Pairing: SasuNaru, ItaNaru, NejiNaru, GaaNaru, others (for the surprise element haha)
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Credits: Based somewhat (and inspired by) on the shoujo manga Skip Beat!
Warning: Unbeta'ed, yaoi, shounen-ai, het, shoujo-ai, foul language (LOL capslock?), violence (in Naruto's thoughts, definitely), AU, might be some spoilers for Skip Beat!, but I tried my best to change quite a lot hehe XD

"That Sasuke is really important to you, huh?"

A soft, calming voice once asked, while a young Naruto cried his eyes out in a nearby clearing. Naruto stopped crying, but he was still sniffling slightly. He tilted his head up curiously at the older stranger who was seated beside him.

"Sasuke is, Sasuke is the most important person to me! We will be together forever!"

Naruto exclaimed back then, wiping at his face and hitting his face slightly to dispel the lonely thoughts. His foster mother scolded him again and he ran towards the clearing to cry his eyes out. He didn't want to risk going to Sasuke's place, because Sasuke always looked uncomfortable whenever he cried there.

"But your precious Sasuke is not with you now…?"

The young blond wanted to stick his tongue out at the stranger. He didn't need to explain to this mysterious person why he didn't want to cause anymore trouble for Sasuke. But this stranger provided him company while he was depressed, so instead, he flashed the older man with a brilliant smile and a word of heartfelt thanks.

"Thank you for listening to me, mister. I really appreciate it. And I'm really going to be with Sasuke forever…!"

The stranger nodded, while his hand fished out something from his pocket. It was something shiny, because when it caught light, it suddenly shone brightly and momentarily stunned Naruto.

"This necklace… I'll give it to you."

Naruto received it cautiously, not because he was suspicious, but because it looked so fragile. This necklace was something that would tie the two of them together, one of the first ties that Naruto would form over the years.

"Will we see each other again…?"

With slight hesitation, the stranger opened his mouth to answer—

"Oi Naruto, WAKE UP!"

Naruto wakes up with a start, bumping his head accidentally against the table he leaned on earlier. His eyes seek out the clock on the table, 11:30 PM, and he scrambles towards the door.

Kinomoto Sasuke, his most important person, is currently removing his jacket and his shoes.

"Welcome back, Sasuke!" Naruto greets enthusiastically, beaming at his beloved Sasuke. He fusses over the older teen, helping him carry his luggage heavy with clothes and music sheets. "Have you eaten? I can heat up something for you! And you're supposed to reply 'I'm back', you know?"

Sasuke shoots him an irritated look, but the blond thinks to himself that it's just because Sasuke is tired—it is late after all. "Of course I ate. Why would I let myself starve, huh?"

Naruto looks at Sasuke expectedly, before the other sighs heavily. "Yes, yes, I'm back."

The blond smiles happily at the response, then he ushers Sasuke towards the comfy couch in the living room. Naruto moves to the kitchen to fetch the medicine he bought from the pharmacy earlier this morning, a drink that can help soothe one's throat. He gives the drink to Sasuke, who takes it gratefully from his hands.

"How did you—?"

"When you told me that you're practicing whole day, I knew that your throat will be a bit sore, Sasuke."

Sasuke looks slightly taken-aback, before he gives out a small smile. "You really know me best, Naruto."


It's at this moment when any misgivings or complaints that Naruto might harbor all disappear into thin air. Sasuke isn't exactly known for being a happy-bouncy type of person, and his smiles are a rare occurrence. He also doesn't allow just anyone to be near him. It's at this moment, when he would smile and utter those words that ring so true—it's at this moment when Naruto loves Sasuke the most.

"Of course," Naruto replies, and he can feel his cheeks heating up, "I'm the one that Sasuke chose, after all."

Sasuke's eyes shift away from the sitcom he started watching as soon as he arrived, to gaze at the blushing blond. Those eyes that easily pierced the hearts of thousands of fangirls—they focus on his childhood friend, on the one he chose to accompany him on this trip to the capital.

