Former Subject: Edward Cullen aka Recently Reformed Womanizer

Epilogue Part Two

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I loved the way my wife's mind worked. At the moment, I could see the internal ramblings in her head were similar to my own. Or perhaps I was telepathically expressing my request for a strip-fucking-tease.

"You haven't danced for me in a long time," I rasped as my fingers itched to curl around her enticing curves.

She smiled then, turning and swaying her tantalizing hips. With her back to me, she continued to tease, fingering the zipper, but not pulling it down. "I dance with you all the time." And she did, there wasn't a day that I hadn't swept her across the floor in an impromptu dance that usually sent the girls in fits of laughter.

"You dance with me, not for me."

She cocked an eyebrow over her shoulder, smirking. "Is that what you want? A dance?" Ever so slowly the zipper of her dress parted, exposing inch by inch of her creamy skin.

"Baby," I gasped, barely grasping onto the control to remain where I sat. "I'd like much more than a dance."

She smiled, biting her lip, turning her back to me again. Slowly, she swayed from side to side and then circled her hips seductively. It was nearly hypnotic. Nothing, well nearly nothing, could pull me away from the sight of her dancing so enticingly.

I wanted to grab her and fuck her hard and fast, because it felt as if it'd been months since I'd been inside her. The reality was that it'd been only a couple of weeks. I held myself in check, because I also wanted to watch, plus I knew she loved delayed gratification. It only made her orgasm more explosive and being the wonderful husband I was, I always made sure she got what she needed.

As she danced, the dress slipped further down her back and over her hips. I bit back a gasp, but failed when the tiny panties I'd only seen a glimpse of earlier, came into view. "Holy fuck," I groaned. White lace, with my name embroidered in red across her ass.

I was as red-blooded as any other man and the image of my name anywhere on her made me want to crawl all over her, stake my claim and grunt from the satisfaction I'd find between her sexy, soft thighs.

"Come here," I grunted, clearing my throat that had become suddenly parched. She looked over her shoulder, smiling, shaking her head no at my request. Her gaze moved over me, lingering on my mouth and her lips parted when she'd taken in the tightened seam of my crotch.

She denied me again, and when her dress pooled around her feet, all my control snapped. How could I resist her in barely-there lingerie? Had she any idea what she did to me? I lunged forward, grasping her hips, pressing my lips to the amazing dips above her equally edible ass.

Moaning softly, she wiggled in my grasp, but pushed harder against me. From hip to hip, I laid a series of open-mouthed kisses. Within my hold, she turned so that I was face to face with one of my favorite parts of her body. She giggled as I nuzzled her and growled. I bit the lace that covered her, wanting desperately to have her taste on my tongue.

Her fingers moved over my head, moaning as my fingers teased her. She tugged on my hair deliciously, pulling me closer. "We don't," she gasped when I successfully slipped a finger inside her. "Oh God...have time."

She was slick and warm and fucking perfect, and her reminder of time amped up my need for her more. I slid up her body, making sure she felt all of me against her. I grasped the back of her neck, claiming her lips in a feverish kiss that had us both panting in mere moments. She gave as much as she took.

Soon, I found myself backed up against dresser with her hands inside my pants. I groaned when I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. "Bella," I said hoarsely. We could be caught at any moment, all the more evident by the sound of people passing the tent we occupied. "Jesus," I cursed and wrapped my arms around her, lifting her off her feet. She laughed, throwing her head back as I nipped at her neck.

I swiftly turned, placing her on the chest that would be a stretch for me to get inside her, but I didn't let that impede me. "Hurry, hurry," she protested as I continued to torture her neck and collarbone. Bella tugged on my hair mercilessly, thrusting her tongue between my lips. I groaned and slipped her panties to the side. Her feet, namely the heels of her shoes, caught onto the sides of my pants and pushed them down enough for me to become exposed. She moaned, watching as I tried to line up with her.

"Damn it," she hissed as I teased, letting her only feel a hint of me. I smirked and bit at her now naked mouth. The accompanying gasp to my thrust was music to my fucking ears. "Edward!"

