Subject: Edward Cullen aka The Womanizer

Chapter Thirty-Four – Name Games


I could see several different emotions flash across Edward's face after Rachel's reminder of his past. I glared at her, wishing I could slap the flash of remorse off her face. Remorse and pity were emotions I needed at the moment. Plus, I had known for a fact she was far from remorseful for upsetting Edward.

Since the first seed of trouble with Edward she hadn't been his advocate. I defended him completely, and I had told her directly, that Edward was a part of the package. She'd been tolerate at best since the whole tour mix up, but she certainly liked to push his buttons.

Mark, my tour doctor, was a prime example. She'd known that Edward wouldn't have liked the idea of a handsome doctor on tour with me. If she had known that Mark was this close to coming out of the closet, I doubted that he'd be with us.

I had known that finding names for a little girl would not be easy, but we could find something together. I touched Edward's face gently, softening the crease in between his eyes. His eyes were blank, lost to his own thoughts.

Ruby my exuberant makeup artist, plucked a little too harshly that earned a little slap in the ass from me. She yelped, giggling. Edward's eyes snapped back to mine, filled with a sadness I had only seen a few times before.

"I'm sor –" he started. I grasped his lips together with the tips of my fingers, preventing him from continuing.

"It's the past," I said firmly. His lips vibrated under my fingertips in an attempt to go on. I shook my head and repeated my statement. "Being who we are, there are bound to be things that will come back to haunt us." I leaned in and kissed his lips gently. "Like things that we're not proud of and maybe even regret. The only thing we can do is not let those things destroy us."

Edward nodded and took my face in his hands and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. Ruby, huffed like a petulant child, her mouth going on and on about how she'd never get done on time.

Edward pulled away, but his lips still lingered over mine. His eyes were bright and wide as he whispered, "To see the world through your eyes."

I smiled at him, peppering his lips and nose with small kisses. "You can, Edward," I said in a soft tone. "Your eyes are reflected in my own, and they tell me all I need to know."

"What that, my love?" he asked, a half-smile tugging on his lips.

"That you love me," I whispered.

"Truly," he said simply. He smiled, pressing more kisses on my face. Reluctantly, he released me so that Erika and Ruby could finish.

"You know," Rachel said as if nothing had occurred. "You could always make some name up." From the corner of my eye I could see her with her phone. "Let's see, Renee and Esme, um, Esnee… Renme… Oh, I know Renesmee."

Erika and Ruby snickered as Edward rolled his eyes. "I will not name my daughter something like that," I said loudly. "Don't be ridiculous, Rachel."

"Well, considering finding the first name will be just as hard as you keeping your own name," Rachel said but stopped abruptly. I hissed, leveling her with another glare.

Edward's eyes widened. Oh shit. The subject was something I'd hope wouldn't come up until I returned home. "Rachel, I swear if you don't shut the hell up, I'll be on a plane in less than an hour."

"You wouldn't," she taunted, rolling her eyes.

"Try me," I spat. I could feel the blood rushing through me, because she knew that this subject would be touchy with Edward.

"You'd lose millions," she said firmly, her gaze never wavering.

"I'm all right with that."

"Think of all the little kiddies you won't be able to help if you were blacklisted."

"Don't try blackmailing me, Rachel," I said, standing up fully. Ruby and Erika stepped away from me just as Edward stepped closer.

"I'll do what I have to do," she claimed easily. Rachel was clearly the best in the business, which was why I hired her. She wouldn't be the best if she wasn't willing to slit a few throats. Not mine though, and most definitely not Edward's. I smirked, poised to attack. This was the ruthless game we played since they day we met.

"In my contract, Section 15, subsection 3, it clearly stipulates that if my health is compromised by the stress, I could walk away without obligation to complete said contract."

Rachel glared at me, as I danced in my head. Her eyes never wavered as she continued to gaze at me for a full minute. Edward's arm, both possessively and protectively wrapped around my waist, calming me with his touch.

"Fuck, Isa," Rachel said smoothly, as if we hadn't been fighting. "I love you. You're the only client that's not scared of me." I rolled my eyes waiting for more. With Rachel there was always more, she strove to have the last word. "I'll lay off your man, since he clearly knows you can fight your own battles. I respect that."

"Yes, he does," I said with a smile. "The discussion about my name will take place when I'd have time to talk to Edward."

