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Chapter 1

Despite the fact that Nishikado Soujirou was twenty six years old, he was being treated like a kid at the moment and oh how he loathed it. Whenever he was in his grandfather's presence, he had always felt like a child. It was probably due to the fact that his grandfather was just so damn domineering and always had to act like the bloody alpha male. It pissed Soujiroh off to no end and yet there was not a damned thing he could do about it. For the hundredth time that day he mentally cursed the old man seated before him. He shouldn't have to kneel like a beggar before the old man but since his mother had requested, no, begged him to; he had agreed. The reason why he was groveling like a pathetic commoner before his grandfather was due to the immense stupidity of his recently deceased father. Some how, his father had done the unthinkable; he had gambled away much of the fortune that he'd built due to poor investments, leaving the family with one eighth of what they would have had otherwise. If that hadn't been enough, his stupid bastard of a father had been brain damaged enough as to drive home one night after drinking his weight in alcohol. On his way home Ken Nishikado had crashed into a tree. It wasn't actually clear how he'd managed to crash into a tree that was about fifty meters off the road, but that fact that he was dead still remained.

When they'd gotten the call about his death, his mother had been the only one to burst into tears. She had cried for a week but when the funeral ended she hadn't shed a single tear again. She had realized that it was inevitable, her husband was gone and there was nothing in this world that could bring him back. Neither Soujirou nor his younger brother Shin had shed a tear over their father's death. After all you couldn't miss what you never had in the first place. To be honest, Ken Nishikado could hardly be considered a father. He never spent time with his children, preferring to enjoy the company of the hostesses at clubs. He was sure his mother wasn't stupid; she had to have known that her husband had other women on the side but even if she did, she acted like she didn't. She was brought up during the era when women were groomed to become the ever willing, ever complying wives to their husbands and she had been exactly that to his father. Sometimes Soujirou wanted to shake her and tell her to wake up, this wasn't the sixties.

Soujirou was sure that over time, he could have helped build up the family fortune back to its impressive amount. But his younger brother Shin was supposed to be sent to Oxford to study and that kind of education wouldn't come cheap. Plus, he had to pay for the last year of his insanely expensive business degree at Eitoku. He'd never had to worry about these kinds of things before but now that they didn't have half the money that they had originally, it was a concern. And if that wasn't all, he had to run a household and manage the family businesses as well. As much as it pained him to admit it, he needed the old fool's help.

"So boy, your mother tells me of the situation" his grandfather remarked. Soujirou nodded, unsure of what to say next. "I should never have given that blasted son of mine any control over the companies in the first place. What a wretched fool he was to have squandered away the money like that".

That seemed to be the only thing that Soujirou agreed with his grandfather on. His father was an idiot. No questions asked. But Soujirou had already known that, he didn't need his grandfather to tell him. Why was he even here?

"My days are numbered" his grandfather said gruffly "and although I was going to leave the fortune to your father, his death had made me realize that I would have been an even bigger fool to have done that".

"Father" his mother said slowly as she stared at her father in law.

"I have decided Keiko, that as your father in law and as a grandfather, I have a duty to do to you and your sons" Soujirou's grandfather said.

"Grandfather, what are you saying?" Soujirou asked.

"I have decided to leave everything to you" his grandfather said and Soujirou felt as though his heart would sing. His grandfather Takeshi Nishikado's fortune was easily three times the size of his family's own fortune before their father had depleted it. His grandfather was an excellent businessman. Although he never spoke of his businesses, Soujirou had heard rumors that his grandfather had invested in properties all over the world and kept most of his money in overseas banks. Although that wasn't all, his grandfather was a shrewd businessman and every business deal was considered to be a battle. He was known internationally for his business dealings. Apparently Takeshi Nishikado's fortune was in the billions, in American dollars mind you. It was a mystery how anyone could attain that amount of money but nevertheless Takeshi Nishikado had achieved it and now that vast fortune was being left to Soujirou.

"Grandfather…" he said unsure of what to say next.

"But"- Takeshi Nishikado said interrupting.

Soujirou and something clenched at the young man's heart. But? But what?? He thought mentally.

"I have one condition and just one simple condition" Takeshi said and Soujirou looked at him willing him to go continue. "You must get married by the end of this year" he finished. "If you do manage to get married by the end of this year, I shall transfer the entire Nishikado fortune to you as soon as you've married your bride".

A dead silence followed Takeshi's words and Soujirou kept processing the words in his head over and over again. I must get married by the end of this year?? He's crazy! The old fool has lost his bloody mind!

