While You're Making Other Plans - The title could change on this sequel to Under the Boardwalk. If you haven't read Boardwalk this opening chapter won't make much sense. Story is set about five years after television series ends. Kim has finished college. This has nothing to do with the Best Enemies stories. I seldom start a story without a clear sense of where it is going. This is an exception to that general rule.

Boilerplate Disclaimer: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by the Disney Co. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

Chapter 1 - Your Place or Mine?

Kim looked at the sack of Chinese takeout on the seat beside her. She felt confused: nervous, afraid, anxious, and excited all at once and no idea which was the strongest feeling. She knew this was a mistake, and she'd been looking forward to it for a week. She wished she were a better cook… She wished a good many things, including a clearer sense of her own feelings and a clearer sense of someone else's feelings.

She parked in her assigned spot and climbed the steps to her apartment on the second floor. Her place was not as clean as she would like and she wasn't certain if she wanted time to straighten or wanted her guest to arrive while the food was hot. As soon as she pushed open the door to her apartment her nostrils dilated at the smell of a perfume not her own and she realized the choice was out of her hands, someone had entered after she left that morning. She decided to pretend she noticed nothing and began to clear the small table. Kim grinned to herself as she caught a faint sound of movement before soft hands covered her eyes.

"I've been here waiting for you for two hours!"

"And you weren't supposed to be here for another half hour."

"I wanted to see you. Is that a crime?"

"No," Kim sighed, wishing Shego had not used the word crime. "So, how did you get in the building?"

"Just 'arrived' at the door as a resident was going in. I was holding the key to your place and he held the door open for me. I smiled and said thanks."

"We aren't supposed to let people in like that," Kim pointed out.

"Lighten up, Princess," the green woman told her as she adjusted a soft blindfold over Kim's eyes. "Smells like Chinese for dinner."

"I wasn't sure what you like. I got eggplant in garlic sauce-"

"Oh, there's a great one for a romantic evening."

"-and Szechwan beef."

"You weren't thinking ahead, were you, Princess?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, this is not going to be easy stuff to eat with a blindfold on."

"Oh… There are a couple leftover slices of pizza in the 'fridge I could-"

"No there's not."

"You ate them?"

"I threw them out. God, Pumpkin. Do you have any real food in the house? Your refrigerator is filled with restaurant leftovers."

"I don't have time to cook. I usually just stop somewhere on the way home."

Shego laughed, "You're going to have to swear off men. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." The green woman didn't notice Kim's reaction to the words. "Seriously, Princess, you need to take better care of yourself."

"So, what am I going to do for dinner tonight?"

Shego thought for a minute then smiled and whispered in Kim's ear, "Well, you're just going to have to trust me to feed you I guess."

Kim sat beside Shego and opened her mouth to be fed.

"I feel like a baby bird," Kim giggled between bites.

"Don't go there, Princess," Shego warned. "You don't want to think about what momma bird is putting in junior's mouth. And wipe your chin - I got a little garlic sauce on it."

"Use my napkin, or you'll lick it off?"

"Napkin, Princess. Eat now, play later."

They moved to the couch after the meal. Shego held Kim in her arms and asked about the redhead's week.

Kim sighed, and reported that Dr. Director had seemed distant the last week. "I mean, I don't see that much of her - she's the head and I'm just a peon in the organization. But she seemed cold. Maybe she thinks I messed up on the assignment with you."

Kim lasted another forty-five minutes before she ripped off the blindfold in disgust. "Whose stupid idea was this?"

"Well, as I recall, it was yours."

"Mine? I said put a blindfold on me?"

"No, you said you wouldn't see me any more. I pointed out that you said nothing about hearing, feeling, touching, tasting… I'm leaving out some sense, aren't I?"


"Oh, yeah. Well I had some of the garlic eggplant too," Shego reminded her.

Kim sighed, "Sense, that's the problem… Are we both losing our senses?"

"Okay, I've got no idea what you mean."

"You. Me. Together in my apartment. We're supposed to be enemies."

"You got a problem with your apartment? Want to try my place next weekend?"

"I can't."

"You can't?"

"No, it would be too weird."

"You don't want to come over to my place?"

"Yes… No… I can't know where you live. My job is to fight crime! And if I know where you live-"

"You want me to blindfold you and drive you there?"

"That's not funny!"

"Okay. Am I coming back here next week?"

Kim closed her eyes, the whole sitch gave her a headache. "I don't know what's going on. This is all so weird."

Shego frowned and sat up on the couch, "Maybe I should just go home." "Don't let me go."

Kim sat up and threw an arm over Shego's shoulder. "Please, don't go. I don't understand what's happening… We… I had fun that week-"

"So did I!"

Kim smiled, "It wasn't a normal week. This is my home. This is my real life. I work for Global Justice, and-"

"And there's no room for me in your life?"

"You're not listening!"

"Yes I am. You're telling me I was a great roll in the hay, but now it's back to normal and you can't be bothered with me."

"Shego! You're being pig-headed on purpose. I'm telling you I don't understand what's happening. Are you trying to get rid of me? I'm telling you I want to try and figure this thing out."

"Figure this out?"

"I… I like you. I like being around you. You're fun. It's just hard for me to leave who I am at the office. I believe in the work I'm doing and… and…"

"And I don't fit." Shego got up and took three steps toward the door before Kim tackled her.

"Damn it, Shego, when did you become a quitter?"

"Me a quitter? You aren't even giving us a chance."

"I'm not giving us a chance? I'm not giving us a chance? Who gave you the key to her apartment? Who trusts you so much she let you blindfold her? Who's going to… What do you want me to do to you? Anything you want? Who else has made that offer in the last week?"

