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Chapter 1



The Mission : Harry Potter




Team 7 had always been a dynamic group, always in complete synchronization and believed to be the personification of power, precision and teamwork in the battlefield. Out of it, however, was a completely different story.

When Hatake Kakashi had poofed in front of his only female student while she was fumbling around for her house keys and balancing three grocery bags at the same time to tell her that Team 7 had an important mission and were to report in the Hokage's office in 15 minutes, Sakura had ditched her groceries with Kakashi and tossed her keys to him carelessly before dutifully running off to find her team mates, sticking out her tongue and saluting apologetically at her disgruntled ex-teacher over her shoulder as she did so.

And also, when Haruno Sakura leapt down from Uchiha Sasuke's roof and landed on the window ledge of his bedroom, she placed a hand on her knee and tapped the glass lightly, to which the prodigy opened and greeted her with slightly wet hair and a towel upon it, and Sakura grinning widely as she told the raven-haired male that they had a mission. No sooner than that was said, Sasuke tossed his damp towel onto his bed, grabbed a tomato, and sped off together with Sakura, jumping from roof to roof to find their remaining blonde team mate. Sasuke was desperately running a hand through his hair hoping that the natural wind would dry it quickly and that it wouldn't look like something just died and combusted simultaneously on his handsome head.

All that led to the current event, in which Sakura's banging on Uzumaki Naruto's door with Sasuke standing slightly behind her, a hand stuffed casually in his pocket while he munches on his tomato, looking content.

"Come ON Naruto! OPEN UP!!" Sakura hollered, banging her fists onto the door continuously, which successfully created many pretty dents on it. Sasuke looked indifferent as he finally finished his tomato and stuffed his now-free hand into his other pocket.

There was some noisy shuffling and thudding on the other side of the door before it was practically torn off its hinges by a fuming Naruto. He was holding a cup of instant ramen in one hand while the other held a carton of milk. Expired milk.

Sasuke decided to be an ass and not point it out.

"What the he - Hey-y-y Sakura-chaaan!" Naruto immediately did a double-take when he noticed that it was his pink-haired crush, his scowl sliding off his face and was replaced by a sheepish expression. Sakura scowled and Sasuke looked bemused.

"Took you long enough. Get dressed. We have a mission."

Which, of course, led to Naruto rushing about his house trying to find his signature bright orange jacket, trying to stuff his feet into his ninja sandals in two seconds, and subsequently doing a face-plant on the ground after tripping on nothing.

So much for being a ninja.



"Alright Team Seven, it's been a long time since you've been assigned to any missions together, so I've decided to let you handle the latest request by an old friend of mine," Tsunade began after the usual banter between her and Naruto. She scrutinized the three members of Team seven over the top of her clasped hands. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke sure had grown, physically and mentally, over the five years since they've become a team. Sakura was now the shortest of the three instead of Naruto, who was actually as tall as Sasuke.

All of them were now 14, and Chuunins, having passed the test with flying colours. Literally. Naruto and Sakura had flat-out refused to take the Chuunin exams without Sasuke, and when he finally returned willingly about a year ago, after killing Orochimaru but with Itachi still on the run, they took it as a team after Sasuke was free from probation.

"Albus Dumbledore, a friend of mine, is the headmaster of a school for witchcraft and wizardry. There's this boy called Harry- something. Anyway, this kid needs protecting from some evil guy called Voldemort, who's after his head 'cause he's the only one known to have survived the killing curse, from Voldemort himself, no less, and at such a young age, to boot."

There was a long, dazed silence after that.

"Uh, yeah. Real funny baa-chan. So what's the real mission?" Naruto said, flapping his hand slightly and then suddenly becoming eager, looking around excitedly as though that would reveal their mission. The Fifth Hokage growled slightly under her breath.

"That was your mission, you brat," the busty blonde said, pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her hazel eyes, signaling that a headache was about to rear its swirly head.

"No, seriously? Like, a school? Of freaking witchcraft and wizardry?" Naruto continued incredulously, completely oblivious to the dangerous aura which now surrounded Tsunade.

"Why're you talking like that?" Sakura asked him with a weird expression on her face. Sasuke sighed.

"This mission is of a A-rank, and it'll roughly take a year, give or take a month or two," Tsunade said, ignoring the other loud blonde. Sakura's jaw dropped in surprise while Sasuke raised an eyebrow; his version of faint surprise. Naruto, on the other hand...

"WHAT?! Have you gone MENTAL?! Are you SENILE, baa-chan?! School for a stinkin' year?!"

Sure, Naruto loved missions, but even he had limitations.

"SHUT UP!" the blonde woman shouted just as Sasuke punched him, calmly, square in the jaw with his eyes closed in mild irritation, and Sakura whacked the back of his blond head.

"Thank you, Sakura, Uchiha," Tsunade heaved a sigh, sounding exhausted. She'd done a lot of serious thinking about this mission, having to pick the most appropriate team to do the job.