She nodded and stepped closer, but Edward's hand gripped me tighter. "One hour, and don't fuck up the hair," she said, turning toward the door. "The car will be waiting for you." She snapped her fingers for the others, and they scrambled to get their stuff together. Ruby handed me a lipstick, while Erika kissed my cheek before handing me some spritz for my hair.

Rachel reminded me that my outfit in the closet labeled "blue two." After their departure, I was aware that I was left with an angry boyfriend – fuck.


"This discussion should probably wait until there's a ring on your finger," I said through clenched teeth. "But since it's out in the open, I think we should have it now."

Had she no idea how much it hurt? I wanted her to be my wife, the mother of my children as Isabella Cullen. I was aware that times were different, hell, I wasn't even sure if I'd have her take Masen or Cullen. What hurt was that I'd like to have some fucking say in the matter.

Bella's soft expression turned angry as I pulled away from her and started to pace.

"First of all Edward, Rachel brought it up a couple of days ago. Second, she's pushing for me not to change my name." I paused, poised to comment, but Bella held up her hand. "And last, Edward, since we got back together the discussion of marriage had occurred only in passing."

I glared at her. We may have not discussed marriage, but it didn't mean it wasn't on the fucking table. "Why can't you take my name?" I growled through a clenched jaw..

She shook her head as she brushed past me. "I need to get ready." I followed her into the bedroom of her hotel room and waited for her to answer.

"As a writer I'm already established as Isa Virgin and Isabella Swan," she said, pulling out a garment bag from the closet. "In this industry, changing your name is suicide. It's hard. Books would have to be printed with my new names, but fans may not recognize my work unless they frequent the website, which many do not."

That actually made sense. She'd basically have to reestablish herself. And to do that would mean more book tours, more TV spots, or radio shows. In other words, more time away. Something neither of us wanted.

Bella looked over her shoulder, her eyes warm as they gazed into mine. "That is not to say that I won't take your name," she said calmly, turning and disrobing.

For a brief moment, her breasts distracted me, my mouth watering at the sight of them. I beat back the sudden onslaught of lust, because we had to finish our discussion.

"You want to be Mrs. Cullen?" I asked, taking a step toward her. I wasn't sure what she'd seen in my face but her expression softened again.

"Of course I do, Edward," she replied. "It actually hurts that you'd think otherwise."

With another step, she was within reach, and I pulled her close. We both breathed out apologizes, my nose nuzzling her scented neck. "We'll find some type of compromise, Bella," I offered, whispering softly against her ear. I felt her shake her head.

"No," she said with urgency. "I want to be yours. Rachel be damned." I laughed, smiled, and took her face in my hands for a heart-pounding kiss. The lust from earlier reignited.

Bella being the most reasonable pulled away. "Help me get dressed," she said as her chest fell and rose from laborious breaths.

I pouted playfully. "If I must."

She sat on the edge of the bed, my hands trailing down the small bump under her belly button. The skin there was still smooth, but the area was hard to the touch. She sighed softly as I continued to explore where she carried our child.

She handed me a black stocking with a smile. With a tenderness she brought out of me, I caressed each of her calves, nipped behind her knees and kissed the top of her thighs. She reached blindly for something on the bed, and handed me a garter belt with matching panties.

Who knew dressing her would be just as erotic as undressing her. I snapped the little clasps, bypassing the panties. I traced the tops of her stockings with the tips of my fingers, her skin warm and soft. A hitched breath escaped her as I parted her sweet thighs apart.

I hummed in pleasure, the scent of her arousal intoxicating my senses. "Do we have time?" I asked as my nose and the light stubble of my jaw ran along her inner thigh.

"Ye – yes," she stuttered as her body trembled beneath my fingers and lips. "I'm going to smell like sex in that tiny radio booth."

I smiled against her tender skin. "Yes, and I'm sure they'll want to bottle the scent," I mused before licking the junction between her thigh and hip.

"Oh God," she murmured as she fell back on the bed.

"Uh-uh, my love," I chastised. "You'll want to watch this." I pulled her back up, our eyes locked at my mouth descended onto her sex.

Words were caught in her throat, her eyes rolling back. "I think we're going to be late," she gasped. I smiled once again, adding a little hum to my happiness, increasing her pleasure and mine.


In the back of the limo we laughed as Bella tried to remain angry with me. She had been a bit put off at the fact that I picked a fight with the radio personality that was just about to show her just how big his was.

"Edward, if you heard his other shows you would that, that is just his way," she said frustrated. "It's all an act."

"I don't think so," I said, finding her flushed skin amusing. "He got of his chair and was about to show Isa a good time."