"Fuck you!" Soujirou exclaimed suddenly causing his mother to gasp and his grandfather to look at him with amusement.

"Soujirou!" his mother gasped in shock.

"I beg your pardon?" His grandfather asked casually as he took a sip of whiskey, although his eyes were dancing with mirth.

"You want me to get married by the end of this year?? Are you fucking insane?" he burst out.

"No I'm not 'fucking' insane as you put it. Why not? It's only January and you have plenty of time left. I give you two choices, you can choose to have an arranged marriage or you can marry someone of your own choice. I'll leave it to you" his grandfather replied coolly, unfazed by Soujirou's vulgarity.

Soujirou thought for a while. Well there was no way that he was going to have an arranged marriage. He wasn't prepared to marry someone he didn't know. He was principally against arranged marriages. He didn't like the idea of his mother and grandfather choosing a bride for him. And as for deciding on someone of his choice, well that was going to be easy. All he had to do was go to a club and-

"And none of those whores that you usually bed" Takeshi added sternly and Soujirou felt his plan fall out the window. Now that was going to be a problem. If he couldn't get one of his usual girls, then who was he going to get? "I want you to marry someone who's decent, a nice girl that I can be proud of. I want her to be someone who will wear the Nishikado name with honor and I want to be proud to introduce her as my grand daughter in law" he finished and Soujirou crossed off the list of women he had made in his mind, one by one.

Actually now that he thought of it, he didn't know many decent women at all. Apart from Tsukushi, there weren't any decent women that he kept in contact with. Tsukushi was pretty much out of the question, since she was married to Tsukasa and about to have a child. He was pretty much doomed anyway. Despite him knowing a limitless number of girls, there were none that were worthy of being the grand daughter in law of Takeshi Nishikado.

Yuki looked out the window feeling a sense of unsettling despair wash over her. She loved those children like they were her own and now, there was nothing that she could do to help them.

"Yuki-chan" Erika called running into Yuki's office.

"Erika-chan?" Yuki asked when she noticed the panicked expression on Yuki's face.

"Yuki-chan, please pick up the phone, the bank is on the line" she said.

Yuki didn't bother replying but merely walked over to her desk to pick up her phone. "Hello?" she asked.

"Yuki-san? This is Taro Nakamura from the united bank. Unfortunately if we don't get a payment of ten million yen from the orphanage within two months, we will have to close it down" he said.

"Please Nakamura-san, these children have no where to go. This is the only place that they have. You can't do this to them. Please Nakamura-san" she pleaded but to no avail.

"I'm sorry Yuki-san, there is nothing that I can do" he replied and with a click, she heard the dial tone.

"What do we do Yuki-chan?" Erika asked as Yuki dropped into a chair, her face crumpling with misery.

"I have no idea Erika-chan" she replied truthfully and Erika looked thoughtful. "I really have no idea" she replied.

"Why don't you ask your friend, Domyouji-san?" Erika asked. "I'm sure they can give you that money without depleting their vast amount of money".

"I don't really want to bother Tsukushi now, especially with her baby on the way. Plus the Domyouji family has already donated more than enough money to the orphanage. They were the ones who helped me start it".

"What about Hanazawa Rui or Mimasaka Akira? Or Nishikado Soujirou, they're the F4 right? You know them don't you? Have you thought about asking them? If they're your friends then surely they'll give the money to you" Erika suggested.

"Well it's not that simple Erika-chan" Yuki replied. "Hanazawa Rui is in Europe somewhere and I only see him when he comes down during the holidays. Mimasaka Akira has already funded enough of money into the orphanage that it would be rude for me to ask for more and I haven't seen Nishikado Soujirou in five years".

What she had said was mostly true. Rui really was in Europe but she knew how to contact him. She just didn't want to ask him for money. She didn't think it was proper. He had helped her out with the starting of the orphanage along with Akira and Tsukasa. So she didn't think it was fair to burden him with what was her problem besides, she wasn't as close to him as she was to Akira and Tsukasa. Akira on the other hand, she had been in touch with. They had been dating at one point, until he decided to split up with her due to his line of work. He didn't want to put her in any danger. In fact although they broke up, he still met up with her often, going out for dinner and whatnot. As for Soujirou, she hadn't spoken to him in five years. Not since Tsukushi's wedding reception where she'd accidentally walked into one of the rooms, only to find him having sex with Sanjo Sakurako. She had left without making her presence known to the pair.

