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Songs: Forever the Sickest Kids- She's a Lady

Chapter 4:

She was very comfortable in Jason's arms, the Slytherin like a well-built shield for the elf. She knew that she was only thirteen, but she believed, like her mother, that she had found her soul mate; not that she was a fool and done anything ridiculous with him yet. They had only been dating for a year now, so they both knew they would wait to do anything for a LONG while.

But the chaser was something truly constant in her life: her uncle had rarely left his French manor after the incident six years ago, her mother was almost always busy with either the Ministry or Kenneth and her Uncle Severus was busy with his potion works and somehow running Hogwarts at the same time. Jason walked into her life and gave her something steady and strong to hold on to when she needed it, one of the many reasons the other Ravenclaws first tolerated the Slytherin. Now, he was just like a member of the house, almost never in the Dungeons unless Catherine was there as well, but none would call it a perfect relationship.

Within only a week of dating, Catherine had been harassed and tormented by others for her choice, but she remained strong. That is until Jason's own brother objected to their relationship, calling her many, many sickly names. She still shivered when she remembered it, tears that still angered Jason to this day.

"Jason, you would dare date the bastard child of a woman who refuses all standards? Mother will have your head for this!" Nathan had said loudly, in front of all in the Great Hall.

The hall was silent instantly, none willing to help the couple, for none were used to them in anyway. Catherine was pale and still by Jason's side, tears hidden behind her brown orbs while Jason looked ready to kill his brother.

"She's not one of us, she is a pathetic book worm, Jason! Father would not want…someone like her to bear his heirs, let alone be married into the family! I'm telling you, dump the broad and get your sense back."

"Speak one more word about her, Nathan and I will have your tongue." Jason hissed, his Irish voice rough with checked anger.

"It's a shame that she shares the same name as a half-blood madman. If only her name was as pure as us, then I'm sure-"

The Hall was surprised that it was not Jason's fist that connected with Nathan's chin, but Catherine's, her eyes a dangerous red as they glared down at the boy.

"Speak ill of my father or mother again…OR anyone that I love and I will do much worse then take your tongue."

Jason snaked his arm around her shoulder and lead her out of the hall to the Tower, letting her vent her frustration and cry her tears before they reemerged again, their fingers still entwined.

In the end, Lady Stephanie Brown was ecstatic to meet Catherine, as was Lord Fredrick Brown. Both knew of no reason why their son had acted so, but in the end, it didn't matter, as Nathan had moved to Germany with his aunt, stating that 'he needed to better study herbology there', but Catherine never let any know just how much she blamed herself for the torn family.

Jason could sense her emotions starting to frazzle, so he walked her back to her dorm so she could change, refresh and grab her bag before they left for breakfast and morning classes. He almost suggested that she sleep for the day, but she didn't want to raise suspicions and the world was not ready to know of Lord Riddle's return. No one would know, outside of the third year Ravenclaw girl's dorm, that she had not a wink of sleep.

They day past smoothly, both her and Jason having every class except for Herbology together; he had Ancient Runes at the same time. They made it to dinner without an incident of any kind; that is until David & Wilson Weasley stood up on the Gryffindor table.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, good guys and Slytherins: I propose that we ring in the new school year with style and also show the freshie's what they have missed by not being our age for the last two years." The twins said, mirroring a grin so like their father's.

"Oh no." Catherine groaned, burying her head in Jason's shoulder.

Two years ago, it was discovered that although many of the incoming freshman were purebloods, many had grown with muggle TV shows and had somehow come up with the idea to sing to a random person, like the American version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and after doing six times in their first year alone, the teachers had convinced them that more then three was quite dramatic…not that their seventh year would be quite at all, from what the twins had already passed to every third year.

Catherine was only amused by the antics because she had been pulled aside for one by her friends telling her that they were going to convince Jason to ask her out but she mustn't be in the room. If only she had listened because the songs were weird and slightly vulgar, but when he spotted her laughing in the back of the crowd, he escaped her friends, yelled for ten minutes about how this was all her fault (all while she was holding down her laughter with an impressive solid face on) and at the end of it, he kissed her hand and asked her out.