Her cry was barely muffled by the seal of my lips on hers. We should be quieter since the walls of the tent were paper thin. The shiver that ran through her only served to enrich my blood. I became impossibly harder inside her and pulled almost completely out before I thrust inside again, following it with swirl of my hips to hit her just right. She cried out, and that time it escaped before I could suppress it.

And I didn't give a fuck. Let all the assholes that had been vying to take her onto the dance floor all day, know that I was the only one that could do this with her. And that I was the one that made her scream.

Since the girls had been born, Bella and I continued to attend and teach classes at the club that was run by someone new. It was fun and it allowed us to have that one night a month to let it all go. Though I hated the idea of men watching her in the throes of passion, I fucking loved when they saw that I was the reason for that look of rapture on her beautiful face.

Though we usually used models for the demonstrations, we did one class where we were the demonstrators. Who the fuck knew I was a damn exhibitionist? Though it wasn't something we needed to keep the fire between us burning, we both learned a lot about each other. Through the eyes of others we knew that what we had was special. And that we'd be fools not to work things through whenever we fought. Which thankfully, wasn't often, but makeup sex was incredible.

"Edward!" she gasped, tugging my mouth back to hers. "Right there...right there!" The upward angle allowed me to hit that spot that always made her cry out. I grinned and drove inside her harder. She nearly screamed, but managed to close her mouth over my shoulder. I grunted and threw my head back.

It was getting harder to hold back my need to roar like a fucking caveman. Though Bella and I were equally audible while we made love, she'd been managing to prevent herself from making too much noise. Since children were often in the house – asleep, of course. However, I still had yet to learn to master that much restraint.

She tugged on my head again, closing her lips over mine. Why? Because she anticipated my needs and my grunts and near snarls became her own as she swallowed them. Fuck! She felt damn good and it was coming to an end way too fast.

And she wasn't there yet. "Tell me," I moaned, my lips hovering over hers. "What do you need?" It had gotten harder for her to come, which of course, she turned into a study, which meant sex whenever and wherever we could and in as many positions as possible. It was for research purposes and the fact that the woman couldn't get enough of me. And I was a man, and I wasn't going to complain with that logic.

She grasped my hand and led it down her body. I thought for sure she'd lead it to between her thighs. To tease her, bring her to completion. Instead, my fucking amazing wife brought my fingers around to her ass.

I groaned and kissed her hard. Though we explored every type of sex imaginable, she enjoyed when I teased or fucked her ass. That was a total fucking score in my book. I was one lucky fucker.

"Fuck, Bella." She moaned as I teased her ass, her own fingers rubbed between her thighs. "Oh God." I thrust harder, faster, shallower because I was dying, desperate to come. "Please!"

Her head fell back, her neck completely exposed. I sucked at the hollow, eliciting a sweet moan. Nails bit on my shoulder, the tiny bites of pain only brought me that much closer. "Bella," I murmured, nipping at her collarbone. When I slipped two of my fingers deep inside her, she tensed around me, crying out.

Fuck yes! I groaned and thrust inside her twice before my knees nearly buckled as I came. "Bella," I cried out hoarsely. Her arms wrapped around me after she caught her breath, her lips pressing tiny kisses along my temple. "I love you, wife." She sighed softly, returning the sentiment as a whisper in my ear.

When I finally managed to catch my breath, I gave her a smirk. "I thought we should take care of that before the cake."

"Let me guess, you wouldn't have been held responsible of your actions after you watched me lick frosting from my lips?" she teased as she laid her dress on a chair.

"Don't forget your fingers," I replied, tucking myself inside my pants. "I'd never make it past that."

She laughed and gave me a look over her shoulder, throwing me a towel. "Wash up," she said firmly. "I'll be out in a few minutes." I nodded, because if I remained there, I'd take her again. And I wouldn't feel bad about it.

I hadn't moved an inch, mesmerized as she slipped on a pale blue silk dress over her body. I had forgotten how sexy it was to watch her put on clothes. She shimmied, swayed, swirled that sexy body of hers, and when she hadn't told me shit for not moving, I had to wonder if it was another game.

