Hi all, just wanted to thank you all one last time! Apologies to anyone I missed in the shout-outs, you've all been exceptionally important to me in the making of this story :) As I've said, if you want extra bits to find out what happened to certain characters, message me or ask in a review. I'm currently getting around to responding to all reviews. Now, onto the central reason for this chapter. I'm undecided as to what I'll do for my next fic, and so here are the options I've drawn up. Most of them are roughly planned out and it's a matter of choosing which one. I also have some chapters written for some if any would like to message me for one - the first chapters arent too long ,either. How and ever, judging from my summaries and descriptions below, what is the verdict? I'd love to hear your opinions! Even if you don't think you'd read them, I'd appreciate you telling me which ones you think would be the best idea! They'll all get some attention eventually, but for the moment, I'd like to pick a first one to start.
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Story One: A Dark and Stormy Night.
Draco/Hermione. Mystery/Romance. EWE. Summary: Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.
Description: Hermione's sent to France by the Ministry on a case. What she doesn't bank on, is finding Draco Malfoy behind the piano of very beautiful cafe/bar, three years after his disappearance.
(Summary line from Casablanca, I don't own!)

Story Two: Innocence.

Draco/Hermione. Romance/Gen/Mystery/Drama. Summary: Of course I had to have killed her, I was a Death Eater.. No one blinks twice at the fact that I'm an Auror. And now I've to hire the only lawyer who believes I'm innocent - yes, her. She's far too holier than thou to miss an oppurtunity like this.
Description: Draco's looks extremely guilty in the face of a murder investigation, and despite his protests, no one will believe his innocence - except Hermione Granger, that is.

Story Three: She Will Be Loved

Harry/Hermione. Romance/Angst/Tragedy. Summary: And so it began. The affair that spanned the years and, inevitably, had to end in tears. Just as it had started.

Description:They were searching for something to hide the loss and desperation, searching for something that would take away the lost feeling they had in a world so cruel and big, searching for something that would fill their hearts again - they just hadn't planned on it being with each other. EWE?

Story Four: Neutron Star Collision.

Luna/Draco. Also Ron/OC, Harry/Hermione, Ginny/Secret. up till HBP. Summary: Luna decides to take her head down from the clouds in her fifth year, and realises nothing is going according to plan - everything's going down the toilet. And so she resolves to set it all right.
Description: There were a few problems with this set up, she thought. Nothing was going like the stars had predicted. Hermione - wel, what the hell was she doing attacking Ron with birds? And Ron, what kind of position was that to be in with Lavender? And Draco Malfoy.. where the hell did she start on that one.

Story Five: Take The Phone Off the Hook

. Romance/Mystery. Summary: When Hugo Weasley goes missing, Rose must hold herself together to search for him - but it's not as easy when her best friends are acting strangely, her cousin is all over the place, and her other cousin is claiming to be in love. Why will no one just let her crawl into a hole and sleep for a thousand years..

Description: Sequel to my last Rose/Scorpius fic, but not related hugely at all, so completely readable without looking at the first one. Hugo goes missing and Rose has to find her - but with Scorpius pushing for them to take it more serious, her boss breathing down her neck to take the next promotion, her parents moping and fighting, her best friend and cousin looking suspicious and her other best friend looking decidedly put out, how can she even begin to start?

Story Six: If You Don't Wanna Love Me

Ginny/Draco. Side Ron/Luna, Harry/Hermione. Romance/Angst. Follows canon, except EPILOGUE, hence EWE! Summary: - Her husband was dead. As she comes to terms with this, Ginny finds herself living as a robot. Who knew it would take Draco Malfoy to open her eyes up?

Description: My first stumble into the world of Ginny/Draco, and it's interesting. I've developed this one the most, and it's fun to write, but terribly draining. It is quite abstract in people's jobs and that. Hermione is a psychologist, Ginny a quidditch player, etc,.. Her husband was Dean, but he dies from cancer, leaving her alone, despondant and bitter with the world. Encounters with Draco Malfoy, somehow, take some of that bitterness away.

Story Seven: For the First Time

Blaise/Emilia. Side HPLL, DMHG. NLGW. - A follow on to FH. FIVE YEARS LATER. Neville and Ginny are having problems that's only added to when Neville becomes obsessed with Avery, after he disappeared during a medical check. Draco and Hermione are doing well, though fights break out over where they settle. Harry and Luna are preparing for their forthcoming nuptials, though problems arise regarding taking jobs in Hogwarts and a new writer for the Quibbler. In the middle of all this is Emilia, fresh out of college, stumbling through the Wizarding world. She can't cramp Hermione and Draco's style too much, and that's why she tries to spend as little time there as possible - it's really too bad that Blaise Zabini is well aware of this fact.

No summary as extremely iffy. I'm not sure whether I'd welcome this. Actually, it might be something nice and fun to do.. And definitely not over 10 chapters. Hmm, let me know what you think!

Story Eight: A Dustland Fairytale

Blaise/OC. Canon. Summary: Blaise had never felt sorry for anyone but himself growing up - but a small girl with large brown eyes pulls at heartstrings he didn't know were there and a mother who's complete lack of sense is strangely endearing to him. Did he mention they were muggles?

Description: Haven't begun to write this one except plans, but everytime I read the plans and that summary, I get the urge to write it! I think it would be very interesting, but the fan base may not be there to gain readers..

Story Nine: Fast Car

Draco/OC. 5th year canon compliant, AU after. Summary: Another weekend, another bar, another muggle witch. Draco had long lost his abhorrence of the muggle race, but there was something about this woman… She had no self-confidence, no strikingly beautiful features and no immediate charm. But she certainly was something.

Description: My take on Draco with a muggle who has nothing special about her. Not a Mary-Sue, not a poor-me-I've-had-such-a-hard-life character either. Just a normal girl who happens to catch his attention, which leads to a whole load of opposition. Including his conscience, his friend, his parents, her parents and their classes.

Story Ten: How To Open Doors With Just a Smile

Draco/OC. AU after fifth year. Summary: She had entered the room with a certain prowess, a confidence and aura about her that he couldn't take his eyes off - although not many men could. It seemed he was the only one that noticed the fact that after her powerful and strong entrance, she sat alone in the VIP section with a row of drinks, nursing herself into a coma each night.

Description: Draco reaching out to someone else - putting his own horrible, heart-wrenching problems behind him and helping someone else with theirs. Of course, her husband isn't going to be happy about it. (No worries, no abuse or anything!)

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed that if you read it, and perhaps have an opinion on it. I know many will not be interested whatsoever, and I don't mind that either of course :) Yes, every single one of them except for one is named after a song - huge brownie/bonus points for anyone who can name a few, if not all! A reward, maybe? Something to do with my next fic? A character name? Idk, but try and guess ;) Singer included for the easy ones.. Anyhoo, looking forward to hearing back from some of you, and I'll get to my review replies immediately!