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Title: Chronicles of Riddick 2: Furyan Unleashed / Prophecy Unfilled (Which one should it be?)
Rating: Set for T right now for language, violence, adult themes...n M for later chapters that will have the sweet stuff ;)
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Summary: Not for me! Jack/Krya dead? Lord Marshal in a faith none his own, Riddick, begins his reign of destruction on the bastards who slaved her out. Mercs are becoming few for his armada to destroy and the Necros want destruction...they want blood...all he wants is her. A prophecy left unfilled one calling for a key that can soothe the beast...and once more bring light to this darkness.

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A shiv in hand, pressed into a back...fourth lumbar down...abdominal aorta...the sweet spot

How do I get eyes like that?

You gotta kill a few people...

Tears threaten to fall...fearful eyes off into the darkness...a warm presence from behind...

Don't you cry for Johns...don't you dare...

Tracks have been circled...fear and darkness all around...

I think we should go now.

Oh, I don't know about that...That's death row up there--Especially with the girl bleeding.


What the fuck you talkin' bout, she's not cut?

Thinking it was about the blonde...the only female there?

Not her.

Silver pools of merculian heat fix...they fix at me!



Kyra bolted straight up, her chest wracked with quick breaths. Trying to fight the images away...the monsters are the breeze filtered from her open window, cooling her sweat laced skin.

She looked through the thick curls covering her face, green eyes only meet the darkness of her sleeping quarters as if expecting sliver slates to be staring back...yet, nothing there.

Just a streak of pail light from the moon barely tinting the inky darkness in the hammer head looking mercury shines watching her him...

"Fuck!" Kyra growled, yanking back her rebellious curls from her face as the steady pound receded to an unnoticeable beat behind her ribs.

The pain not hurting as much as she hoped it would, putting abuse on her scalp, and began to pound her palms against her head as she squeezed her lids tightly.

"Go away..." She whispered hoarsely. "Go the fuck, away!"

Not tryin' to get rid of me, right, Jackie girl?

Krya quickly snaped her head to the right, feeling a slight brush across her cheek from calloused fingers...emptiness. She gave out a dry laugh, if these "visions" weren't enough, she was beginning to hear voices too.

Warm breath glided across the back of her neck, causing her pupils to dilate to an extreme as her eyes widen from the sensation.

Be a cold day in hell before you get rid of a Bastard like me that easily...

Instinctively her hand slide against the cool of her sheets and underneath the pillow, clasping her slender fingers around her dormant shiv always ready for another drop or two of blood.

Remember what I taught you, Jack...or have you forgotten that also.

"It's Krya..." She replied in a weak voice, to the invisible purr in her right ear that pooled liquid fire in depths of her stomach.

"Jack couldn't cut it...I'm a new animal, now." She respond as if in a trance, spilling out the words from memories, teasingly, beyond her reach.

New animal, huh? Still smell like the same ol' little girl to me...Jack.

A slight caress come from her bare shoulder as if a nose brushed against it after smelling her honey tainted skin.

Eyes slitting into daggers. "Fuck you!"

She gasp slightly at the feel of crush-able fingers wrap around the slender column of her neck.

Careful how you talk to me...Princess.

Kyra quickly raise the shiv to strike at the hand around her throat only to halt in time from slicing her own skin at the absence of his touch. Her head darts to look behind her to see no one there and for the life of her she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry and let out a short hysteric laugh to prove such a point.

Since being found eight months ago, buried to her neck in sand and shortly a week after the so called "visions" had started, but never like this...never this strong...never this realistic!

She slapped her hands over her face, burring her head into her palms as the shiv lay long forgotten on her lap. "I'm going crazy."

A deep, husky laugh sound from in front of her causing her head to jerk up and anger to flame through her at the sound of his amusement. So much so, that she grabed her shiv and threw it straight ahead in the direction of his voice. Laughter echoed louder at her miss of trying to hit something that isn't there and the shiv only striked the post of the sleeping quarter's door and stick into the wood.

Her shoulders slump forward as big round droplets form at the corners of her eyes. She bites down on her bottom lip, bringing pain to her flesh to keep the tears at bay, not allowing them to fall. Though the glassy glaze of tears were obvious from the slight shine of the moon beaming down upon her womanly figure...not like he need the light to see them.

His voice dropped lower and all amusement is wiped from his voice at the sight of her...and if she wasn't mistaken a dark concern even etched his words.

Why you tryin to get rid of me, kid?

She slowly turned her head to the left, the bounce of her curls following the lead as one stubborn tear trickled down her cheek.

Still pissed at me for dumping your ass with the holy man all those years ago?

Holy man? Kyra thought to herself, having no, absolutely, no clue about his words that came from her right side this time. His jumping around only bringing more confusion to the void that was the black abyss of her mind.

Fuck what I said on Crematoria about the 'maybe I do' part...damn, Kyra, you have to know...I care...

Tears flow freely at these words and not knowing why was pissing her off. She raked at her eyes, wiping them dry with the back of her hand. Her eyes slowly scanning the room trying to catch a glimpse, her ears on high alert for even a slight exhale.

"Who are y-" Kyra didn't get to finish as suddenly she was blinded from the light source that was switched on as a woman came bursting into her quarters.