I smirked and closed the distance between us, placing my hands on her hips. "Tease," I whispered in her ear and bit her earlobe gently. "Now that I know what lies beneath the dress," my hand skimmed over her ass, "I'll never get through the rest of the reception."

She laughed and tried to escape my hold. I smacked her bottom and remained still as she helped me with my bow tie. "Love you," she whispered, meeting my lips in a sweet kiss. "Now go."

I nodded and turned to leave, but when I looked back I noticed a problem. "Baby," I said, chuckling. "You can see my name on your panties through your dress." The red of the embroidery was darker than the thin light blue silk.

She smirked and that made me nervous. "Oh, I know." In a flash, her panties were in her hand and then stuffed into my pocket. I groaned and left, the reception couldn't end fast enough.


Somehow, likely thanks to Alice, Bella and I managed to escape the tent with none the wiser to our activities. It was likely they knew, but kept their mouths shut. I'd taken a break from dancing so that I could feed Hayley, her sister fast asleep in a playpen we set up for the kids. From my perch, I watched the new hot shot architect from the firm dance with my wife.

Hayley smacked my face with her tiny hand and cried out, "Da, da!" I turned to her, smiling and kissing her little frosting-filled face. She giggled sweetly, laughing more when she'd seen that I had smeared frosting all over my mouth. Her hand immediately grabbed a napkin from the table and she started to wipe my face.

"The nerve of the little prick," someone said behind me. I couldn't see who, but the venom behind the voice was evident. "You'd think he realized that he's making a fool of himself. He's willing to bed a married woman. Does he think that it makes him look good?"

"Idiot," someone else added. "Maybe we should give him Nat's number." There were a few snickers and laughter, followed by an expletive. "Edward obviously hasn't noticed."

I realized then who were they were talking about. Turning toward the dance floor, I watched as Bella discreetly moved Jason's hand from her ass. Esme patted my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "I'll watch Hayley. I think its time you cut in."

I nodded, wiping my face as I made my way across the meadow to where Jason held Bella too close. I knew she was trying to avoid a scene, one that could end ugly. She could easily kick his ass and put a stop to his shit, but too many people were watching.

There were several faces that looked just as angry as I was. Jason was crossing a line, though Bella hadn't worked for the company for over a year, she was a consultant. However, she couldn't slap a lawsuit on the little shit, without hurting the company. And he knew that. The irony was not lost on me; however, the difference was that I never pursued a woman who'd made it clear she wanted nothing to do with me.

Two years ago, the women that spoke negatively about Jason moments earlier, had likely done the same about me. Where previously, it would've been a blow to my ego, it had the opposite effect on me as Bella's husband. I was no longer that man, and I knew that in their eyes I was much more than a womanizer.

"May I cut in?" I asked, though my question was polite, my tone wasn't. My hand and arm wrapped around Bella's waist, immediately stopping them from dancing. My wife's body relaxed instantly at my touch. However, Jason's entire body tensed visibly. He was obviously drunk and I had to wonder, why the fuck had he been invited. Right, because he hadn't acted like an asshole until after he'd received the invitation months earlier.

"Mr. Cullen," he hissed. "Your wife and I were enjoying our dance together. She was kind enough to offer me one." His smirk almost reached his eyes, as if I'd believe him. When Bella tensed in my embrace, it was my turn to look at her.

"I was merely providing the new intern Delilah, an escape," Bella hissed softly.

Jason cocked an eyebrow. "Direct and to the point. I like that."

Did the man have a fucking death wish?

Bella smiled and brushed her lips against my jaw. "Alice is signaling that it's time for us to go." I nodded and waited for Jason to leave, but his eyes remained on Bella. Something told me that there was more to his fascination with my wife. And from the careful way she watched him, I'd say she had the same suspicion.

"Didn't you come with a date?" she asked, no doubt remembering his plus one on his R.S.V.P card.

Jason smirked and nodded. "Why yes, but she's running a little late. Had to fly in. She's a mutual friend." Bella's eyes widened and she stopped breathing. Her gaze was locked on someone else. "Well, here she is." I turned to look and tensed. Fuck.

