Wyatt pushed the double doors to the throne-room with a severe expression on his face, the sound echoing disruptively into the quiet diplomatic meeting that was in session. The members of the royal guard all stepped aside to allow him entry, a few putting out their feet to slow the doors from slamming shut behind him…they already knew he didn't give a shit whether he was interrupting.

Of the grand hall filled with its hundreds of political figures and heads of state not one set of eyes dared to look up at him as he entered…but hers did, flicking to his face almost imperceptibly from behind her cold mask of royalty before instantly returning to the ambassador that was giving an address.

He cut around the tables of debutants to reach her, never slowing in his approach despite the speech that was currently being given. Eyes instinctively averted from his attire as he crossed their paths, the worn-in duster and fedora, the gun on his hip and mud-caked boots. Any who would have thought to speak against his manner of dress in the palace, to call him out on his blatant disregard for their nobility had long since had their voices silenced by the Queen.

Queen DG, that is.

His footfalls echoed on the marble and the elderly man reading his list of requests tried to speak just a little louder to be heard, a bead of sweat forming on his brow at the fear of invoking the Queen's anger. Any perceived disrespect of the stone faced and callused man entering the hall would be dealt with swiftly.

This brute?
This unrefined, rough-necked former Tin Man?
Named Royal Advisor to the Queen herself?

They had choked in shock when given the news of his appointment mere moments after her wedding to King Shaughnessy. Surely she had been too busy with the task of moving into the palace to find a suitable nobleman to fill this role. She had but to wait a moment, they would bring forth several worthy candidates for her consideration…

It had been that very moment when the harsh lesson was learned of how little value their Queen placed on the aristocratic blood coursing through their veins. There had been a time before DG's arrival in this country that the council had run the show – abusing their power and bleeding the people for all they were worth. This was most definitely no longer the case. The memory of the dangerous look in her eyes as her voice rang out through the hall still gave them cold sweats.

"I am currently being provided a surplus of the trivial advice and political undermining of noblemen", she'd hissed, "should I hear another word, whispered or shouted, regarding an opinion of this decision I shall personally see to the trimming of such excess – do I make myself clear?"

Wyatt Cain, Royal Guardian of Queen Dorothy of Anarath, trusted Advisor of the heir to the throne of the House of Gale…the commoner whom outranked every single one of them and never missed an opportunity to remind them of the fact with his actions.

The King could barely contain his boredom as his eyes wandered around the room, similarly disregarding Wyatt's entry. As always he looked like a child being forced to sit through detention, counting down the seconds until his release and paying no mind to anything going on around him. There was no question of who ruled over the lands of Anarath – her face had been cast into the very currency her husband used to drink and play while she was signing treaties and trade agreements.

Wyatt ascended the stairs to take his place behind his Queen, leaning down to whisper in her ear a brief report of the findings of his most recent mission…or so it appeared. She merely nodded and returned her gaze to the proceedings as Wyatt stood upright and stared down at the sea of fearful faces.

She'd heard enough anyway…holding up a hand she watched as the ambassador nearly bit his tongue in order to stop speaking mid-sentence.

"Sir Garrick, I have read your list of requests already – I scarcely need to be reminded of them again." She said calmly. "These flattering words regarding your opinion of the quality of Anarath craftsmanship are not reason enough for me to lift the trade restrictions between our lands. I thought I had made it known to you on your last visit that I find the country of Usera's use of slavery and child labor to be an abomination. So long as these practices stand the movement of merchandise between our borders will remain an act of treason, punishable to the fullest extent of the law."

If a man were able to shrink in size of his own volition Wyatt was sure he would have been witnessing it at that moment.

"As I have urgent matters to attend to…" She began and Wyatt bit the inside of his cheek trying not to roll his eyes at the King's suddenly interested posture. "And as I grow weary of hearing the same things worded any number of ways in hopes of a change in my decisions I am calling this meeting adjourned…but before you leave, Sir Garrick, let me assure you – the next time this issue is raised in my presence without the cessation of the atrocities I have mentioned you will be spending a great deal of time enjoying the craftsmanship of Anarath's dungeons." She stood and every member of the court before her followed suit, bowing their heads as she exited with her Advisor in tow.

The King instantly disappeared in search of a good time.

They made their way through the halls, her long gown sweeping over the cold marble floor with Wyatt just a step behind it. He marveled to himself as always at the difference five years can make in a person.

