It was not common that Oz was too cold- yes, maybe the slightest bit windy, but not snowing, like it was that particular day; and even freezing seemed considerably bad for central regions. Perhaps, if one were to visit the upper Gillikin or even the Southern most part of the Quadling Country or the mountain ranges thereof, yes, the weather would be ill tempered if not outwardly bad. However, those of Shiz University were not used to these sort of conditions, and thus the reaction of the sudden change of weather were about as extreme as the outside chill.

There was a lot of cuddling that day, as a result, for people must always have an excuse for things that they would do, no matter the temperature. People, some of whom were not even 'coupled-,' snuggled intimately in the corridors, quads, and even classes, with the justification of 'body heat.' However, third wheels rolled silently against the blowing wind in disgust, wishing that they had someone- anyone- to embrace in the halls.

"Good Morning." She was able to detach at least the side of her mouth to slur this at Nessa. Glinda waved, and her boy toy's lips searched for the entirety of hers, and Nessa was alone again, while the couple's tongues did things the wheelchaired girl did not think possible. She watched them for a moment, observing the small things that the lips and tongues and teeth did. She felt this too intimate to watch, but she did anyway, seeing as how it couldn't have been considered too rude when they were exchanging saliva at a place meant for eating.

It couldn't have been too long before someone came along and saved Nessa from being alone. Boq walked up to the table with the same feeling of disgust on his face that Nessa felt in her heart. He mouthed the words, 'What are they doing?' She shook her head. 'I don't know...'


It was not too common that Boq was this cold. Yes, he could be upset, angry, frustrated, but never so distant or strange like he was that particular day. Nessa set her hand on his shoulder and he turned further away. She was hurt, and wondered what she had done to deserve the silent treatment, and then she shortly realized to think nothing of it. It was him, all him. She had no control over his weather.

She threw her legs of the ledge of the bed and pulled on her slippers. She walked to the other side of him, and plopped down next to him. Her hand swept back his hair and then brushed across his jaw line to lift his face up to hers.

"Good Morning." Her voice was nonchalant.

"Hm." His was like the weather outside. Harsh, unforgiving, icy- his attitude may as well have disemboweled her, because his expression tore a deep and noticeable tear in her heart. She felt this was a waste of her time to insist on being his hero, but she had already wasted so much time, it really shouldn't kill her too much to try a few more seconds.

She was silent as she got up. She turned; to face the wall that was much more welcome than Boq, and sighed.

"I could never save you. You're always going to be the wind, or the rain, and nothing, save the power of the Unnamed God, could let me change that."


It was a dream or an illusion or ...something.

She was facing herself in a flood of pouring rain. She looked at her clone for a moment and then, unexpectedly, her other self spoke.

"Nessa, what are you doing?"

She paused, and thought of an answer.

"I don't know."

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