A hand ruffles Naruto's unruly mop of hair, causing the blond to grin brightly.

Sasuke might never say any word at all, any word of love or affirmation, but in his hands, in his smile, in his eyes, Naruto knows that Sasuke loves him too.


The Revenge Scenario

Scene 01: goodbye, halcyon days

"You can go home now, Naruto," Iruka-san says gently to the still-working teen. Naruto smiles in relief as he glances at his watch: 5:00! He needs to hurry, because Sasuke's photo shoot is at 6:00, and he still needs to travel to the studio…!

"Thanks, Iruka-san!" He calls out as he hurriedly removes his uniform for his part-time job. Iruka owns a mini-grocery and a bathhouse, with Naruto as his only helper. Naruto doesn't mind though—the pay is generous and he enjoys working for the kindhearted Iruka.

It is only one of Naruto's many part-time jobs, since he shoulders the expenses for their food and apartment. Sasuke only asked him, before, 'Will you go with me to Tokyo, Naruto?' and he didn't ask Naruto to pay for everything.

But Naruto did so –and continues to do so- anyway, out of his volition, because he wants Sasuke to focus his savings on buying clothes, on paying for taxi fares, on paying his manager, on his voice lessons. Naruto wants Sasuke to focus on his goal, on his life-long dream of becoming the most famous person in Japan.

Sasuke's parents abandoned him, disapproved of his goal. They wanted him to stay in Konoha, with Naruto, while Naruto's foster mother despised his existence. It was the perfect story: Sasuke and Naruto setting out for an unknown land, with Naruto supporting his beloved's dreams.

…And the story will be even more perfect if Naruto manages to get to the studio in time, damn it!

"Ugh, finally!" Naruto exclaims loudly, as a quick glance to his watch confirms that there's still 15 minutes before the photo shoot. He checks his bags and sees that despite his wild cycling skills that cut through the traffic quite effectively, the onigiri he brought for Sasuke remains undamaged.

He sneaks towards the back entrance like always, and tells the security guards that he's there for a emergency delivery for Sasuke. His name is on the 'guest list' for the singing sensation, so Naruto manages to go towards Sasuke's dressing room without much trouble.

He finds Sasuke's assigned room soon after. He raises his hands to knock, but he finds that the door isn't completely shut. He leans closer, hearing some faint voices.

"—I swear, one day, I'm going to surpass that fucking Uchiha Itachi. Freaking asshole—thinks he can ignore me just like that…!"

A pink-haired girl with a natural pretty aura smiles patiently at the young singer. "But, Sasuke-kun, Itachi-sama is not even in the singing industry…"

Naruto's hands sweat, because, ugh, she was supposed to say that yes, Sasuke is the most awesome star in the whole showbiz business, and Uchiha Itachi is nothing but a walking block of ice, and she wasn't supposed to use '-kun'…! Doesn't this girl know Sasuke?!

Naruto remembers the frigid glare Sasuke generously gave to their middle-school classmates who dared call him 'Sasuke-kun'. It was a long time ago, but he could still recall the way those girls backed away from Sasuke with wariness in their faces.

Instead of his usual I'll-kill-you glares though, Sasuke's lips quirk slightly to form a pleasant smile. Naruto feels his heart beat faster, because Sasuke's expression looks so… angelic like that—a not-too-broad smile, but he looks so contented, and—

"Ah, so Sakura-chan is still new and doesn't know that this person, Kinomoto Sasuke, will be the kick Uchiha Itachi out of that throne, and I will be the reigning superstar in Japan…!"

Haruno Sakura, Sasuke's new manager, smiles indulgently at her charge. She seems to have picked up on the fact that yes, Sasuke really changes whenever Uchiha Itachi is brought up.

Naruto himself couldn't even remember why Sasuke hates that man so much. But since Naruto is the one Sasuke chose, he also hates Itachi fervently.

"So, later, should I make dinner arrangements?" Sakura asks after Sasuke has calmed down from his I'll-beat-you-Itachi trance.