"B-but, why us, Shishou? I mean, it sounds like a tough mission that Chuunins like us won't be able to handle. Not for an entire year, anyway," Sakura asked, mumbling the last bit.

"He requested for five of my best ninjas I could spare at the moment. The village needs more ninjas at this point of time, with the Grass allying with the Sound and Cloud to have a war against us and Sand. Although we do have allies like the Mist and Wave, I'm afraid it might not be enough. The rest of Rookie 9 are needed here, and frankly speaking, I can't put my trust in Team Gai for an entire year. I mean, Hyuuga and that weapon girl I can trust, but not Gai and that other kid with bushy eyebrows. So, I decided that I could spare a three-man team, strong in teamwork, strength, secrecy, speed and intelligence. And you guys make the cut."

Naruto's, Sakura's and Sasuke's eyes gleamed with pride.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

"What's the main objective of the mission, Hokage-sama?" Sasuke asked in his usual monotone, getting right down to business.

"All of you are to protect the school and its students. But more importantly, Harry - something - okay seriously what the heck is his name?! Anyway, when Voldemort strikes, you are to… assist Harry in eliminating Voldemort."

"Why can't we just kill that Voldy guy ourselves?" Naruto inquired.

"If that was the case, I wouldn't have told you to protect Harry, now would I? I would have just told you to kill off a dangerous man named Voldemort. No, you can't kill him off, because that's Harry's goal. He wants to avenge his parents," Tsunade explained, her hazel eyes darting towards the dark and silent male next to Sakura. Sasuke clenched his jaw and fists, head lowering slightly, allowing his bangs to cover his gorgeous onyx eyes. Sakura gently brushed her fingers against his wrist in a comforting gesture without looking up at him. Sasuke almost instantly relaxed.

"You three will be posing as students in the school. Gather as much information as possible about Voldemort and his allies. It'll be very much needed in order to defeat him. And also, the closer you get to Harry, the better and easier it is for you to protect him."

Team seven nodded.

"Oh, and there is a competition called the Triwizard Tournament this year," Tsunade added. She chuckled at the confused looks of her favourite team before launching into a long explanation.

"The Triwizard Tournament was first established some seven hundred years ago, as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of witchcraft and wizardry – Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. A champion was selected to represent each school, and the three champions competed in three magical tasks. The schools took in turns to host the Tournament every five years. And this year, it's hosted at Hogwarts. People will be coming in and it's easy to let something slip. So I just want to advise you three to be a little more cautious. Dumbledore's paying a lot for this mission. All your clothes and necessities will be paid by the village."

The trio nodded, Naruto practically vibrating from excitement. Sakura realized something and voiced it out.

"European? Ano, we can't speak English…" she trailed off, looking at her feet. Naruto paused and Sasuke pondered on it for a moment before nodding also.

Tsunade sighed. She stood up and walked around her desk to stand between her pink-haired student and the Uchiha, all the time forming a rapid succession of hand seals.

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke looked at her in confusion.

Suddenly Tsunade halted and muttered something under her breath, before placing a hand on Sakura's and Sasuke's forehead, much to his dismay.

There was a few moments of awkward silence as nothing happened. Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, closing his eyes in annoyance, and Sakura was looking a little freaked out. Naruto was just staring in anticipation.

Then she dropped her hands and placed one on Naruto's forehead, who made a startled sound of protest.

"All done!" Tsunade exclaimed, beaming at the members of Team 7, who looked at her blankly.

"Nothing happened," Sasuke said, quirking a dark eyebrow and pointing out the obvious. The Godaime smirked. Naruto's and Sakura's heads swiveled to look at their team mate in shock.

"What?" Sasuke asked, looking at his team mates with his eyebrows furrowed. Then he realised he was talking in freaking English.

"You're talking in Eng - No no! We're talking in English!!" Naruto exclaimed gleefully, and started rambling about something related to ramen, Sakura-chan and cheese before Sakura bopped him on the head.

"Okay, now that that's all settled, I'll give you fifteen minutes to pack up some training clothes and necessities. I don't think they sell ninja training clothes in the wizarding world, now do they? After that, meet me back here with all your things. Understood?" Tsunade said, her tone firm.

The three teens stood at attention and saluted her.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!!"



"All of you back?" Tsunade did a quick head count which told her that all of them were indeed there. She took out something from her drawer; a Konoha headband.

"Hold on to this," she ordered. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke obliged despite being confused.

"Okay then. Kakashi will be waiting for you guys at the other end. He'll explain about the Quidditch World Cup. We won't be seeing each other for a long time, maybe a few times on important meetings. So, for now, I would like to say good bye and stay safe." Tsunade smiled solemnly. Before they could reply, they felt a tug at their navels and were gone from the ridiculously busty blonde's sight.

"I don't want to lose three of my potentially best ninjas…" she muttered as she stared at the spot where the Konoha trio just disappeared from, and frowned.



"Will they... come back?"

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