This has just been floating around my head for a REALLY long time now. I hope I get a lot of reviews, as it has prevented me from doing my A2 English coursework! A worthy sacrifice methinks, in the name of a Doctor Who obsession.

Basically, in the heart-wrenching Doomsday scene on Bad Wolf Bay when Rose asks the Doctor if she'll ever see him again, he replies, "You can't." But does this mean that he could? In addition, when the Doctor and Jack are reunited towards the end of the third series, he makes a remark about going back to watch Rose growing up in the nineties. This is most definitely inspired in part by Black Alya Wolf's story, "Dancing in the Rain", although I will take credit for the fact that I had the idea before I read that!

Author's note: Set when the Doctor and Donna are travelling together. It is a stab in the dark that the Powell Estate is located in South London. My knowledge of London's geography really is pretty appalling, even though it was a case study for my AS Level Geog. Enjoy!

The Day's Eye; South London's Guide to News, Sport and Entertainment

Monday 1st January, 1995

Page 12

Reporter: Jonathan Dawn

Estate Flooded – Does South London Need a New Advisor?

While people all over the city have just recovered from hangovers and headaches alike after last night's New Year celebrations, residents of the Powell Estate, Stockwell awoke to, if it's possible, even less savoury sights. The estate and houses around it flooded due to the antecedent rainfall following Boxing Day's heavy storm. Following these events, citizens and politicians are wondering whether a new Town Housing Minister for the borough is required. After the resignation of Harriet Jones to the Welfare Sector, it has been argued that John Perks is slipping up frequently, posing serious problems for Stockwell's inhabitants when housing is pushed to the back of issues dealt with.

Powell Estate residents awaiting relocation until further notice.

Donna really was thankful for her typing skills. They'd won her praise, admiration and, most importantly, envy from most of the other clerks she'd worked (ie competed) with throughout her career and had provided her with a set of skills to rival the fact that she wasn't exactly Einstein. Nevertheless, having such fabulous vocational skills was definitely proving a drawback when stuck in the mid-nineties.

Recap. The TARDIS, tired after having been flung between millennia just a few too many times, had decided to go on strike. Right in the middle of one of the more … eclectic decades. Oh, the nineties gave us a lot. Take That. Bomber jackets. Jelly shoes. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Yep, the nineties had been one of Donna's favourite eras, especially as she had been living vicariously through her twenties, but everything just seemed so grey now she was experiencing it a second time, now that is was lacking that fresh newness, or the rusty tinge of nostalgia one gets from looking back and reminiscing about simpler times.

They'd been there for almost three weeks, now. It took three days until the Doctor realised the situation was serious enough to warrant him and Donna to start attempting to survive; the emergency rations on board just weren't tasty enough, and, as it was late January, after all, and global warming still wasn't showing, the weather was bitterly cold. So, in need of new life and company, Donna had been cajoled into applying for (and getting – her skills really were advanced for all those years ago) a job at the South London Town Housing Association, alias SLTHA.

Unfortunately, she hadn't anticipated that she'd be doing too much work. Bloody rain over Christmas meant that the office was inundated with "business"; old couples needing emergency housing, families with young children …

It was here that she first met Rose Tyler.

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