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Dean stomped down the hall to detention with one thought in mind; Sammy was going to pay big time. He couldn't believe his little brother had done this to him. Sure he had pulled pranks on Sammy but they were harmless. The kid even laughed about them later. But this crossed the line and he was determined to make his little brother pay for the mess he now found himself in. Turning the corner Dean spotted Mr. Walsh standing in the detention room door with his arms crossed. Not wanting to get in even bigger trouble Dean quickened his pace making it to the door just as the final bell rang. Trudging past Mr. Walsh he made a beeline for the desk in the back corner. He needed a quiet spot to work out his revenge.

At the elementary school

Sammy happily walked out of the school building and down on the few steps. Sitting on the bottom stair he tugged his book bag off his back and set it in front of him. Unzipping the top he dug around in the bag until he found what he was searching for; his latest library book. He opened the book and settled against the step to wait for his big brother to come. Paying no attention to the groups of kids around him Sammy submerged himself in the story of the little Hobbit and his quest. He was so engrossed in the story that he jumped at the sound of the impala's strong engine. Sammy watched his father stop in front of the school as his mind raced to come up with a reason for the change in plans. Thoughts of Dean hurt or sick had Sammy grabbing his book bag and running to the car. Pulling the passenger side door open he threw his bag in the back seat before climbing in and holding on as John tore out of the parking lot. "What's going on dad?" he asked breathlessly. "Did something happen to Dean?"

John's fingers tightened on the steering wheel at the mention of his oldest. Glaring at the Sunday driver in front of him he yanked the wheel to the side and accelerated passing the slow poke before answering Sammy's questions. "Something happened alright." John snapped. "The school called a little while ago. Your brother decked another student, landed in detention."

"Oh" Sammy said turning to stare out the side window. "Dean's dead meat." Sammy thought recalling his dad's threat of punishment if either of the boys caused trouble in the small town they were currently calling home. Shaking his head he spent the remainder of the ride home wondering just what had started the fight this time and what their dad's punishment would be for Dean's little slip up.

At the middle school

Dean sat at the desk in the back planning the perfect prank for Sammy. Part of him, a very small part, was proud of his little brother for managing to sneak into and out of both schools without being caught. The other part was just plain ticked off. He'd thought they were finished with the prank wars for a while after Sammy's last prank resulted in a cracked side window on the impala and a sore behind for Sammy. He guessed the kid had been lying low waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Dean sighed as he crossed another prank of his list. That one was just too complicated and there was no way he could get everything he needed in a hick town like this one. He needed something simple yet effective. Glancing around at the brightly colored character trait posters he mentally went over some of their past pranks hoping to get a great idea. "Let's see" Dean thought. "There were the plastic spiders in the bed, the jello in his sneakers, the huge toy rat in the shower, and of course the hands down winner the ex-lax hot chocolate." Hmmm seems Sammy usually turned to phobias as a way to prank him. Not that Dean had any phobias. He just played along for Sammy's sake since the kid had so many.

Knowing his little brother's fear of small, dark spaces Dean momentarily contemplated locking his brother in their closet. But he quickly tossed that idea. After all Dean loved the kid, even though he really hated his guts at the moment.

His eyes stopped on a poster of a brightly painted face complete with red nose. Grinning evilly Dean began to hastily scribble notes in his notebook. Minutes later he sat back contentedly. The plan was perfect. He'd need to get a few things but he could do that on the way home. Grinning maliciously he made a list of all the things he would need. Hearing Mr. Walsh call out that time was up for the day Dean gathered his belongings and headed for the door.

"Glad to see you put the time to good use, young man." Mr. Walsh said as Dean walked past his desk.

"Oh yes sir. I got a lot of work done Mr. Walsh." Dean replied as he stepped out the door feeling much lighter than when he'd arrived only an hour ago.

Dean walked into the store and hurriedly glanced around knowing he didn't have much time. Spotting what he needed two aisles over he quickly made his way over and began piling items into his basket. After double checking his list he raced over to the register to pay and then hit the road once more. When he finally reached his street, Dean carefully stashed the bag of goodies in his tattered book bag before heading up the short walk way to their latest home. It was time to face the music.

At the house

John sat glaring at the front door hands clenched in anger. Hearing someone walking on the porch he stood and crossed his arms. "Bout time." He growled at Dean as soon as he came in. "Thought they said detention only lasted an hour."

Dean set his book bag on the floor beside the door before going over to the couch. "It did. Took a while to cross main street with all the traffic." Dean explained.

"Wanna tell me what's going on, Dean?" John gruffly asked. "Fighting after I told you to stay under the principal's radar is one thing. I kind of understand that. What I wanna know is why the principal was ranting about my gay son attacking another boy?! What the hell is he talking about?!"

"It's really no big deal dad. Some guy at school started that rumor about me. Guess he didn't like the competition." Dean smoothly lied. "I took care of the big mouth. End of story."

John let out a relieved breath before scowling at his son. "I understand your anger son but that was not the way to go about fixing things. Not when we're trying to keep a low profile." He said. "You're grounded for two weeks. Double training schedule"

"Two weeks?!" Dean groaned. "C'mon dad!"

"Want me to make it three?" John threatened.

"No sir" Dean replied dropping his head. Two weeks without hunting was almost more than he could stand. "Sorry sir" he mumbled.

"Go upstairs and get washed up." John ordered. "Supper will be ready in ten."

"Yes sir" Dean automatically replied. He slowly climbed the few stairs and glumly walked to the bathroom head down. He washed quickly and then went to the room he shared with Sammy.

Sammy glanced up as Dean entered the room. "What happened at school Dean?" he innocently asked.

"Like you don't know." Dean thought. Plopping down on the edge of his bed he schooled his features before looking at his little brother. "Some jack ass decided it would be funny to plaster my locker with pictures of some Chippendale's dancer."

"That's horrible Dean" Sammy sympathetically said.

"Yeah it was." Dean went on waiting for the kid to crack a smile and say "got ya". "See I was talking with Tracy, you know the captain of the cheerleaders. Anyway I was in the middle of asking her out when I opened my locker. She took one look inside my locker and fled. Some jock was hurling insults while he laughed so I walked up to him and knocked him flat."

"Sorry man" Sammy said. "I know how long you've been trying to hook up with her."

"You should be sorry. I mean you will be." Dean thought. To Sammy he just shook his head. Grabbing some spare clothes he walked out of the room. "I'm taking a shower." He called over his shoulders before heading to the bathroom to put his plan in motion. Dean tiptoed down the stairs, snatched up his bag, and silently made his way back up the steps to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror he quickly applied the face makeup careful to make his eyes look angry. He completed the look with the fake nose and brightly colored wig and suit. Looking in the mirror he snorted at the object of his little brother's deepest fear; clowns.

Dean opened the door an inch and peeked out. Once he ascertained that the hallway was empty, he quickly and quietly made his way down the hall to the closet and stepped inside to wait. He didn't have to wait long. A few minutes later their dad shouted up that supper was ready. He watched through the cracked door as Sammy came bounding down the hall. "Closer" he thought. "That's it Sammy. Just a little more." He stayed hidden waiting for Sammy to get close enough.

Sammy bounded down the hall stopping at the closed bathroom door. Knocking he called out "Dean supper's ready" before continuing on his way. At the end of the hallway he started to turn when a figure leapt out of the closet at him.

"BOO!" Dean shouted as he jumped out at Sammy. He laughed as his baby brother turned and ran for the stairs. Dean's laughter stopped as Sam suddenly lost his balance half way down and tumbled head over heels down the remaining steps stopping with a sickening thud at the bottom of the staircase.