Angela. Though her expression gave nothing away, composed as I'd never seen her, she was dressed to kill. In a sleek black dress, which even I knew was stupid to wear to a outdoor wedding, with a slit that exposed most of her leg from toe to hip.

Before she could walk over, I glared at her, causing her to stop immediately. I returned my attention to Jason. "She's not allowed to be within a hundred feet of me and my wife," I growled. "Leave now, take her with you or I'll have you escorted out." With a gesture of my hand, my family closed on us. Thankfully, Alice had the right mind to get the children inside.

Jason smiled and nodded. "I see," he said softly. His eyes moved over Bella, stopping for a moment to look at her mouth. "She said she was a mutual acquaintance, but must've lost her invitation in the mail." Bella stiffened as Jason whispered in her ear, loud enough for me to hear him. "I know all your secrets, my dear."

"Fuck off before your only projects are done with a set of Legos, asshole," I hissed.

With that said, Jason spun on his heels and left. It was a threat, but what he wanted in exchange for his silence hadn't been clear. But by the way he looked at my wife, no matter the answer, I wouldn't like it. Fuck.


The dark sky above was littered with stars which were easier to see out there in the wilderness. Bella and I were leaving for our stay at the hotel for the night before we left for our two week stay at a luxury cabin and private island in Greece.

Bella's outward appearance was as radiant and happy as ever. She kissed the girls several times, making them giggle as she held them close. It would be the first time we'd be apart from our daughters for such a long length of time.

I wrapped my arms around all three of my girls, causing Hayley and Madi to shriek with laughter. Growling, I nuzzled each of their cheeks, missing them already. Bella's head lifted, her eyes filling with tears. I kissed her pouting lips and forehead. "We'll be back before you know it."

She nodded and passed each of the girls to Esme and Carlisle. I bent to kiss each of my girls and as if they knew what was happening, they started to cry in earnest. Bella bit her lip, looking as if she were on the verge of tears. I hated leaving them, too. And I didn't want to be the bad guy, but we had to go.

"Come on, baby," I whispered in her ear as I led her away. "They'll stop in a few minutes, you know that." She nodded and looked over her shoulder. The girls were still sniffling but they had quieted down. When I turned to see what helped, Logan had pulled his pants down, his diaper-clad butt wiggling and he was giggling. That of course had the girls laughing within seconds. I'd have to keep an eye on that boy.

"See," I said. "They'll be fine."

"I know," Bella said smiling brightly. "Logan has a gift. He could always get the girls to stop crying."

I laughed and pulled her closer. Tucked tightly against my side I kissed the top of her head. "Now, are you ready?"

She looked up at me and confusion filled her eyes. "Ready for what?" However, I caught the tiny lift of her lips. I growled and stood in front of her glaring. Then I smirked. Her eyes widened for half a second and she knew she didn't stand a chance. I tucked my shoulder into her abdomen and threw her over my shoulder. She shrieked and laughed. "Edward!" I smacked her ass twice to get her to quiet her down, but instead I was awarded with a hot little moan.

That had me quickening my pace to the golf cart. It was time to hit the road. Wickedly, I thought that it about time I got a little road head. It had been a while. Bella must've tapped into thoughts, because her hands started to roam down my front.

"I'm going to drop you if you even think about it, baby," I groaned. "Let me put you down first." She moaned in protest, but complied. I sat her inside the golf cart, pulling her lips to my own. She of course totally cheated and deepened our kiss. I groaned and pulled away before we got carried away again.

Her little whimper did little to help with my control. She turned back, waving and blowing kisses to our family. After a quick wave from me, we left in a cloud of dust. Well not really, we were after all in a golf cart. We'd probably be faster walking, but since Bella was in heels, ones that made her legs look incredible. There was no way I'd have her walk the long hike back to the house.

The ten minute ride back home was quiet and I knew she was thinking about what happened at the reception with Jason and Angela. Once inside the quiet house, to gather our overnight bags, I pulled her in close.

"I know from what you told me that Angela wasn't aware of your subjects," I said. "So how did she find out?"