"He was not," she said and threw her arms up. She started to laugh and wrapped her arms around me. "Okay, maybe he would've shown me. But if he had, I would've asked you to show him what a real man's dick looks like."

I grinned. "My cock is pretty impressive." She laughed and kissed me chastely.

"You're cocky," she said with a giggle. "Cocky with a big…" I shut her up by pressing my mouth aggressively against hers.

"How the hell did the conversation about sex toys turn to how big Miggy's cock is?" she said against my lips.

"I think it was because you indicated that some of the toys on the marker over exaggerated the average size of a man's dick and it's the main reason why some men don't like their significant others from having one."

"You don't seem to mind," she purred. Oh fuck. Hell no I didn't.

"Well, that might be because most of the ones we've played with are um…"

Bella grinned and nipped on my bottom lip. "Inadequate in comparison to the size of your cock."

"Something like that," I said, pulling her roughly over my erection. Having her say all those dirty words drove me insane.

"I'm not sure. I don't think you've seen my purple one." She giggled at my shocked expression, one that soon to a scowl.

"I haven't seen you use a purple one." I may have pouted playfully at that point, in an attempt to show her I really wanted to see the purple one.

"I only use it for an –" she said before cutting herself off, to pick up her vibrating phone. I wished she hadn't answered it, because I was dying to know if she had anal sex before. It was something we hadn't explored yet and fuck if I wasn't willing to try.

"You didn't have to do that, Rachel," Bella said. "Thank you though. Bye."

"What is it, love?" I asked, brushing some of hair behind her shoulder.

"Rachel got us an earlier appointment."

I smiled. "Do we get to see the baby now?"

She nodded and told the driver the address for a medical center nearby. She bounced nervously and started drinking some water. The appointment was an hour away and she had to drink fluids to give us a better visual of our child.

We sat together in the limo, waiting until our appointment approached. I ran my hand over Bella's abdomen, the baby's movement more prominent now. I started humming some nameless tune, while Bella rested her head on my shoulder.

"If I drink anymore water I'm going to regret it," she said. "I never felt so damn full."

I laughed. "Sorry, but it's a part of the pregnancy." I kissed her lips a few times, lingering to continue tasting the sweetness of her mouth. "When Rosalie took me house hunting, we stopped five times for her to go."

Bella giggled. "I know that it's mean, but that makes me feel so much better."

"Well, this might make you even feel better. I heard Alice and Rose complaining that they gained too much weight."

"I have too," Bella said with a smile.

"Yes, but where it counts," I said with a smirk. "Here." I skimmed my thumbs over her nipples before cupping her breasts fully, earning a sweet gasp of pleasure. "And here." I ran a hand over abdomen over the small bump there. It was barely noticeable, the small wave of movement just under my touch.

"I love you," Bella whispered.

"And I love you," I said. "Both."


"Now, Ms. Swan please lay back," Chris the technician said and then pointed to me. "You help her lay back slowly." I nodded and helped Bella settle down, placing a pillow under her head.

"I received the notes from your doctors, both indicating for me to do a regular ultrasound to make sure nothing is wrong before we do 4D."

"Did they say why?" Bella asked concerned.

Chris patted her knee gently. "It's nothing to worry about, just procedure." Bella nodded, and I helped lift her top up enough to expose her stomach.

After a few minutes, Chris said everything looked good. I let out a breath I held and kissed the top of Bella's head. I kept repeating to myself that everything was fine.

"Now, we can get a clearer picture of your children," Chris said, the corners of his mouth lifting for a second.

"Our baby," Bella said softly. "Wait. What did you just say?"

"Children," I gasped.

"Yes," Chris said. "Your doctor said your hormone levels were through the roof which would imply you're either farther along or carrying multiples."

"That's why you had to check to make sure they were all right," Bella said. Chris nodded and pointed at the screen as a small gold image filled the small screen.

Bella gasped as her moved the wand enough to see the face of one of our children. The image wasn't perfect but it gave us enough to see that one of them had Bella's lips, with a fuller bottom lip. Bella whispered that he or she had my nose, her hand squeezing mine.

Seeing the baby like this made it all more real. I was going to be a father, a father to this sweet child growing inside the woman that I loved.

"From what I can tell there are two placentas," Chris said.

"What does that mean?" I asked, looking at Bella's small smile.

"Their not twins," she said softly.

"Not twins. So, there can be one of each sex in there?"

Bella giggled and nodded. "Or two girls or two boys."

