breathing fresh air, and having large quarters will be great!" He released Logan, who quickly put himself out of arms reach of Joey.

"You always find the good things in life." Logan yawned.

Joey laughed, lacing his hands behind his head, "Someone's got to. Or else the world would be a pretty depressing place."

They arrived at the pyramid shaped building, and, just like they thought, the desk was busy registering all pilots, assigning quarters, and the latter. Logan's eyes narrowed in distaste, from what he saw, he would be waiting for quite some time.

And wait he did.

The agonizing minutes passed about as quick as a stay in hell, but, even though his patience was tested, he made it to the front. The fox at the desk looked up, "Alright sir, name?"

"Ensign Logan Cox." He replied monotonously.

"Alright, stand still, we're doing a DNA scan." Logan remained still like a stone, "Alright, confirmed. You will be bunking with Ensign Aaron Smith. Room is 604, floor 5. Next!" She shouted out.

Logan stood stunned, temporarily unable to speak. "Erm, but did you say I'm bunking... with... Aaron Smith?"

The desk lady looked back at him, a slight aggravation glinted in her glasses. "If you have a problem, please file out a formal request."

Logan rubbed the back of his head and silently muttered, "Geez, you think old hags like her would be a bit kinder to us pilots."

That was all the poor lady could take, slamming her hand on the desk, shocking Logan to stand at attention. "Now you listen here, Ensign! I'll have you know I've been awake taking in transfer pilots since 2 in the morning!" Logan took a look at the clock on her computer, it was 2 in the afternoon. "I've not had my lunch break, my breakfast, or any coffee!" She breathed in heavily, and then calmed down quickly, fixing her glasses, "Now, if you please, I've got a lot of work to do."

Wasting no time, Logan hastily walked out of the registration room, and quickly hit the elevator button to take him to floor three. Still making haste, he opened his room, and threw his stuff down on what he assumed was his bunk. He fell face first onto it, "You think they'd be a bit more courteous, these desk ladies are too old to be allowed in the military."

Logan remained laying on his bed as if he was dead. He didn't want to move, not yet. He was forced out of bed by the loudspeaker, "All the members from the newly transferred Bulldog and Husky units are to report to the Hangar bay for fighter assignment, and a practice flight. That is all." Logan grunted so loud, it was quite possible it was heard from across the hall. He took his flight gear out of his duffel bag, and changed into it, bringing his uniform with him.

When he arrived at the hangar, he was shocked to see so many aircraft. His carrier was the largest in the Cornerian fleet, holding more fighters than most airbases did. However, this airfield had nearly double the fighters of his carrier. "Ensign!" A low voice shouted, he turned to his left to see a golden retriever standing next to an aircraft. Logan walked over to him, and the retriever saluted him, "Master Sergeant Maximilian Genus, but just call me Max, sir. I'm in charge of keeping your plane primed up so you can keep this base standing up."

Logan returned the salute, "Ensign Logan Cox, do you know where my plane is, Max?"

"Ah. That craft of yours would be behind me." Logan did a quick look behind Max, and saw a standard Cornerian Fighter. "We haven't had your kills painted on, seeing as your plane you got the original kills in is no longer in service. We thought it would be best if you started anew!" Logan chuckled, but he about wanted to strangle the sergeant. He ejected from his prior craft, but this guy rubbed it in his face ever so subtly. "Anyway, let's get you strapped in, and out there flying. You have no missiles, just lasers. You also have a full tank of fuel, so don't worry about running out." Logan climbed into his fighter, and taxied to the runway.

Once there, he opened his comm to Command and Control. "Ensign Logan Cox to C&C, requesting clearance to begin practice flight."

A voice came through his comm even more clearly than it did in his space fighter. "This is C&C to Katina Base members, red alert. A large Venom force has appeared on radar. All crew to your stations. Pilots scramble. This is not a drill. Repeat, not a drill."

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