Paul Hennessey and his son Rory were in the kitchen. as Paul was carving a Jack-O-Lantern, and having his son sift thru the seeds.

'Explain to me why we're carving a pumpkin', his son asked.

'Well Ror', his father began, 'According to ancient customs, Halloween is when the spirits can freely roam the earth, and Jack-O-Lanterns can help ward off any evil spirits that may try to visit us in the (spooky voice)...dead...of...night.

'But it's so slimy inside. I'll be smelling like pumpkin guts all week long', his young son whined.

'Perhaps, but you you won't be complaining when this Jack-O-Lantern keeps the evil spirits away', his father said with a smile

Bridgett enters the room, as Rory turned to his father and said 'Nope, didn't work. I see an evil presence, now'.

Paul reaches over, lightly taps his son on the side of the head and said 'That wasn't very nice'

'I'm with Rory. How is a stupid vegetable supposed to keep evil spirits away... it is a vegetable, right'? Bridgett asked.

'Just like you', Kerry said with a sneer as she grabbed a soda from the counter.

'It's not really. It's just an old and fun superstition', Paul replied.

Cate enters the room, putting the telephone back and said 'In two more weeks, my parents are coming for a few days'.

Paul turned to Rory and said 'You're right. It doesn't work'

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'Well in another few days, it will be Halloween and you know what that means, right', Paul asked

'No. You promised no more sleeping in the tree-house. Last year was your last time at bat. You're retired. Game over'. Kerry protested.

'No, I know. But we could tell ghost stories, get out the Ouija board and try to (spooky voice) speak with the dead'

'My friend tells me that Ouija boards are evil', Bridgett said

'No, they're not evil. It's just a little harmless fun', Paul insisted

At that very second, the power went off and the only visible light was from the glowing candle inside the Jack-O-Lantern.

'Cool, the spirits are early, Rory said.

'No, we must have blown a fuse. Ror, hand me the flashlight', his father stated.

Rory handed his father the flashlight and asked if he wanted to go with him, but Paul said 'No, I'll go. Why don't you stay here and protect the women should we get any evil spirits' he said with a wry smile and he walked to the basement and saw Fred standing there.

'That was brilliant, Fred. You should have seen the look on their faces when the power went out', Paul said with a smile.

'You guys go all out on Halloween, trying to scare each other and stuff', Fred noted

Paul nodded and said 'Yeah, especially for me. I mean this is almost like a religion. I used to pull all sorts of wild and crazy stunts when I was younger... by the way, what are you doing Halloween night?

'Oh just the usual. Hand out candy to the kids, try to stop that neighborhood bully from egging our house. Same ol, same ol' Fred said

'How would you like to help me with something? We're going to have an old-fashioned Halloween. You know, turn the lights down low, get out the ol' Ouija board and have a seance. Can you do, what you did just now... only turn it up a notch', Paul asked.

'Sure, but how' Fred asked

'I am going to give you a walkie-talkie and I will plant the other one under the sofa, so you can hear what's going on. Just mess with the power, bang on a wall, that sort of stuff'

'Sure, that's not a problem,. Well I better get home, Mind if I used your back-door? I don't want to ruin the atmosphere', Fred said.

Rory was on the stoops to the basement, listening intently and when he heard his father start walking up the stairs, he quickly went to tell his sisters what was going on.

'What? Since when did dad get devious', Kerry asked.

'Well, if he wants a Halloween show, we'll give him one he won't forget', Bridgett replied with a smile