Her marriage to the King of Anarath had prevented bloodshed and war, pulled the country she had inherited with the exchanging of those vows out of poverty and chaos, turned it into a land where light prevailed, a fierce ally of her Mother's lands…but in order for the change to be possible the spitfire of a girl who'd saved them all from eternal darkness at the hand of the witch was now hidden, stowed away carefully within the Queen he protected.

She entered her offices and turned to face him as he closed the door. Her posture was regal as ever as she waited for him to approach, hands clasped before her, chin held high in confidence. "Mr. Cain, I trust that your travels went well…" She began and watched his eyes carefully.

"Yes, your majesty. There is much to report…though I must warn you, a great many of the matters I am about to put words are of the most sensitive nature…" His eyes flicked in the direction of the room to their left and she nodded, ever so slightly, in understanding.

"Anolina?" She called over her shoulder and waited for the girl to hurriedly make her way to the doorway.

"Yes, my Queen?" Anolina asked in a shaky voice. She'd not been long in her position as a secretary in the Queen's office, was still eager to please, terrified of failure…and every bit as quiet as a god damned church mouse. DG could never understand how Wyatt knew she was there. The other staff members were easy – they walked, breathed, even swallowed noisily enough for her to know when they were present…

"Please see to it that I am not disturbed, Mr. Cain has just returned from a mission of the utmost importance to the safety of Anarath…" She began and the girl's eyes widened in awe that she was being told such things. "And it is imperative that no one attempts to listen to our conversation. Summon several of the guards and have them keep every member of staff, even the maids from this wing of the palace. No living being aside from myself or my Advisor has any cause to be on the level of my suites – including even the highest members of council. Should you see anyone acting suspiciously or trying to gain entry have them arrested immediately and held until this meeting is over. I'm entrusting you with a task of great magnitude, I realize, but I believe you will be more than capable of seeing it through. Am I accurate in this belief?"

The girl looked ready to burst with excitement as she nodded her head fervently. "Oh yes, my Queen. I will see that it is done precisely as you require. Thank you for such an opportunity to serve you, your Royal Highness."

DG inclined her head to the girl and gave her the faintest hint of a smile. "Thank you for your loyalty, Anolina. You may take your leave now."

Anolina took at least two minutes to exit the room, walking backward toward the door and bowing every few feet, reiterating how honored she was that the Queen had taken her into her confidence before finally closing the door behind her.

The second it was shut Wyatt went to work sweeping the offices for anyone who might be hiding in hopes of eavesdropping…and as soon as he returned to her, smiling and nodding that the coast was clear DG dropped the act.

"Oh for the love of GOD…" She breathed and he laughed softly watching her slouch to a more human posture. Her eyes narrowed on him and a scowl came to her suddenly adorable face. "You took forever!" She whined.

"I got back as soon as I could." He assured her as he leaned back on her desk.

"Humph…" She pouted, giving him an incredulous look and crossing her arms over her chest. "Undoubtedly stopping for a few weeks to chase a random piece of ass before returning…"

Wyatt bit his bottom lip and shook his head. "Now, your Majesty…" He began as he crossed the room to where she was standing. "Why would I want to chase 'random' ass…" He smiled at the way her mouth started to fall open expectantly when he was finally in front of her. "When I have a royal piece all for myself waiting at home?" He backed her against the wall and she moaned, staring up into his eyes hungrily.

"But Mr. Cain…I'm a married woman…the Queen…" She began in a scandalized tone that was not reflected in the sly smile on her lips.

Wyatt rested his arm on the wall over her head, a sound coming from his throat akin to a purr as he leaned down to the nape of her neck, taking a deep breath of the scent of her and exhaling choppily beside her ear. "Now when in the last five years has that ever stopped us?" He asked and she grinned.

Real life fairy tales are seldom as simplistic as those found in story books. The prince you marry and the knight in shining armor who rocks your world every chance he can get aren't always one and the same man…to each their own happily ever after.

His mouth was on hers in an instant, kissing her deeply as his hands wandered roughly over her breasts. DG's legs grew weak as she ran her hands over his back and down his sides before hurriedly un-tucking his shirt. "Mmm…missed me, did you?" He growled in her ear and she nodded between panting and ripping the shirt open to expose his magnificent chest.