The blond stiffens and closes his eyes. Sasuke promised him earlier this morning, that they'll eat together tonight. It's been a long time since they ate together, so…!

"Sure," Sasuke replies, looking at the mirror and fussing over his appearance. The make-up artist has long finished her job, but Sasuke couldn't help but check if everything's really fine.

Naruto almost cries out about the injustice—

Sakura seems to have remembered something. "Oh, but I thought you said your friend is bringing you some snacks? Where is he now, I wonder?"

"Friend?" Sasuke asks quizzically, "Oh, him. He's not my friend."

He's something much more than that, Naruto thinks—

"He's my servant."


"Eh?" Sakura looks, and sounds, confused.

Naruto's eyes are wide with betrayal. The box of onigiri is slowly getting crumpled in his hold.

Some people say that each and every one of us harbors an evil inside of us. Sometimes, that evil will continue to lie dormant, sleeping and untouched until we die. Sometimes, the chain holding the evil down relents a little bit, letting out a part of that evil.

"He's a childhood friend. When I went here, I asked him if he wanted to come with me, and he agreed. He acts like my boyfriend, but I don't even like him. He does all the chores for me, pays for everything, and he doesn't even ask for anything back. How stupid can that be? Always, always so clingy, always wearing that annoying bright orange jumpsuit, always believing in me—"

Sasuke still said a lot more, but Naruto's ears filter them all out. So it's like this, huh?

And sometimes, something happens to unleash the full strength of that evil—


The onigiri in his hold flies towards Sasuke's face, but the older teen's reflexes managed to save his hair-and-make-up.

"What the hell is your problem, dobe?" Sasuke asks in annoyance, "And you wasted my onigiri!"

Naruto has always been a kind child. Yes, sometimes he participates in pranks, sometimes he teases his friends, but, he is mostly a kind and gentle person. Now though, a cruel smirk plays on his lips as he snarls, "I'll tell you what's wrong, chicken-hair."

"C-chicken-hair?!" Sasuke exclaims indignantly, while Sakura looks worried as they'll be called for the photo shoot any minute now.

"You think you can get away with treating me like a maid, huh?!" Rage. There is nothing but the pure red rage that envelopes Naruto's body.

He longs to wring that pasty-white neck, wants to claw Sasuke's intense charcoal eyes, wishes to paint Sasuke's face with fear, despair and repentance.

Sasuke's eyes widen for a moment of realization, before his famous cool composure returns. He smirks at Naruto, and even in his consuming rage, he can still see that Sasuke looks beautiful with that superior smirk.

"So what? You think you can harm me? Can make me pay?"

Naruto growls, letting his animalistic rage take over, little bit by little bit, the red cloak of anger covering his whole self. Sakura has long vacated the scene, presumably to call the security.

Naruto hisses before he closes the distance between him and the person he has loved whole-heartedly, his fists ready to beat the other up, despite Sasuke almost-always beating him on their spars before.

Now though, Sasuke didn't even lift a finger, but rather, someone else holds Naruto's fists back. The security arrives and hauls him away from the singer, disregarding his swearwords, his kicks, his insistence to be close to Sasuke once more, and get a chance to make Sasuke pay for all the hardships he has endured throughout his life.

"See that, Naruto? I don't even have to move my hands." Sasuke taunts at Naruto, looking so cruel and sinister, unlike his cool and calm exterior being promoted by his agency. "I now stand at the moon—and soon, I'll be at the top of this industry, and I'll be the sun. And I don't need you anymore, Naruto."

Sasuke's eyes look regretful, but Naruto is too enraged to notice anything beyond those dismissive and arrogant words.

Make him suffer, suffer, suffer! The blond's mind chants cheerily, only fueling his anger even more. Revenge, revenge, revenge!

"Bastard…! Don't run away!" Naruto yells as Sakura ushers Sasuke towards the venue for the photo shoot for Sasuke's first album cover.

Sasuke stops walking, but his back still faced the blond being restrained by the security. "Just stop. The way you are now, your fangs cannot reach me. Your fangs will never hurt the moon."