She was about to ask Jason if he wanted to leave when the twin's voice called out

"And this time, the lucky victim, I mean guest will be none other then the great, the amazing, the beautiful, the very spoiled LADY CATHERINE RIDDLE!"

Pale as a ghost, she begged for help from Jason who only gave a small smirk.

"I don't think you will get out of this. Go, before they pull you up." He gave a soft peck on her cheek before she stood, glaring at the twins, who hopped of their table and ran to the stage that was suddenly in the middle of the hall.

"Good people of Hogwarts, we, the males friends of Lady Catherine Riddle, have been thinking just how to help celebrate her 13th birthday in four days and we thought by having a double party, we could do it now! So, without further adu, Lady Riddle, if you will please sit here on this nice, comfy, un-jinxed chair (THANKS JASON, way to ruin fun) and now LETS BOOGY!"

Before she could even comprehend what was going on, the candles flickered out and she could see a group of seven boys around her and she groaned loudly when she saw who they all were and WHAT they were wearing. Her party throwers included: the twins. Caleb Bones, Steven Clearwater, Jacob Longbottom, Alexander Zabini & Joshua Jorden and they were wearing the most horrible clash of boy band clothes she had ever seen (what ever possessed American boys to wear such things?) and see started dying then before the music even started and boy did it start.

David and Wilson stood behind her while the other boys formed a circle around her, smirking at her obvious discomfort before the song started.

"I'm in love with a girl I hate

She enjoys pointing out every bad thing about me

I'm in love with a critic and a skeptic, a traitor

I'd trade her in a second"

Catherine had tears in her eyes as they started doing bad impressions of American boy bands, with badly timed dance routines and bad hand gestures.

"She's a backseat driver

A drama provider

An instant update of the world

She's a first-class liar

A constant forgetter

She's attractive but bitter"

She started playing her role, reacting to their word with half glares and snarls when they smiled at her while continuing their rape of dance.

"Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It's a turn around

Turn around

Baby, don't return to me

If you think that I'm not worth your time"

The twins both kissed her cheek, earning a swat from her.

"She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with

She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with"

Jason was dying on the floor, tears running down his face as he watched the fake seduction tricks that Zabini and Jorden were trying to pull, both being ignored by his girlfriend.

"Take off your shoes

Come in the room

And baby, let's try not to argue

Turn out the lights

Turn on the radio

How can we fight when I'm too busy loving you?

I'm too busy loving you

I'm too busy loving you"

Even Headmaster Snape was laughing, clutching the table for support.

"Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It's a turn around

Turn around

Baby, don't return to me

If you think that I'm not worth your time"

Caleb had sweet talked her into getting up so they could dance around her, throwing confetti around her until she was litteraly covered with little, shiny stars and cupcakes, that right, cupcakes.

"She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with

She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with"

She had retaken her seat and observed the first years, who were either horror stricken, dead from laughter or plain shocked by the event.

"Here I am

There you go again, again

And we will not ever be 18 again


And I'm worn out of fighting

And every night you leave crying

And I could use some time

Here I am

There you go again"

Jason had regained his composure and he was sure that Catherine was begging him to make it stop, as her eyes were wide when the group started doing bad dance routines, this one from the Bye Bye Bye video (the group were horrible puppets, moved like zombies).

"So here I am, and I'm dying

And I'm waiting for you

Waiting for you

Come back, come back to me

And I'll take you gladly

And I'll take you anyway"

He made his way slowly up towards the stage, her view now blocked by the twins, who found themselves pushed down by her foot. Ladies shouldn't be messed with is right, if her growing irritation towards the song was any indication.

"Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It's a turn around

Turn around

Baby, don't return to me

If you think that I'm not worth your time

If you think that I'm not worth your time"

Then Steven bowed when he walked up and Jason knew he saw the words "Just one day, my princess" mouthed to Catherine, who looked down at Jason. In an act he knew was revenge for taking so long to rescue her, she smiled and nodded to Clearwater, who had her in his arms instantly.

"She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with

She's a lady

And ladies shouldn't be messed with"

Jason saw red and raced to the stage, only to have Catherine turn and jump, forcing him to forget Steven and catch his girlfriend, who smiled into his lip before kissing him, thanking him for not rescuing her sooner.

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