"I'd say the feeling is mutual, Tin Man." She whispered as she ran her fingertips over his hardened nipples, watching him moan and close his smoky blue eyes for a second. "I do believe someone whispered something in my ear back there about 'fucking me until neither of us could stand'…"

Wyatt laughed; that hoarse, sexy chuckle that always made her knees tremble as he yanked the front of her dress down, putting his hand around her throat and pinning her against the wall with his body pressed against hers, smiling at the defiant hiss she gave in response, the way her eyes rolled closed in ecstasy. He waited for her to recover, staring down into her eyes when they finally opened again with wicked thoughts dancing behind his own. "Now who would say such a thing to the Queen as she sat on her very throne…right next to her husband…in front of a room full of people?" He teased before kneeling down in front of her, tugging her dress and corset to the floor with him and leaving a trail of hot kisses and bites down her breasts and stomach.

"Who indeed…" She said with a breathy laugh, her eyes following his every move, her hands clutching his head to her as he rolled his tongue against her hip. He smiled up at her before slipping a finger beneath each side of the scrap of lace she passed off as an undergarment and sliding them to the ground at her feet. "Waiting for someone special to come home?" He purred and held the bit of red fabric up for inspection once she'd stepped out of it.

"Or simply looking for someone to care for my needs in his stead…seeing how he does takes so long before coming back…" She said coyly, giving him a bored look and smiling inwardly at the repercussions that would follow those words.

Wyatt's face fell for a fraction of a second.

He arched an angry brow, his face reddening despite knowing that she was simply goading him on for a reaction. He pulled his shirt off, glaring up at her as he threw it over his shoulder. He was on her before she had time to react, forcing her to spread her knees for him. By the time her back had begun sliding down the wall his fingers were already sliding deeply inside of her with a single mission, the startled yelp and moan that fell from her lips told him he'd found his mark.

She clung to his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh in an effort to stay upright as his thick fingers stroked her, inside and out. "This…" He growled up at her through the curtain of her dark hair surrounding both of their faces, his features twisted in rage as he watched her desperately trying to open her eyes through the fog of pleasure he was causing. "Belongs to me" His fingers quickened their assault, his thumb rubbing her clit in the perfect rhythm to drive her completely insane. She could hear his words as they amplified her arousal, unable to speak so much as a syllable in response. "I allow an entire kingdom to share your pretty face and voice out of kindness, little girl…but this? This is mine and no one else's…"

The world was moving suddenly, and before she realized he'd even picked her up she could feel the cool wood of her desk beneath her back. Documents and vases were being knocked to the floor as he mounted her, Wyatt shoving everything aside that came between them. She fought to open her eyes and looked up at him in a daze, indulging herself in the delicious sight of his heaving, enraged and decidedly bare chest as he began unfastening his belt.

Damn it had been too long, she'd gone without this for nearly two months and didn't think she could have waited another second to see the starved look in his eyes, the hunger he had for her and her alone. A sly smile came to her lips as she parted her legs for him, letting her long, slender fingers trace down her belly toward the object of his desire.

Watching her movements made the removal of the belt somewhat more difficult.

He managed just fine, though – in case you were wondering.

DG reached up to his neck with one hand, pulling him down atop of her and he laughed, barely getting his hand from the front of his pants in time to catch himself with an outstretched arm beside her head. "I see somebody's pushy today…" He teased and she could barely manage a smile or snarky comment before his mouth had engulfed hers.

She groped down between them, laughing against his mouth finding his hand on the zipper of his pants already. To console herself she reached around and grabbed two handfuls of the finest ass she'd seen in all her years on the Other Side and across the expanse of two kingdoms of the OZ. The man's posterior was solace enough for anything, she was sure; everything from having a bad day to being given the news that you were bound by your royal duty to marry a troll. A smile came to her Wyatt-hungry lips recalling their very first time.

There she'd been standing in front of a mirror decked out to the nines in a massive wedding gown…crying hysterically…and he'd finally had enough of it. The door was locked, Wyatt "helping her get over her jitters" as a palace full of people sat waiting. The only thing that had gotten her through it was the revelation that he was hers, to stay with her and be home when everything else she knew had vanished, to love her and never let her forget who she really was. They had said their own vows before the ceremony…

And by God had they consummated their promise to one another, there was a table in the corner of her office to that very day with wobbly legs as a result of that tryst – taken from the church as a "sentimental reminder of her wedding day".

