The state that Konoha had been in devastated the pinkette. Fear had filled her heart and utter anger took over her form. Her duty was to protect Konoha at all cost. She had saved many that day but she lost a little of herself. As everything seemed to be nothing but ash, she felt her heart sting and her gut wrench at the thought of him. Her former team member. Uchiha Sasuke. Hatred. He had brought this upon, he had conspired with the enemy. He had helped plot this.

Didn't he?

The kunoichi knew she shouldn't point fingers, but who was to blame? In all this madness there must have a mastermind to it. And all she could think of was him, the teme that had joined the Akatsuki in order to destroy Konoha. And she had almost allowed him to have that pleasure. She could have punched herself for that. The Pinkette began to grin. Landing a good punch to his face wouldn't hurt right? She than frowned deeply, but she needed to find him. Perhaps they had taken the search and rescue of the fucking traitor too lightly. She clenched her fist once again. Standing before the gates she held her fist in a clench; this time they weren't going to fail. They were going to bring him back, to his home, the home he so desperately wanted to destroy.

Turning her head to the right she gazed at Kakashi, the Copy Ninja of Konohagakure, her former Sensei, and friend. Beside him was Sai, the root Ninja that both her and Naruto never seemed to get along with. Fond of him finally, the Kunoichi was ready to call him friend. Turning her head to the left her eyes grew in excitement. His name graced her lips as she spoke, "Naruto-kun..." The blond turned his head and grinned giving her a thumbs up. He had excelled so far it had caught the female in a daze. Mature. Strong. The medic was a follower of the blonde's dream. She would help him become Hokage and she didn't have any doubts that he wouldn't reach his dream. The fact that a third of the team had returned caused her heart to jolt with excitement.

She was determined.

She was ready.

She was going to have the first punch.

Brought out from her thoughts she turned at the yell from Naruto, "Yosh! Lets get a move on. Are we just gonna stand here and watch as Tsunade-baa grows old or are we gonna bring the Teme back!?" The medic grinned, her fist released it's grip taking in a deep breath she spoke loudly, "Lets Go!"

This time they weren't going to fail.

Haruno Sakura was ready this time.