The clacking of the four pairs of sandals on the concrete of the crumbling Akatsuki base echoed throughout the hallways. It was just like the first time that everyone had seen him since he had disappeared for three years and trained under Orochimaru. The medical ninja's hands were clenched once again, a sign of nervousness or excitement. Her knuckles were ready for the connection of her fist to his jaw. She was so prepared it was difficult for her not to scream in excitement. Anxious as she was she noticed that her team was the same as well. As they turned a corner his chakra became stronger. the base had broken apart as the end of the hallway caved in and light beamed through the hallway and the opening. Grinding her teeth she wasn't going to let him runaway again.

Her legs pumped as adrenaline pushed her farther and she ran faster soon leaving her former Sensei and Sai. She began to keep pace with Naruto as they sprinted. Hopping over the fallen rocks they jumped through the smoke leaving a trail of it after them. The clap of sandals on the earth created tension. Looking up sea foam blazed with energy, anger, excitement, it was intense and all she could do was grin. She shivered lightly, her large grin caught the group in front of her off guard.

They obviously took it wrong because the red head smirked and put her hand on her hip. She analyzed the group two male, one whore, and him. This couldn't have been any better. He continued to make eye-contact with Naruto which pissed her off. The Kunoichi clenched her fist as Naruto made his move. The raven made his as well. She cursed, this was supposed to be her time to shine. Obviously misjudgment caused the blond to overlook the male as the raven connected his fist to his Jaw. The medic moved quickly with stealth her fist gathered chakra, "SHANNARO!" He turned his head and tried to get out of the way. Instead of the face she hit his chest. Either way it sent him off. Hitting the wall the rocks broke apart as cursed. Coughing lightly she watched as he spit out red liquid on the floor and stood. Anger blazed in his eyes. But something else did as well.

Ignoring this the pinkette clicked her tongue. Looking towards her blond partner, "He's all yours Naruto." She had accomplished what she wanted. Turning her head she cocked it slightly as she watched the red headed female stare at her in shock simply smirking she listened as the red headed girl began to scream. The shrieking began to annoy her, "Oi, Urusei!" The red head glared, "You'll pay for hitting Sasuke-kun!" The pinkette grinned at this and started off. The red head clicked her tongue and prepared herself. The clashing of fist caused both female shinobi to recoil back. Skidding back the hair on the medics skin rose. Excitement filled her senses as the fight began.

Holding her arm she sighed deeply. The fight had finally ended. The red head had put up a good fight. Looking about she noticed that Sai and Kakashi's opponents had fled. Her eyes widened as she turned, the red head was gone too. A loud explosion caught the medic off guard as she turned. Sea Foam widened, the battle between Sasuke and Naruto still continued. Her arm glowed a bright green as she began to heal her broken arm. Her mended arm felt good as new as she sprinted quickly to aid Kakashi and Sai.

The battle between her former team mate and her best friend was almost ironic. So many times they had gone on and on about fighting each other and maybe this was what they both wanted. Her eyes blazed with admiration.

The climax was beginning.

Naruto stood in front of the three injured ninja. He grabbed his hand chakra formed within his hand. A large ball formed and began to change into a shuriken shape. Sasuke watched in amazement. His training with Jiraiya and his Sage training had come to climax of power. Naruto had one this fight. The raven wouldn't stop.

"Fuuton: Rasenshuriken!"

"Chidori Nagashi!"

Both Jutsu's connected. Closing her eyes she felt Kakashi cover her form as the justu's flashed. The flurry of wind caused the Pinkette and Kakashi to skid back slightly. The clashing of chakra's had caused a shock wave. The cave crumpled, and the fallen rubble of the hideout had been swept away. The power caused a brilliant flash of light. The light began to dim and soon faded. Removing his arms from around the medic. The Jounin, the medic, and the root nin watched the scene. Both stood in silence, motionless. Fear began to make her heart race. The thumping of her heart pounded in her ears. Her friends name graced her lips once again, "Naruto?..."

And that was it. The raven fell to his knees and soon to the floor, defeated A smile spread and soon grew to a grin, "Naruto you did it-"

Naruto's body crumpled to the floor along side his former friend. Rushing to his side the medic went to knees next to him. Analyzing his body she found numerous bones in his arm were ripped from there sockets. Cursing she brushed the locks of hair that came over his face. He wore a weak grin as he stared at the medic, "We did it Sakura-chan..."

The medic shook her head, "No you did it."

The blonde grinned as he closed as he failed to keep awake. With a smile she felt the tears leak from her eyes, "Baka."