She held up her hands to defend off the sudden brightness, her eyes which quickly recovered thoroughly scanned the room. A part of her hoping to find a man there so she could convince herself she wasn't losing her mind. She knew she would find nothing, though. The predatory feeling that came over her from the moment she first woke up was gone and so was the devil with the liquid sliver eyes.

"Damn it, Mitra! Blind me why don't you." Kyra complains a bit fazed from her earlier ordeal.

"I heard you sceam."

Mitra looks up at the shiv that was eye level next to her head in the wall and pulls it out with a smirk on her lips. She crossed the room pulling her colorful flowing robes closer to her body.

"I seriously hope you didn't throw this at me for turning on the lights, Jack." Mitra tease and softly settle on the edge of her bed.

Kyra yanked the blade from her fingers irritated with being called by that name, she heard it enough in one night and it was really starting to rub her the wrong way.

Mitra notices this and raises a brow in concern, the smile dropping from her face. "You know I only tease you with that name, because it was the first word you spoke when we first found you, right?"

She gently placed her hand over Kyra's and squeezed lightly. "I meant no harm by it, child, if you prefer me to-"

"I prefer." Krya replied quickly, and let out a heavy sigh at the feel of another onset of migraines coming on.

"More visions, I see." Mitra stated with a knowing, sad smile.

"Fuckin' worse then before." Kyra griped, massaging her temple.

"Kyra." Mitra lightly reprimands for her language and only gets a sly look from the younger women. "Yes, I know, a women of her twenties you are, but you must remember. Words are from our soul and it's what comes from the depth of it that makes it pure."

The reddish-haired girl inwardly rolls her eyes at the famous lecture of her friend, and somewhere in her gut a stab of familarity of Mitra compared to someone else, who taught in such a manner was kindled...was it this...holy man?

"And what of these, damn "visions"?" Kyra huffs out, looking very much fed up. They were a slice of interruptions in her life that she was getting tired of dealing with.

Tired of being hunted down by a ghost. Flesh she could deal with, you can hurt that...but not this shit...and it was scarring and pissing her off at the same. A bad combination.

Mitra takes a patient breath and settles her gaze into the green orbs of her friend, having this conversation countless times before. "Your mind is desperately trying to fight to return you back to the person you once were."

"Memories? Bullshit!" Kyra snapped.


"What I can remember, I don't want to finish knowing at all." Kyra pulled up her thighs to her chest, hugging them tightly and stared off into space her voice going flat as if under the spell of her mind again. "There's someone...someone with the most beautiful eyes I've seen..."

She laughed so quickly you could barely tell if it was real. "...He scares the hell out of me...and yet, I want to be around him...I have to be around him...h-he excites me...makes me feel...alive."


Sweat poured down his body in torrents, he's been on the platform of the quasi-dead for six hours straight. To anyone else, they would have been dead, but for him it wasn't an option. The pain was all but numbing compare to his first trial by fire eight months ago. Now it was like ghosting a mercs ass in the alley, using his own fuckin' blade against him, a rookie at that.

Though, being brain-scanned by the quasi-dead did have it risks. Usually becoming very drained and suffer through terrible pain that would send the badest of asses crying for thier momma's. But this was Riddick and he was beyond the badest, and right now he didn't mind the tearing pain so much, that seem to fry his brain with such heat. Especially, because he finally made contact...with her.

"Krya." He breaths out as his body collapsed to the floor, soaked through and through from his body's own fluids. Breath coming heavily as he laid there allowing the coolness of the marble floors to soothe his battered muscular body. Damn, I'm really fucked up now.

Tapping of heals following lengthy, overflowing, white robes stopped inches from his face. "I calculate his Lord Marshal, was quite successful today?"

"Why don't your breezy ass, shut the fuck up until I can think straight?" Riddick growls out, roughly sitting on his bottom, rubbing his large hand over the stubble of his bald head. Should' of ghost this Bitch when I had the chance.

Areon only thinned her lips out more, having over the short months become accustomed to this mannerism that was purely him.

"Should I then use words that one from the penal system would understand then?" She reiterates in the flat, knowing voice of hers.

Bitch, be lucky I'm in a good mood right now. Riddick, despite the throbbing pain in his head, gives out a low laugh.

"You know I'm still trying to find that stick someone stuck up that ass..." His deep voice purrs out, gesturing to her and stands to his feet to look down upon her, his mood becoming deathly serious.

"If you mean I found Jack, after loosing her the first time thinking she was dead. Then to have someone..."

Eyeing Areon up and down suspiciously before continuing his voice in deep authority. "...steal her body and ship it off to the blackness of find, not only the body but her alive and kicking, but not knowing exactly where or how after eight fuckin months...then yea. I was pretty damn successful."

"If your assuming me, to put the blame on. Let me assure you Lord Marshal..."

"Riddick." He says in such a way that held no room for argument or disobedience.

"Riddick..." She swallows nervously, not showing it on the outside, but his lips curl, he definitely could smell it from her.

"...that Kyra is more valuable to us all, then you quite perceive."

He lifts the black goggles from his silver eyes to stare intimidatory into her olden gaze. "How the fuck do you know that name?"

She falters, but quickly stops herself from stepping back from his intimidating stare. She opted to stand her ground and looked up defiantly at him, a small secretive smile on her thin lips.

"Because...Mr. Riddick...Kyra, is the key. The key that once more will shine light into the darkness."

To Be Continued...

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