Bella sighed and gave me a wary smile. "I've been thinking about that. Besides Mike, who we both know wouldn't say a word; the only other mutual acquaintance is Jane." I nodded, remembering how our lives could've been so different if she'd chosen to take on Jane's brother as a subject instead of me.

"And she's upset with you," I whispered, shaking my head. "You've done everything you could to protect yourself and at the expense of possibly losing your license. You destroyed all the files; spoke with every single one of those involved. All of them indicated that they'd never utter a word even though you told them you'd understand if they did." I shook my head again, taking her hand in mine. "You even offered to cover their therapy bills should they feel that they need it because of what you did. None of them would even consider it; they all said you helped them. Yes, as we discussed hundreds of times before, your methods were in essence unethical, but damn, Bella, you helped them."

She bit her lip as tears gathered in her eyes. Taking my face in her hands, she brushed her lips over mine. "Thank you," she whispered before she continued, "for saying that and for being there. I know it wasn't easy for you to sit down and listen to me discuss my relationships with these other men. But I love you for being there for me."

It hadn't been easy, but our therapist thought it would be best for me to be involved when she brought the group together. No one had protested my presence, but I was watched closely. As if they were sizing me up, making sure I was good enough for her. Even after all the heartache Bella had caused these men, they'd still protect her, and probably still loved her, just in a different way. I should've felt threatened, but I wasn't.

They had no animosity toward me, because they knew I loved her and that she returned it in a way they'd only gotten a glimpse of. And I could live with that.

I pulled her closer, my arms wrapping her waist. "Whatever they have in mind, we're in this together," I said softly. "It hasn't been easy, but we've come away from this stronger than ever." She looked at me, smiling. She rose to the tips of her toes and pressed her lips to my chin, scraping her teeth there. I growled and pulled her to the garage where our SUV awaited us.

She laughed; that sexy laugh of hers that always made me want to flip her on her back and pound into her. The image her laughter conjured up had me adjusting myself and grumbling under my breath. And that made her laugh more.

It was a never ending cycle, one that I'd never want to end. I knew that one day in the future, I'd be eighty years old, armed with a walker and a bottle of Viagra and still chase her around the room.

"Edward," Bella purred, pressing her incredible body against my back as I tossed our bags in the backseat. Her beautiful, soft breasts pressed against me and caused my usual reaction. I growled like a fucking caveman. I turned swiftly and swept her into my arms. I turned and backed her up against the side of her car, caging her with my hips and my hands on each side of her head. Before she could utter a word of protest, as if she would, I closed my mouth of hers.

Her fingers curled into my hair and her leg over my hip. I groaned, pulling her leg up further, feeling the effect I had on her. I held onto her thigh and pulled her up against me twice more. Breathless, I pulled away to press my mouth on her shoulder. "If we don't get out of here, I'm going to fuck you against the car."

Bella moaned softly as my teeth scraped over her flushed skin. "The problem being –"

She really shouldn't have said that, and thankfully everyone was at the reception, which left us alone. Her sure and nimble fingers had me exposed in mere moments, a lift and grunt and I was inside her again, for the third time in as many hours. I had to have her again after that damn cake feeding tradition.

It was hard and mind-numbing as I hit her deep over and over, groaning as her nails bit into my ass and shoulder. Fuck, I loved that shit. And as she clenched around me, I knew I fucking put an end to her not coming when I had her like that.

After a mind blowing orgasm, I bit her earlobe and whispered, "I'm on a record. Make sure you make a note in your study, baby."

She laughed and slapped my arm. "Stop making fun of me! It's not like you haven't enjoyed the benefits of all the new positions to achieve more of that." Her hand lifted to brush some of my hair from my forehead. "I love you."

I smiled and kissed her softly, gently, while my hands smoothed down her silk dress over her hips. She moaned and bit my lip again. "If you keep doing that we're never leaving." I smirked and opened the passenger door for her.

I wiggled my eyebrows and slapped her butt. "We wouldn't want that, would we? I have plans for you back at the hotel…jet…airport…on the boat ride…on the pier once we get to the island." I shut her door and climbed into the driver's side. "And let's not forget the beach, then right there against the threshold since I'll already have you in my arms. And that's all before I get you in bed." She laughed heartily and snickered something about having to take lots of baths. "That reminds me, we'll need to take a detour and go into the water. It's especially warm this time of year."

