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Songs: Kenny Rogers- Hand prints on the Wall & Ashanti- Thank You

Chapter 1:

(The first chapter will be mostly focused on the family as a whole, but I don't plan on making every chapter like this…hmm any suggestions?)

She was strong, beautiful and probably the most powerful of any who walked the streets of London, but one would never know her dark personality by the way she was smiling and dotting on the boy dancing around her or the way she chatted with the girl next to her who almost looked like another version of the taller woman, for only her long brown hair told them apart.

Lady Rain Riddle was a witch with a reputation that no one that day in Diagon Alley would believe. She laughed and sparkled so in the presence of her children that all around her brushed off the reports from the stray opposition to the Lady Riddle's seat in the Ministry.

Several people stopped when they heard her speak, anger in her voice.

"They said WHAT?" Rain seethed, kneeling down to face her son.

"Mama, they were calling you a whore and said that we were spawns from other men, lucky enough to look like you so father would never know." He replied, picking at the hem of his shirt.

Rain's eyes sparked, but before she could say anything, Catherine pulled her five-year-old brother into her arms, wrapping him in a tight embrace while her mother stood.

"Hush little one, you know that people only want to hurt mummy by saying those things. You look so much like father, you know that right?" Catherine whispered, kissing his cheek. "Kenneth, don't you think you should kiss mummy?" She added in a small whisper.

Catherine was only thirteen, but it seemed she housed an old soul, one that constantly watched out for her brother & mother, starting as soon as Kenneth was born, helping her mother out while she tried to raise her son while still grieving her husband.

When Kenneth nodded, she let him slip down before he was brought into another tight embrace, smiling at Catherine when Kenneth kissed her cheek.

The rest of the day went on in relative harmony, Kenneth weaseling Rain into buying him a dog, a German Shepard puppy who had Rain cooing it while walking into Flourish & Blotts, looking for Catherine just as she paid for her school books. Rain smiled as Kenneth walked alongside his sister, fingering the new divination book she had, tears pricking her eyes as she fingered the small ring on her left hand, the diamond almost foreign to her mind. She had stopped wearing her ring when she became fully involved in the Ministry, fearing something would happen to the one last thing she had from Tom. But after Kenneth had found it playing in her room the week before, she had taken to wearing it again.

The puppy barked, drawing her children's attention, Catherine nearly squealing as she fussed over the black & tan puppy, who Kenneth had taken to calling Conall, Irish for Strong as Wolf. Rain just stood back and smiled at her children again, sparks coming back to her eyes, watching Kenneth laugh with Catherine.

"Days go by so quickly

Summer turns to fall

Seems like only yesterday

That you began to crawl

So don't be afraid to take that step

I'll catch you when you fall

I don't mind if you leave behind

A few handprints on the wall"


This scarlet train never ceased the way her heart thought of Tom, on her first venture to Hogwarts, now under the direction of Severus Snape. She was listening to Kenneth play with Conall when a voice brought her out of her musings.


A blonde blur connected with her leg, pushing her down, landing on her butt as the figured moved to hug her neck. Smiling, she wrapped her arms around the boy, kissing his head before moving him back.

"Jacob, you should be more careful. I gotten hurt little man, no we don't want that now do we?" She chided half-heartedly.

"Sorry aunty, it's just that we got back from Paris and we wanted to come see Cathy off." Jacob responded, batting his eyelashes over his beautiful green eye/ blue eye.

Sighing she kissed his cheek and looked up at his father. Harry Potter smiled as Jacob Draconis Potter sweet-talked his aunt to not scold him again. She gave him a look that had the dark haired Veela picking up his son up, despite protests from said boy. An hour later they said their goodbyes to Catherine, who smiled and waved fiercely as her family disappeared from view.

Rain, Kenneth, Jacob & Harry flooed back to Riddle Manor, Rain tucking Kenneth in for his nap, Conall next him on the bed. She went back to the den and sat talking with Harry; Jacob curled up with his head on her lap. This went on for about three hours until he took Jacob in his arms, kissed her cheek and flooed home.

She made her way back into Kenneth's room, curling up on the bed with him, smiling down at her little boy that so resembled her Tom. She kissed his head before silently singing to him, choking back tears when he curled into her chest.

"I just wanna say

that I'm thankful for having you

in my life, I wanna say thank you

I wanna say, I wanna say thank you

for being in my life.

I wanna say thank you, and I miss you

and I wish you were here with me

saying thank you and I love you for

being in my life. I dunno

I dunno

I dunno what I would do if I didn't

Have you in my life, in my life

I wanna say thank you, I love you,

and I miss you. I just wanna say

thank you, I love you and I miss


She let her eyes droop and fell asleep with her arms tight around Kenneth. She was unaware of several sets of eyes watching her.

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