Oh God, two girls. Fucking hell even two boys sounded crazy.

"Can we try seeing the other one's face?" Bella asked, her eyes widened as the baby on the monitor waved its tiny hand around.

"What's it doing?" I asked, curiously. Bella shrugged her shoulders just as the baby lifted its hand toward it's mouth.

"It looks like he or she is trying to suck a finger," Chris said thoughtfully. "Okay, let's see if we can see the other one."

With a few clicks on the keyboard and some wand movement over Bella's tummy, another face came onto the screen. The features were very similar to the first child, but lips were shaped more like my own.

Bella smiled brightly at me. "That's our babies." I nodded, stunned. "Are you okay?" I felt her fingers run through my hair.

"Yeah. They're fucking beautiful."

Her smile widened further and took my face in her hands. "Of course they are. Look who they have for a papa."

I snorted and shook my head. "They are not calling me papa," I said. "We'll save that title for Carlisle. Dad or Daddy suits me just fine."

"Daddy," Bella whispered, her lips pressing against my own.

"Momma," I teased, brushing my hands along her neck.

"If you don't leave soon, I'll bring out my camera. I'm sure I can get a pretty penny for the amateur footage of Isa Virgin and her boy toy."

Bella leveled a glare toward Chris and I shrugged with a grin. "Not in your life. No one gets to film my girl."

"Worth a try," Chris said with a sigh. "Okay. Lie on your side more, so we see if we can get your babies to tell us if they'd like pink or blue in their nursery."


Twenty minutes later, we were on our way to the hotel. Bella's head rested on my shoulder since the busy day had taken a toll on her. She slept peacefully, her breaths fanning along my neck.

I was going to be a father soon and a husband. My life had changed so much in such a short amount of time. There were things since meeting Bella that I'd change in a heartbeat, but if I could would that change where we were at that moment?

If I hadn't left Bella after the situation with Tanya, would we be pregnant with our children? No, she wouldn't be. She hadn't started to take the medication that counteracted with her birth control until that time and if I'd had stayed who knew where we'd be.

One thing I knew. We'd still be together. In less than five months, I was going to be a father of two babies and fuck if they didn't let us see their sex.

Oh well, good things come to those who wait. Our next challenge was to think of two names; we had to plan just in case of two girls, two boys or one of each. Either way, I couldn't wait to trace those sweet little lips with a fingertip. I couldn't wait to feel the grasp of a tiny hand around my pinkie.

Most of all I couldn't wait to see their mother give that unwavering love and support she'd shown me.


Bella had told me our morning the following day would start early so I wanted her to rest. I dressed her in one of my shirts before putting her in our hotel bed. While she slept, I went to see about room service for an early dinner.

While I busied myself with calls and emails from back home I contemplated about what Bella had in store for the following day. She'd asked me to pack a suit or tuxedo so I had surmised that maybe she had planned for us to go to a show or the symphony. She had clued before that it had to do with music.

I smiled at the memory that I had told Bella about my mother. Elizabeth was one hell of a teacher when it came to my piano lessons and at the time, I had shared her dream of me one day playing in Carnegie Hall. Bella and I were both musically inclined, and I'd love if that passion for music would pass on to our children.

"Edward," Bella whispered from the doorway of the adjacent room. I looked up, couldn't help my natural reaction to seeing her partially dressed, sleepy eyes, and rumpled.

"Hey, baby," I said, removing my glasses.

She cocked her head to one side. "You're wearing glasses."

I nodded. "Yeah, I think my prescriptions for my contacts needs to be changed." I shrugged my shoulder and opened my arms as invitation. Bella padded across the soft carpeting and wrapped herself around me. "How did you sleep?"

"Good," she whispered. "I needed it. Thank you."

"No nightmares," I said softly. She shook her head. "Good."

She shifted on my lap and straddled me. She picked up my glasses from the desk in front of us and placed them back on my face. I cocked an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

"God, you look sexy with glasses," she said in her sultry tone. The same tone that told me she was seeking some attention.

"Really," I said and purposely letting the glasses fall a little lower. She moaned and ground her hips against mine. She bit her lip enticingly and pushed my glasses back up. "I have a feeling you're into geeks."

She bit her lip, nodding. "You wore glasses the first time we were together."

"That's right," I said. "I was a bookworm back then and painfully shy."

"Don't forget you did play some sports."

"That's only because Emmett forced my ass into it."

"Ah," Bella murmured as her lips ran along my jaw. "I see, but still you were awfully cute then."

