Chapter One: Lend Me Your Hand.

Lend me your hand, and we'll conquer them all. But lend me your heart, and I'll just let you fall.

There was a distinct stinging sensation in Rowena's eyes as she struggled to maintain her composure. This mattered little to Salazar, who stormed out of the dungeons, sending a gust of wind across her face as the door slammed. It took her a moment to process what was happening - then she ran after him. She had never dreamed he would take things this far. To leave over silly arguments with Godric about muggle-borns. If he truly had this grave a problem with those born without magical parents, then he was not the man she loved dearly.

She caught up to him with little breath left, "Salazar, what are you doing? Please, stop. Do-don't.." She paused, her voice wavering. Rowena was stubborn and private; being emotional and forward was not her forte. This time, she had to confront these vices and tell him how she felt. "Don't leave. I want you to stay - please stay?"

He turned to her, his eyes softening as they connected with hers. "I can't... I can't see something I've worked so hard to make prestigious and upstanding be torn apart."

She stiffened, "So what Godric has been saying his true then?" Salazar glanced away from her, sighing. Rowena took a step closer, "You want to rid our world of muggle-borns?"

The genial look in his eyes disappeared to be replaced with one of annoyance and disgust, "They are not deserving of their magic. Stealing magic is an abominable -"

"Oh, stop it, Salazar!" Rowena demanded, frustrated by his words. A tense silence settled all around them, with neither of them breaking it for those few moments. He stared at her resolutely, his chin raised in defiance. She just wanted him to listen. Reaching her hand out to rest on his arm, she gently said, "Your brother isn't a squib because of muggle-borns."

She should have known not to take this route; she should have known that this topic was definitely not supposed to be mentioned. Emotion emptied itself from Salazar's expression, "Do what you want, Rowena. Take to Godric as you so dearly wish, for I am leaving. May your love share the same strength of the future of this establishment."

"Don't you dare." He had turned again, but the venom in her tone made him pause. "How dare you make such ludicrous and offensive accusations, when I have done nothing but prove to you my love. It is your love that has been wavering, Salazar."

He laughed bitterly, "This is all of the most precious variety, Ravenclaw, but naive. This has nothing to do with our love. Generations beyond will feel the effects of this hour. Your side," He told her, repulse lacing his voice, "will forever brand muggle-borns as equal. We, the loyal fellows to our ancestors, will choose to fight to keep things proper. We want purebloods where they belong... This issue will withstand time, whether or not I love you."

It was becoming increasingly difficult for her not to cry as the impacts of these words slapped her repeatedly. She didn't want to recall the nights where he would recite passages, or the afternoons they would laze by the lake. She didn't want to think about the love he described in such vivid detail. This humiliation began to settle in her heart, imprinting itself upon her defences and worming its way into her psych. That slimy, dastardly Slytherin had used her.

He was already walking away now, but at this point, she had to tell him how she felt. "Fine. Be gone, for I no longer care. A fiend like thee might bear my soul to hell. Slytherin shall forever be known as the house for those of the cruel and bigoted." She had fallen for Salazar Slytherin; hard.Yet he had not even stumbled. There and then, Rowena made a promise that one day, the houses of Ravenclaw and Slytherin would produce to heirs who would right this injustice. Their houses would one day prove to be compatible again - but until then, in her mind, the house of Slytherin was one of coldness and no heart.

Helga focused on the crystal ball in front of her. Her senses were detecting something, but she couldn't grasp it yet. Whatever was reaching her was important, something that wouldn't directly affect her, it would be substantial to the generations beyond. She closed her eyes, urging this message to move towards her. Helga needed to be completely focused on this task to complete it; to find this clue so to help her heirs. She was so involved with her work, that she failed to notice the figure standing at the door.

Godric watched her intently as she worked, as it had always fascinated him. He had come to tell her of Salazar's leaving, but now, it was better left as a conversation for later. There was no use in interrupting her; it would only cause to anger her. Godric admired this woman greatly, and he loved her even more, but this love extended solely to that of a sister. The one he loved was enamoured with a monster; infatuated with the devil; flirting with the dark side.

He did once think of Slytherin as a friend, but those days were far ago and long behind him. He now knew that the man was a sly snake, ready to pounce when one's back was turned.

Godrics thoughts were cut short by his fellow founder, Helga. She jolted forward in her seat, as if possessed by a foreign spirit, and began to speak in a monotone. The voice did not belong to her. She had done this before, but it was different this time. Everything seemed more grave. In a trance, she perfectly announced, as if rehearsed for a show, the words that would never leave Godric.

"Four will rise to break the pattern of darkness,
Powers will come to them, but not at a cost.
What is loved shall be lost,
And the good will suffer.

To defeat, a bond must form which no on can break.

When the battle rages,
A flash of green will cut the violence short.
The dark shall be weakened,
but not without lights loss.

They are the Founders Heirs; and they shall aid the end of the pain their generation has suffered."

Edited May 2012: Made some minor changes, simply adding some character development. Do try and see the parallells between the founders and the founders heirs relationships by the way, just as a suggestion! I don't own "Awake My Soul" by Mumford&Sons, which is the chapter title. Obviously, HP ain't mine either.