I wanted to make sure everyone knew that Aeris is alive and well over here and update with a little silly DoC fic. YES, Aeris is playing DoC (finally.) Please enjoy.


If Vincent Valentine should have made himself a mental note of anything, it should have been that silence in a battleground never meant 'clear of danger'. In fact, it meant the complete opposite. The sharp crack of a pistol being fired resounded through Kalm and he felt a swift breeze blow dangerously close to his face. He'd narrowly avoided having his cheek blown off, and as soon as his brain processed that someone was firing at him, his claw-free hand grabbed Cerberus and he turned, firing at the upper window of a brick building. The three bullets smashed through the brick, ripping past the attacker. The Deepground soldier in the window seemed unfazed, firing another shot at the ex-Turk. The flying bullet lodged itself in the flesh of Vincent's arm. He grunted and re-aimed to the best of his ability, pulling the trigger. Not even a second after he did, he saw a splash of deep red blood spatter the window, and heard the soldier's scream ring out, echoing in the plaza. He held his arm as steady as he could through the shaking, aiming carefully and precisely at the window where the soldier had been, waiting for a sign of another. It did not come, and he let his arm fall to his side, groaning in pain. He grimaced, swiftly moving to the elegant fountain in the middle of the plaza. After shoving Cerberus back into the gun holster on his leg, he splashed his wound with the cool liquid, wincing at the contact.

"Potion," he grumbled, sitting up straight on the concrete fountain, eyes scanning the area for the sign of a small box. When he saw nothing, he stood, wandering into the container Deepground had dropped. Being consumed by darkness, he abandoned the prospect of looking in the large container. He exited, and turned to his left, seeing an array of wooden boxes stacked. There had to be something. He tore open one with his claw, and was greeted by the sight of a small bottle. He sighed in relief, grabbing it. His eyes merely skimmed the label on it before yanking the cork out with his teeth. Spitting it onto the ground, he poured the lukewarm healing potion onto his arm. The pleasant light tingle signaled the wound was being healed. He felt the bullet pop from his skin and fall to the ground with a 'ting'. He took a deep breath, and looked at the label on the bottle. His brows furrowed for a moment.

"….What the hell…potoin?"


EDIT; my silliness fixed thanks to a reviewer.

Hehe! Have any of you noticed that? In DoC? That once or twice, there's potion and potoin. It made me giggle. I've been in a very FF7 mood lately, and really wanted to get some writing done! I know it's not much, but its better than nothing, yes? Hopefully soon I'll have more stuff up. I've got ideas a-runnin' through mah brain! Hope you liked it. REVIEW! And I'll give you cookies.