She raised an eyebrow as I drove out of the garage and onto the highway. She cocked her head to one side and put her hand on my thigh. That reminded me that I still haven't asked if she could give me a hand or, in this case, her mouth, on the drive over. I seemed to have a one track mind once we were out of the presence of our girls. It might have been because I knew I had complete and total access to my wife for the next two weeks.

And as I drove away, I thought that life was good for us, it wasn't perfect. Just because I had my ring on her finger didn't mean that life was drama free. Anything worth having meant I'd have to work to achieve it and keep working on it to maintain it.

Bella was a part of the center of my world and as she sighed softly, I knew I was hers, too. Along with our daughters, our family and the future that was still unwritten. A future that I looked forward to, but I was all right if it slowed down a little. Like at that moment, as she took my hand without thought, just instinct. It was a tiny moment and gesture that would seem insignificant to others, but meant the world to me.

I took her clasped hands and kissed hers. "What's on your mind?"

She gave me a small smile. "That how all this started wasn't because of a phone call from your sister, asking for help."

"Really? When do you think it all started?"

"It started when I broke into your room over a decade ago," she said, giggling.

I laughed and bit her wrist gently. "Not for me, it was when I saw you in my kitchen yelling at your brother and Jasper and threw a handful of condoms and said dick.

"Liar!" she gasped, still laughing.

"I'm not lying," I said playfully. "You filled those torn up jeans quite nicely, all snug and heart-shaped."

She grinned and rolled her eyes. "You were so damn cute, trying really hard to adjust yourself discreetly, blushing the whole time."

"Did not," I growled and bit her again. "I had a good excuse, I was eighteen and there was a girl in my room."

She laughed and cocked an eyebrow. "And what's your excuse now?" She motioned with her free hand toward my lap.

I grumbled and glared at her. "Easy, I can smell you. You know that's all it takes." I shivered as she led our intertwined hands to her lap. I swallowed hard and wondered if she'd mind if we pulled over and take that detour a little early.

She sniffed her arm, teasing me with a smirk. "But I smell like you."

Damn the woman knew how to play me so fucking good. "Exactly, and I need to make sure my scent remains on you." I grunted to show I meant it. Her free hand ran up my thigh, cupping me. I groaned and called her evil. And then she gave me what I had been thinking about since we got in the car, and I didn't even need to ask. Damn, I love my wife.

And twenty minutes later, I entered the hotel lobby with the biggest smile on my face with my wife by my side. I had a wonderful, loving and sexy as hell wife, two beautiful, healthy girls and a great supportive family. I held Bella's hand in mine as we climbed into the elevator, and all I could think that life couldn't get any better. And then I looked at my wife and wondered that that wasn't true. For every day that I wake by her side would be a better day than the one before.


"Edward?" Bella said as she curled her naked body against my side. I hummed to let her know I was listening, feeling sated and hungry. We'd been in our hotel room for hours, the sun starting to rise over the horizon. We had literally made love all night. "When do you want to try again? To have more children?"

I tensed and my eyes closed as the memories rushed behind my eyelids. Her hand that lay over my heart curled slightly, no doubt feeling the way it skipped into overdrive.

I turned away, ashamed about the fear I felt at her question. We discussed before that we wanted three or four children, but that was before I had almost lost her and Hayley. I'd never survive losing her or our child.

I looked over my shoulder and found her looking wary and scared. "I can't come that close again, baby."

She shifted, the sheet falling around her hip, and she pressed herself against my back. "The doctor said it wasn't because of any of my pre-existing conditions, Edward. It was because the placenta detached before I could deliver Hayley. It doesn't mean that it would happen again."

"It's not happening again," I said harshly. "We're not having anymore." She sighed against my shoulder blade and nodded. I felt her tears a second later. "Please tell me that you won't leave me because of that." My shoulders fell forward and she pulled away from me completely. Fuck, she was upset.