DG moaned against his mouth and kissed him a little deeper, feeding off the sensation of having him here with her again, trying to urge him forward as she felt him teasing her with the prospect of penetration. She pulled away from their kiss and stared up into those devastating eyes. "Mmm…come on, baby…how long do you plan on making me wait?" She purred and stroked his bicep.

Without warning Wyatt grabbed her wrists roughly and pressed them to the desk over her head. "For that little comment earlier? How long is it until dinner?" He asked with a straight face and she stared up at him in wide-eyed shock.

"No…no, no…you can't do that." She said and immediately started wriggling beneath him. He was just stubborn enough to leave her like this for the next five hours, too.

"Awfully squirmy all the sudden, aren't you?" He teased as she struggled to move her hips just enough to cause him to slip. All she needed was an inch. Just one inch and he'd cave…

She finally gave up, sticking out her bottom lip and giving him her best pouty face.

"That's not fair." He said with a laugh. "Alright, fine – but say it first."

DG grinned up at him. "Say what?" She asked in feigned innocence.

"You know what." Wyatt said with an arched brow; he always loved hearing it when he returned after long missions.

"That no one, no matter the situation, can ever touch me except for you?" She asked breathily and watched a satisfied smile come to his lips. A little creative thinking on both their parts had everyone in this kingdom convinced that touching her without her express permission might inflict some sort of irrevocable magical taint which would render them blind. Which meant…"Not even the King can have me…I'm all yours from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Every inch of my skin…" She whispered and moaned as he leaned down to kiss her jaw. "Belongs to you and no other. Take me, Wyatt – I'm yours."

He released his hold on her wrists and slid inside of her deeply, quickly, stretching her insides and leaving both of them gasping for air as she clutched the sides of his head.

The time for talking was no officially over.

Both of their eyes simply refused to open as they pawed at one another, DG wrapped her legs around his hips and arms around his shoulders, lifting up as one of those strong arms wrapped around her and drew her tightly against his chest. Every stroke was like a one way trip to euphoria; she was completely lost in the sensation of having him so deep within her. Did she want him to speed up? Slow down? Go harder? Softer? She didn't know.

The only word that would form in her mind was: MORE.

Wyatt pulled her up with him as he got to his knees on the desk (which had been made with reinforced legs for just this reason) and stared into her eyes. She knew what came next. She loved what came next. Getting a good hold on his shoulders she watched the way he bit his lip before grabbing her ass, the way he looked so drunk off the pleasure running through him. Slowly at first he began raising her up and down, letting her enjoy every delectable inch he had as it sank deeper and deeper still, working her toward the breaking point…and then he gave in, no longer having the will to play the game and moving her hips to match his thrust for thrust. DG uttered a "ffu-uuu-ucckk…" and raked her nails down his back as her senses detonated, her entire body rocking in orgasm. The entire palace could have crumbled to the ground and she wouldn't have cared as long as he rode this out with her, working it for every tremor it was worth.

Or, as they'd learned from past experience, the desk could have given out beneath them and they still would have kept at it.

Wyatt was getting close now, she could tell by the incoherent pleas that sounded very much like, "baby" and "gonna" pouring from his lips. He nuzzled the side of her face frantically, their sweat-slicked skin sliding together before he buried his face against the side of her neck. His muscles tensed and trembled, that delicious pulsing deep within her telling her exactly how much he'd missed her as he let out one last stream of pants and moans.

They collapsed on the desk together, kissing and running their hands through one another's hair as they slowed their breathing.

When her powers of movement and speech finally returned, DG propped herself up on an elbow and ran her fingers over his chest hair. "You know I hate it when you leave and when you're gone, stud…but I'll be damned if every time you come home I'm not appreciative of the way you say you're happy to be back." DG said softly as she looked down at him.

Wyatt laughed and pulled her down to him, kissing her mouth sweetly. "I was thinking…." He began, and DG's eyes lit up in excitement.

"Head on the throne?" She asked and he burst out laughing. For some reason she loved it when they played in the throne room – probably to give her something to remember during the next council meeting.

"No…but since you mentioned it we'll definitely be having a one-on-one conference there at some point over the next few days." He said with a grin.

DG smiled before giving him a confused look. "Then what were you thinking?"

Wyatt growled and rolled her onto her back. "I was thinking that 'enjoying the craftsmanship of Anarath's dungeons' sounds like fun…"

And with that DG was up and getting dressed in an instant.