Shego gave a half smile, "Try the last three years."

"I made you the offer two weeks ago. You had me iron."

"How about a back rub?"

"A back rub? That's it?"

Shego sighed, "Okay, maybe this is a little weird for me too. It's been a stressful week. A backrub and a good night's sleep is what I really want now."

"No wild sex?"

"Not this minute. Please, Kim? I… " Shego stopped, afraid to say too much. "Want to hear about my week?" she offered instead.

Kim hesitated. "Not too many details… It's like your place. I don't want to know too much. Don't make me chose between you and my job."

Kim had Shego take off her shirt, then the pale woman lay face down on the couch and Kim straddled her and massaged Shego's back as the thief complained about Drakken's lack of attention to details. Shego found it difficult to maintain her line of complaints as Kim's hands skillfully worked on knotted muscles and relaxed the green woman's stress.

Shego returned the favor after Kim finished. Tired and relaxed they went into Kim's bedroom and both had the best sleep they had enjoyed in more than a week.

Kim woke up first in the morning. She tried to put her arms around Shego without waking the other woman, but two green eyes opened when she made the attempt. They lay in bed, silently, for a few minutes. Kim enjoying the feel of the older woman in her arms, Shego luxuriating in the warmth of Kim's embrace.

"Breakfast first, or something else?" Kim finally whispered.

"What are the breakfast options?"

"Um, cold cereal… if there's any milk. And Pop Tarts™."

"Pop Tarts and cold cereal? Oh, I definitely want something else before breakfast. You, I think."

Kim smiled, "That can be arranged."

An hour later Shego commented, "Well, at least it's not frosted flakes," as she ate a bowl of Oatie-Os. "We are so going to the store after this."

"Store? Club Banana?"

"Store, as in the place where they sell groceries."

"Saturday morning is a zoo!"

"We are going to the store," Shego repeated firmly. "Eggs and bacon for breakfast tomorrow. Somewhere in the grocery a large piece of dead cow has our names on it. Asparagus. A nice bottle of red wine… What kind of starch you got in the house?"


"Bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, kasha-"


"Buckwheat groats."

"Really? I, ah, think I have left-over lo-mein from-"

"No, you don't."

"Yes I do. I saw it when I got the milk out."

"I threw it out right after we finish breakfast."

Two large T-bones beckoned them from the butcher section of the grocery, and Shego picked up a package of frozen crinkle-cut fries - she didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen that evening and suspected Kim would not be much help.

"Should I put the wine for tonight in the 'fridge," Kim asked when they got back to her apartment.

"No. It's a cabernet. We'll drink it at room temperature."

They had picked up three packages of sushi at the deli counter and had that for lunch before going to a movie.

"What do you think?" Shego asked that evening as they ate. "A steak like that would cost you thirty bucks at a restaurant."

"This is wonderful," Kim mumbled around a large bite. "I may have an orgasm while I'm eating."

"Cooking as foreplay," Shego chuckled.

They cuddled on the couch and finished the cabernet before retiring to the bedroom. Sunday afternoon they went to the pool at Kim's health club. Monday morning the alarm went off early. They were both subdued at breakfast.

"Why doesn't she tell me how she feels?"

"A good weekend, Princess," Shego smiled. "I wish I could ask you to my place." "Ask me back."

"It was great," Kim agreed. "How can I get her back here?"

It took until Kim locked the apartment door to think of an excuse, "Want to come to a concert next weekend?" "There has got to be some concert in town."

"Couldn't get a better date?"

"Do you have to make everything difficult? I want to go with you."

"Who's playing?" "Stupid question. I should have just said yes."

"It'll be a surprise." "I don't know."

Shego's stomach tied itself in a happy knot and she answered, "I guess so. Don't have anything else planned." "Idiot, tell her it sounds wonderful!"

Every night, or every other night, one of them would call the other. They never spoke of rules, but the calls alternated. Both were afraid of looking too infatuated.

"I never took you as the folk song type," Shego told Kim as they left the Fred Small concert the next weekend.

"There's a lot you don't know about me," Kim sniffed. Then she winked at Shego, "Lessons available on demand. Or would you prefer to do your own research?"

Shego thought for a moment. "My own research. I'm wondering what your favorite position is."

The two discussed future plans on Sunday, although Shego had to beg off spending the next weekend with Kim. Kim didn't ask what would keep the green woman away; she didn't want to know.

Kim didn't answer the phone. Shego assumed she had stayed late at Global Justice, and called again later. Kim didn't answer the phone later.

Kim didn't answer the next night either. Shego assumed she must be on an assignment. While the green woman knew she should not call Kim's cell phone she took the risk. Kim didn't answer.

Shego took Kim's overflowing mailbox in the lobby as a bad sign. She picked the lock to move from the lobby into the main building. Ringing doorbells for apartments until someone buzzed her in without checking might have worked, but might have generated a witness - nor did she want to wait for some casual resident who would let her in without asking. There were no visible signs of a problem in Kim's apartment, but the answering machine blinked with thirty-seven messages.

The green woman hit 'play', planning to delete her own messages and wondering if Kim might have left a message for her. Around half consisted of, "Kim, this is Shelly, give me a call." Shego noticed her voice becoming increasingly frantic. Several calls asked Kim to call her mother, they contained the same note of panic. The calls from her mother stopped three days ago - Kim's mother knew something. The machine also recorded four junk calls and a call from the library that a book Kim requested had come in for her.

"Shego," said a cold voice on the answering machine. "Betty Director, Global Justice here. Kim can't come to the phone right now. She's being charged with aiding and abetting a felon, and being an accessory after the fact. With good behavior you'll see her in five to ten years. If you want to discuss anything with me, here is the number for my cell phone…"