However, within moments she was in front of me, hands on her naked hips, glaring. All right, she was fucking pissed. And I'd given her a good reason to be. I wouldn't risk her to have more children.

"Did I give you any reason to believe that I would leave you for not wanting any more children?"

Wait, what? That was why she was mad, because I accused her of leaving because I couldn't give her what she wanted. I should've known better, but I knew I should clarify something.

"It's not that I don't want more kids, you know I do. I just won't put you at risk."

Her glare softened. "First, I wouldn't leave you for something like that. Even if we didn't have the girls and you said you didn't want kids I'd be okay with it. It's not for everybody. And I understand your reasons, and a part of me is scared of that, too." She took my hands in hers and led them to her abdomen. To the incision that ultimately saved her life and Hayley's. "We'd take all the precautions. Including, delivering earlier and not waiting until I went into labor. That would take so much more stress from both me and the baby."

I sighed and slipped my hands from her front and around her back. Pulling her close, I rested my head on her chest. "What if you have twins again?"

"It's possible," she said softly. "More precautions."

"But if we had girls again, you'd be okay with that?"

Her fingers weaved through my hair. "If we only have girls, I'm all right with it."

I nodded and pressed a kiss over her heart. "I'm scared." She kissed the top of my hair, curling arms around my head and shoulders. "Would you be willing to wait until the girls are in pre-school?"

Bella sighed and pulled away. "Look at me, Edward." When I looked up, the small bemused look on her face fell further. She wiped beneath one of my eyes and kissed me softly. "We don't have to make any choices today or even next week. All that matters is that we talk about it before we put it to rest."

I nodded and took her in my arms again, falling into bed. And as she slept, I laid awake, dreaming of a son with my eyes and Bella's smile. There was no doubt in my mind that was what Bella had intended. I did want the family I wished I had before my parents had died. I was the only child and though the girls had each other it wasn't the same if they had a little brother or sister to watch over. A house full of kids, could we really do it?

"Aaron," Bella mumbled in her sleep. A name she said would be perfect for our son, my grandfather's middle name. "Stop reading your sister's diary." I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing out loud. That would be something my son would do. Having another male in the house could have its merits.

I pulled Bella closer to my chest, kissing the top of her head. We had a lot to discuss, some time to do that and most of all the support we'd need if we chose to have more children.

And as I started to fall asleep, I wondered how long before the girls started to crawl into bed with us when it stormed outside or they had a nightmare. I grumbled for a moment, without any real anger in it, but realized that I'd soon have to start wearing clothes to bed. My hand curled around Bella's knee, bringing that special warm part of her that much closer to me.

I still had a little time left of mandatory naked nights and if I had to, I'd destroy all her lingerie. Bella moaned softly, rubbing herself against me. Cursing under my breath, I tried to keep my emerging erection from her. She had to be sore.

Then Bella surprised me and shifted to mount me. She giggled as my hands ran up her thighs. "I thought you were asleep," I groaned, gasping when she took me inside her.

"I was until you poked me," she said with a tiny moan and laugh.

"Sorry, I was thinking about you and…"

"I can guess."

"Are you complaining?" I asked, pulling her mouth down to mine. Her answer was a long drawn no.

Best fucking honeymoon ever – and it hadn't even started.

AN: And I can mark this as complete. Just in case you all didn't know there is a "story" that contains outtakes from this story and it will be the place where I'd post future outtakes (yes, there will be some). I recently wrote their first time experience that I mentioned in this chapter and posted it there.

This had been such a long journey and I hope that you all feel that it was worth it. I'd like to thank all the people I've had help me plot and brainstorm about this story. To kellyam for being there since the beginning, to lisa89 for helping me get through some of the toughest parts of this story, and my pre-readers that helped encourage me and crack the whip. To BookishQua for your help and mentoring through this ending that seemed never to want to come to me.

And last but not least, my readers. Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this story. I know it hasn't been easy but you all still stayed with me. Thank you. I am getting the entire thing beta'ed soon, and once it is I'll be offering a PDF file that I'd post on my profile. That does NOT mean I'll remove it from my story lists, I promise. Thanks again, love you all.