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So hollow.

So empty.

Where are the screams?

Where is the anguish?

Where are the innocents to be defiled?

Where are the black hearts of men so that I may fill them with dark thoughts?

They are right there.

As they've always been.



Ready for the harvest.

"The world under one element?"

"Such ambition…"

"But…but the other nations would surely take this as an act of open war!"

"Surely the Avatar would…"

"The Avatar will no longer be an issue."

The greed of it all.

So predictable.


I love war.

I love any act of aggression a man would do unto another.





I love the horror.

The fear.

The terror.

The complete and utter lack of humanity.

Or should I say the presence of humanity.

The true humanity.

"Please! Please I beg of you!"

"Nooo! Saha! You monsters!"

"They're burning everything!"

"Has anyone seen my child?!"


The pain of it all.

So exquisite.


There is no equality.

There is no level field.

There are only predators and prey.

Something must die so that another may live.

Something is always hungry.

A son is torn from his mother's grasp and sent to war.

A loss.

A weapon smith has an order for the boy's weapons and armor.

A gain.

Every predator has a prey.

"The Fire Nation has defaulted on the reparations again."

"Well, they are undergoing reconstruction…perhaps an extension…"

"Your Highness! A hundred years of suffering and war and we still give these demons leeway?"

"Your Highness! Your people are crying out to you to ease their pain! It would not do the Kingdom good for its people to see their King defer to some young upstart Firelord!"

"The people demand justice!"

"The people hunger for it!"

The never ending cycle of it all.

So hungry.


See the little soldiers march on two by two.

See the little soldiers fight on two by two.

See the innocent cut down two by two.

See the carnage and devastation.

Hear the cries and pleas.

Hear the clash of metal and the roar of the flames.

Feel the earth tremble beneath the might of Nations.

Taste the tears of sorrow and the blood of the dead.

"Why?! Why?! Why is this happening?!"

"This is war. There are many reasons."

"No! There shouldn't be a war! I defeated Ozai! I stopped the war!"

"That war, yes. This is a new one. Did you think that by dethroning one tyrant you ended all wars? That you infected all of mankind with your insipid naïveté? That all would be perfect and good?"

"You did this! You did this to me! You can't stand watching me live my life with Katara in harmony! You…!"

"In spite of what you may think, I do not take your sad little life in consideration when I go about my duties."

I am the Black Spirit.

I am the Lord of Terror.

I am the Face Stealer.

I am Koh.

Look upon my works and despair.

And I have been busy.


Yet another Koh drabble. Tried to make this as far from Manifest Destiny as possible. I don't think I succeeded.

In any case it's a Kataang and not a Taang, so I guess that counts.