That seemed to be the turning point in her life; she had decided then and there, that she would forget Nishikado Soujirou no matter what. She was a fool and she hadn't realized it till then. What was she wasting her time and effort for someone who didn't even harbor the slightest bit of feelings for her? It was only after going a year without seeing him that she'd managed to forget him. A little while after that that she'd bumped into Akira by chance and they'd had lunch to catch up. The lunch tuned into lunches, followed by dinners, then movies and along the way they'd begun dating. It seemed to be a natural progression. Even though she'd thought that Akira preferred older women, he seemed to enjoy her company. They had been dating for two years when Akira's father had been killed due to his work. It was then that Akira had broken up with her, for her own safety. He was afraid that whoever targeted his father might decide to target his family. Since Akira was next in line to take over business, everyone close to him was in danger and Yuki had been the closest to him at that point in time.

"Well then, what are we going to do? If we don't get the money for the orphanage, it will close down and what's going to happen to the children?" Erika asked Yuki.

"What about your brothers?" Erika asked. Both her brothers were older than her by ten years or more and had families of their own. It wouldn't be right to ask them for money when they had their own mouths to feed.

"You know I can't ask them Erika-chan, besides my brother has already helped us by putting an article about the orphanage in the paper". She had requested a favor from Ken, her elder brother, who was an editor for the local times, to put in an article. "Don't worry Erika-chan, I'll think of something. I'll get the money somehow" Yuki said.

Soujirou walked out of the double doors of his grandfather's mansion with his mother to find a car waiting for them.

"Madam your paper" the chauffer said as he handed her the day's paper.

Soujirou got into the car after his mother and fell into silence as soon as the car began to move. His mother was silent beside him, reading the newspapers. Overall the atmosphere was quiet and calming, with the occasional rustling of paper.

"Jirou" his mother said suddenly "we should be thankful with what we have ne?"


"Look here, this poor orphanage is going to close down. If we had more money, we could help them ne? I can only imagine the anguish that the people running the orphanage must be feeling" she said with a sigh as she handed him the article to have a look. He scanned the article briefly; he wasn't really interested in that sort of thing. It wasn't any of his business. He was about to close the paper when a particular name caught his eye. Closing the paper, he smiled to himself. Perhaps there's a way to make this easier he said to himself with a smirk. Maybe it was time that he caught up with an old friend.

After Erika had left the room, Yuki had begun to pace up and down the room. She would find a way eventually to help those children. She'd been pacing for about twenty minutes and her feet were hurting from the constant pacing in her heels when Erika rushed in again.

"Sorry to bother you Yuki-chan but you have a visitor" she said excitedly and Yuki wondered who would possibly want to visit her.

"Sure, let him in" Yuki replied.

Erika bowed and left the room, looking like Christmas had come early. It wasn't long before a man came into view. He was wearing an Italian suit and he carried a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand.

"Yuki-chan" he greeted with a smile on his face.

"Akira-san?" she asked and he only smiled broader.

"For you" he said handing her the bouquet.

"Thank you" she replied "I can't believe that you remembered that sunflowers are my favorite flowers".

"Of course I remembered" he exclaimed. "Do I get a hug for remembering?" he asked and she grinned.

"Sure" she said moving over to hug him.

"I missed you" he exclaimed burying his nose in his hair.

"Akira-san, how come you're back so soon?" Yuki asked when he'd pulled away.

"I had some time off so I thought I might see you" he replied "what time do you get off work? I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me".

"I've actually just finished work but I just wanted to finish up some extra work. We can leave in five minutes if it's ok?"

"Sure" he replied "I'll just wait here until you finish". He flopped into a chair and crossed his legs watching her as she packed up her things.

Yuki stood at the door of her apartment building and waved as Akira's car drove away. She felt a strange sense of calm as she walked up the steps to her second floor apartment. She could have taken the elevator but she didn't see the point. As she walked up the stairs, she thought of how Akira always seemed to have a calming effect on her. He always made her feel that things would turn out alright in the end.

She turned the key in the lock and went into her apartment feeling happier than she had felt in days. Just as she was about the turn on the lights to her apartment, she felt a set of eyes bore into the back of her head. Turing around she froze as she saw a silhouette seated on her couch, illuminated by moonlight coming from a window.

"Okaeri Yuki-chan" came the smooth drawl that made Yuki's blood turn to ice.

Even though she couldn't see his face, even though she hadn't heard that voice in five years, there was no mistaking it. It had to be him.

Author's note: This was just a little something that I thought off a little while ago. It's based upon an Indian movie. I hope you like it!