I hummed and sought more bare skin along her thighs with the tips of my fingers. "I remember your hair was short then, baby," I whispered, my head falling to one side to allow her access. "You had this cute red sweater that allowed me to see those perky breasts of yours."

I felt Bella smile against the skin of my neck. "You were taller when you asked me to dance. You probably could see down my sweater."

"Of course. I may have been shy but a chance to see tits wasn't going to be wasted."

Bella giggled and bit my shoulder gently, causing me to groan. "I thought you were never going to kiss me," she mumbled, her fingers delving under my t-shirt.

My hands ran up her torso, seeking warm flesh. "I wanted to, the moment I saw you in my room."

"I know," she said softly. "But I wanted you to make the first move."

"I did after what felt like forever," I whispered as my fingers ran over her ribs to the underside of her breasts. She arched closer, moving her legs so they'd hand over either side of the chair. "It was such a sweet first kiss."

I nodded and lifted us off the chair. With a knowing look in her eyes, I set on her feet. I wrapped my arms around her waist as her hands laid on my shoulders. We both started to sway to the memory that played in our heads. And just as I dared to skim her flesh under the back of her top, her hand started to play with the hair at the nape of my neck. Such a simple touch sent a potent flare of desire through me.

I groaned softly, reality as sweet as the memory. I leaned down as I did back then and pressed my lips against hers softly. She whimpered and tiptoed to kiss me harder. I chuckled under my breath and lifted her off the ground to deepen the kiss. Bella giggled as her feet dangled almost a foot off the ground.

"You're just as strong as back then," she murmured. "Do you remember what happened next?" I nodded and took her bottom lip between my own. Her answering gasp was as arousing as it was when I was eighteen. Her lips took my top one, gently nipped at it, as my hands ran over her backside.

"Bella," I gasped. She moaned, capturing her sweet sounds in my mouth.

"I want you," she whispered, still playing the part.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded and wrapped her legs around my waist. I groaned and groped her ass more roughly. God, she felt so good against me. I made my way toward the bed and laid her down. With soft and shy touches, we removed each other's clothing, dropping everything on the floor.

I groaned as Bella took my erection in her soft, warm hands. She looked up at me through her lashes, her lip between her teeth. She was so beautiful. "We've come full circle, baby."

She gave me a sweet, shy smile. "I remember you saying how you wished that we'd have more than one night."

"I wanted that," I said as I kissed along her collarbone. "I remember thinking 'God, if only I could keep her with me I'd never ask for anything more.'"

"I'm yours now, Edward."

I laid my forehead on hers, sighing. "I loved you then, too."


"Maybe," I whispered. "But no one forgets their first. You were mine."

"Mine, too."

I slid my hands over her pliant body and her warm skin trembled under my fingers. I sought the wet heat between her thighs, and groaned when I found it. With a light touch, I brought her to completion as I had done all those years ago.

Her skin flushed and dampened under my tongue as her body quaked from her orgasm. "Please," she murmured.

"Anything," I groaned. I slipped inside her gently and with an aching slowness. I reveled in every inch of her warmth, and how complete I felt as we came together.

Slow and tender touches soon turned more aggressive and possessive. "I love you," I moaned and flipped us. I cupped her breasts as she sat back to ride me. Her hands ran over her body and hair. My eyes feasted on her wanton movements as she rode me hard.

"Bella," I gasped as the coil in my stomach ached to spring.

"So close," she moaned. "More."

I took her hips and held her still as I pushed up from beneath her. With every thrust upward, I brought her down hard. She moaned and called out my name with every powerful connection.

"Yes," she gasped, he nails dug into my abdomen. The little sparks of pain only added to the pleasure as I shook, my pending orgasm blinding me.

"Bella," I grunted as I brought her down one last time as I came powerfully inside her. Her cries and whimpers alerting me that she came as well.

Spent, Bella laid her head on my sweat-slicked chest. I ran my hands down her back , murmuring that I loved her. After a few minutes I pulled her against my side, our breathing still labored.

"I'm pretty sure if our first time was anything like that I'd never had let you leave my sight."

"You did just fine for your first time," she said softly and then giggled.

"Liar," I mused. "I was a four pump chump the first time."

"Yes, but the second time wasn't so bad."

"Yes, because you suggested I wear two condoms," I said.

"The second time was much better," Bella said. "Of course that may be because I was on top."

I grinned and hummed, cupping her breasts. "Yes, I agree. The view was fucking awesome."