Naruto had just killed the Akutsuki with one big jutsu that killed all in 1 mile area. They were mistaken to let him live that long. By letting him live and get stronger they let him become too strong.

Now Naruto was nothing but a soul looking at the Death God wile the world around him was frozen. "Umm hi. I guess it's time I move on right?" asked Naruto

" You are different then most. When you fused with the Kyuubi you became immortal. You are the new bijuu. You see Kami made the bijuu to do what she could not on the world. Such as killing a village or clan off." said the death god

"Why can't Kami do that? I mean she is a god right?"

"She is the god of life. I am the god of death. I can no more give life then Kami can take it. We would be going against our own powers and we just can't do that. Now you are special. Thanks to the statue you blew up you have absorbed all the bijuus. There must always be at least one bijuu on earth at eney one time. I will take the other bijuus from you but let you keep being the 9 tailed bijuu. If you agree to become the next bijuu then you would have to perform the job of one. You can keep on living. So is it a deal?" said the death god

"Sure just tell me what I have to do."

"To be a bijuu means more than you know. To be one means you are the one that keeps balance between good and evil as well as life and death in the world. Kami and I have tried to do this in a number of different ways. We have tried someone being reincarnation. After that we tried having the bijuus that you know. But because we used animals instead of humans they were more in tune with nature. So when something was disrupting nature they would go and destroy what ever it was. If we had used a man instead then they would have found out what it was before attacking." said the death god

"So all I got to do is keep the balance?"


"Then let us begin"


15000 years later


In 15,000 years Naruto had many names and have seen many things. He saw the creation of vampires, werewolves and more. He has been known as Merlin. He has been kings. And he had kept the balance threw all of it. Now he was going back to a school that he helped found a little over 1,000 years ago. Hogwarts. After the first 2,000 years all mankind (not Naruto) lost the ability to us chakra (the fusion of physical and spiritual energy) and could only us the spiritual part of it. after that the uzumaki clan became well known as a clan that could do things that no one else could (and having Merlin as part of your clan would make you well known. it was not a clan but people thought it was because Naruto lived so long that people thought that he were different people)

Naruto sat in his own compartment on the Hogwarts express. nO one wanted to sit by the quite 11 year old (that's what he looks like but he is MUCH older.). He would just sit there and read or write something in a book by his side. He was already in his robes and the train had not even left the station. His cat was lying next to him. Now a normal cat is normal to see at Hogwarts but this cat was not. It was a Nundu.

A cat like beast that is arguably the most dangerous creature in the world. It was beasts that have never been killed buy fewer then 100 skilled wizards working together. It has a deadly breath and the ability to change its size. Right now it was the size of a normal house cat. Well a baby leopard.

Wile he was reading the door opened and someone came in and asked if he could sit in there." Sure" says Naruto

"Hi my name is Harry potter. What's yours?" the now introduced Harry potter says

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki" says Naruto

"Wow that is a cool looking cat what kind is it?" Harry asks

"it's a Nundu" seeing the blank look Harry was giving him he elaborated" a Nundu is a magical cat that has deadly breath and can change its size" said Naruto

"So that thing can kill us?" said a now scared Harry

"Yes. But it won't. My baby here would not hurt a fly" said Naruto as he scratched the cat behind the ear. When Harry sees his hand he sees Naruto is wearing a gold ring with a black stone in it. It was a black diamond. "Nice ring" said Harry

"Ya. It's the head of the family ring." said Naruto and he looks at harrys hand and asks "where is your family ring?"

"I don't have one" said Harry. Naruto had an idea. "Are you sure? I mean the potter clan was a rich and noble clan and I know that you are the last one so why don't you have one?" said Naruto

"I did not know that they were rich and noble."

