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- - - - -

Cam sighed. Derrick now had his mobile charger, his toothbrush and his The Killers tee, along with all the stuff he stole yesterday. God only knew what he wanted to do with these.

Crossing the boxes-strewn path to freedom – or, at least, outside of this dump – and trying to avoid all the boxes labelled DERRICK'S SHIT, Cam first mourned the loss of his purple toothbrush. His teeth felt fuzzy. And then the loss of his mobile charger. His mobile beeped its death. And his The Killers tee. He looked like a pansy in his only remaining light blue tee.

"Oh hey, Cammy." Derrick waved from his location on the ground, trying to construct more blueprints for the house. "Make some breakfast, will ya?"

"Screw you and no."

"Fine – I'm going to Pink Elephant, then."

"I think that's a strip club, genius."


"Didn't you want breakfast?"

"Oh. Yeah. Okay, I'm going to McDonald's, now; wanna come?"

"First I would like my mobile charger, my toothbrush, my Killers tee and everything else you stole back. And then I'd like you to blow up."

"Oh them. Yeah, okay…when I find them…and the blowing up part…can I get a blow job?"


"Haha – that sounded like that chick show…um…Living with Derek?"


"You can be the chick who hates me! Or likes me…cool, you're a homo!"

"Remind me again why I'm living with you."

"No clue." Derrick focused back on his blueprints. Cam leaned over and scoffed. "We can't even afford a Wii and you're trying to add a hot tub?"

"So you can get laid, buddy! Win-win situation right there!"

Cam sighed again and checked his watch. "Crap, I'm gonna be late. I'm taking your shit, see ya."

"Wait – I have class too!"

The door slammed Cam's departure.

"Well, screw you, too, Ma."

- - - - -

"Hey Massie…" Claire mumbled. "Kinda early isn't it?"

"It's ten thirty."

"Oh. Yeah."

"Anyways, Kuh-laire, when are you coming down here?! I sent you, like, four texts and some geek to knock on your door!"

"Wait – so you were the one who sent Carrie to wake up Kris – I mean, them?"

"Well, it was going to be you but if it annoyed them, yay! I'm officially semi-not hating Cally!"


"Whatevs. So, coming down now? I have a, ahem, plan I want to run through with my beta."

"I thought Ali – I mean, okay, sure. Just let me get dressed…"

"Yeah, the geek left clothes by the television. Wear them and get here ay-sap."

"Will do, General."

"I like the sound of that." And she hung up.

Claire sighed. It was lucky her class was scheduled for later in the afternoon today; she had a feeling that her rendezvous with Massie Block would drain her more than a round with fake-smiling for Cam.

- - - - -

Dylan and Alicia sat glumly under the large oak tree, picking moodily at their black attire.

"This has to be the worst second day, like, ever," Dylan spoke up. "The only good thing was Josh making out with me and even he can't make up for a Massie-fight!"

"Agreed." Alicia nodded. "And the worst part hasn't even begun yet! Massie hasn't even made her move!"

"Like chess?"

"Yeah, but in her set, she owns all the queens."

- - - - -

Kristen, frantically looking for her Physics notebook, ran her hands through her blonde bob. "Hey, Claire?" she called towards the living room.

"Yeah?" Claire's voice sounded muffled, as though she was speaking through a wall.

"Have you seen my green notebook? You know…the one with the sparkles and the 90210 sticker?"

"No, sorry, haven't seen it, but when I do, I'll let you know…" Claire's voice sounded hurried now.

Kristen opened the bedroom door to see Claire struggling to fit into a pair of brown Gladiator sandals. Her outfit was also very un-Claire-ish: bronze halter top and beige corduroy long shorts with long chunky square beads as a bracelet.

"Going on a safari trip to Paris?"

"Haha, very funny. Nah, it's just Mass – I mean, Mason who wants me to wear this for a, um, photo shoot…?"

"It's okay, I know it's Massie. But you'll let me know what she wants, right? I mean, we are, like, BFFs, right? Automatically makes us share our secrets? Right?"

"Uh, yeah, right. Totally…" Claire turned the other way, trying to hide her blushing face. Whenever she lied, she blushed. And today was the worst time to lie.

- - - - -

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