"Well we will find out now." said Naruto as he takes out his wand and waves it at the door. After that he bites his thumb and dose some hand seals and slams his hand on the floor. POOF a goblin appears he had a crown on.(you might want to know how he got a summoning contract with the goblins well he had to put strong seals in there bank that will kill all who trys to steal from the owner of it. he put the seals on the older ones. the ones between vault 1-500. the use of goblins are for help with politics, laws, and war. the goblins know the laws better then anyone. and for war he could summon a hole army of goblins to fight for him. now they don't do it for free. he has to pay 1000 galions to summon a king. 50 to summon each different goblin. unless he is summoning an army witch is about 500 goblins that is 20000 galions)

"Hay Naruto why have you summoned me? By the way it will be 1000 galions for summoning Me." said the goblin king

"No problem. Just take it out of my vault. But the reason I have called you hear is to tell me why Mr. Potter here dose not have his family ring?" asked Naruto

"be right back" the king says and poofs away only to reappear 5 min latter."Well it says here that he didn't request a meeting with the head of family part of gringots. He will have to come to the bank next time he has a chance to become the head of the potter family. If that is all I will be heading back now" said the king and after a nod of the head by Naruto he poofs back.

"Well I think that will be all you have to do to get a ring" said Naruto as he waved his wand at the door unlocking it. Not 20 secs latter a bossy looking girl opened the door and asked if they have seen a toad. Then she saw that Naruto was reading a book with no words on the front to tell what book it was. So she asked what book it was. So he told her "it is a very old book with spells that are no longer can be found in other books." Naruto says

"May I read it after you're done?" asked a very excited hermione


"What? Why?"

"Because its mine and I don't like you. We don't even know your name and you don't know ours and yet you are asking for something of mine" said Naruto

"Fine I am hermione and you are?" said hermione

"My name is Harry potter"

"And my name is Naruto Uzumaki"

"Wow you are Harry potter? I of corse know all about you. I have books that say you are a hero before you could walk." then she remembers the book Naruto was reading and asked if she could read it now. "No. it dose not change the fact that I don't like you now that I know your name."

"We will be arriving in 20 min. please be ready to get of when we arrive" said a voice from out of no where. And hermione turned and ran to where she had her stuff to put on her robes

20 min later

"All first years this way. First years over here" called a man that was so big that Naruto thought he had to be half giant. When all the first years were in a boat the boats left on there way to Hogwarts. As they got closer to the castle the first years got there first look at the magical school. It was the most beautiful castle that most have ever seen. When they arrived they were lead up a flight of stairs to a door. A teach came out and explained what the houses were and how the school worked. And were taken into the great hall. As soon as they entered they were wowed by the look of the place. That was when hermione started on about how she read Hogwarts a history and about how the roof was charmed to look like the sky outside. Yaa like she is the only one that can read a book. So like the nice guy Naruto is he says "shut up. You act like you are the only one who can read." right before they stopped in front of an old looking hat an old looking chair.

"When I call your name please come up and put the sorting hat on. It will call out the house you best fit in." said McGonagall after that Naruto tuned the rest out until.

"Harry potter" after she called that the hall began to wisper about Harry "did you hear that" and "Harry potter came to Hogwarts" were just some of what Naruto could hear. After 2 min the hat yelled "GRYFINDOR" then he tuned the rest out agine. Until "Naruto Uzumaki" now this to had a reaction from a lot of people. But only from all pure-bloods and some of the half-bloods. Even dumbledore looked on as he thought of ways to get this Uzumaki on his side (how little he knows about Naruto). With the powers of an Uzumaki on his side voldemort would stand no chance of winning. As he was thinking that the pure-bloods were thinking of ways to marry him (girls) or get him to there side. His family could use magic in ways that no one else could. And with him as there ally they could be much stronger so all the pure-bloods wished that he would go to there house.

As Naruto was sitting with the sorting hat on his head he was talking to the hat


Naruto's mind


"Hi hat it's been a wile"

"Yes it has Merlin (the hat calls him Merlin because when he help build Hogwarts he was going by Merlin."

"Well I have been enjoying life but I had to come back because some one has upset the balance and I am here to correct it."

"Ahhh. Okay. So I guess I have to sort you. Do you want to go to your house (Merlin house is a house that only 1 person in about 200 years go to. (It's always him but he changes his appearance each time he comes back to Hogwarts.))" The hat says


"So be it"


The great hall


"UZUMAKI" much to the surprise of everyone. The only one that knew that there was a UZUMAKI house was the headmaster. Right after the hat yelled what house the hall became bigger and a round table appeared in the middle of the hall. and as he got up and walk over to sit at the round table he could have sworn he hear hermione telling the person next to her that there was no such but lucky that the one she was talking with was a 7th year pure-blood who told her that there was a Uzumaki house and that MERLIN UZUMAKI was the one that made the house when he helped found the school.

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