Naruto is being pulled out of the dressing room now, but he still struggles, because giving up is not in his vocabulary—he will not allow himself to give up any more for Sasuke's sake, not after he has already gave up everything just to be with that self-absorbed bastard.

"Then I'll reach the moon and when I do, I'm going to claw your eyes out, Sasuke-bastard."

Sasuke tosses something at him. It lands on the floor with a dull clang. Naruto picks it up slowly, head bowed down. It's… it's the forehead-band that they made when they were still young, when they were still enamored with the idea of playing ninja. Sasuke smiles bitterly, a smile unseen by Naruto who only hears his parting words:

"I'd love to see you try."

"There, all done!"

The hairdresser chirps cheerfully, hands lingering on his neck, making sure that there are no more hair strands left. There was a strong smell of hair dye, but it can easily be ignored by the smell of the shampoo they used on his hair.

"Wow, you look so different now, sir!" She comments with unmasked awe, and the young teen smiles in response.

His golden hair has been ruffled artistically to give off that sexy bedroom-hair look, with crimson highlights that showed a sense of danger and mystery. His brown skin has been tanned even further to give off that golden complexion—something that he has lost because of his hard work. His previously-unmarred face now has whisker lines on his cheeks. A small red earring adorns his right ear.

A red long-sleeved shirt layered with a loose black shirt—he ditched his orange jumpsuit, but he is still going to buy some more fashionable clothes.

Yes, he indeed looks so different from his previous self.

"Well, that was a total of 26000 yen," The girl says, and he takes a couple of bills from his new wallet. He waves off the change and tells her to keep it as a generous tip.

"After all, you helped me change myself."

Naruto runs frantically towards Akatsuki, a big-shot agency that is the main rival of Sasuke's workplace, Otogakure.

He has finally convinced Kakashi-san –after days of stalking to perverted man and resorting to blackmail…- to let him have a place at the audition, but since he stressed over it so much yesterday night, he is now running a little late.

Naruto is wearing only a simple jeans and shirt ensemble because he was in such a hurry. He remembered to put on his lucky necklace from the mystery stranger from his childhood though. Since Sasuke is not here anymore to give him strength –just the thought of that smirky-faced bastard makes his blood boil…- the crystal-pendant necklace will have to lend him some self-confidence boost to go through this audition.

As hurried as he is, he didn't notice that he's about to collide with someone until it's too late. He crashes painfully to a taller, leaner body, and he winces as he prepares himself –and his poor butt!- for the fall. It didn't come though and when he opens his eyes, he sees Uchiha Itachi peering at him.

"Are you hurt?" He asks in that voice that thrills thousands of viewers every night in his drama. Naruto almost snaps at the popular actor, before he remembers that this person will be his senpai if he manages to land in this agency, and he doesn't have to hate Itachi anymore, now that Sasuke is out of his life.

His mood darkens as he remembers Sasuke yet again, and he distantly wonders if he really has nothing that can't be connected to Sasuke somehow.

"Erm, I'm fine." Naruto says hastily, "Uh, sorry, I have to go!"

The blond then leaves to search for the audition room, but Itachi's heavy hand holds him back. Naruto looks confusedly at the older male.

Itachi's facial expression doesn't change, but his voice sounds softer. "The audition is that way, Naruto-kun."

Naruto accepts the information with words of gratitude, as he runs towards the area Itachi pointed at.

It is only when he finally entered the room and got his number, waiting to be called next, that he realizes something important.

"How the hell did he know my name?"

To Be Continued

So, to those who have read Skip Beat!, Sasuke is taking up the role of Shotaro;;; but since I'm more interested in the Sho/Kyoko dynamics rather than the Ren/Kyoko, Sasuke/Naruto is the main pairing of this fic (as usual from me ahaha) :D

Sasuke is my ultimate favorite character, but yes, he's an ass here 8D Though Naruto is not without blame too;; And Itachi's going to play a bigger role too, aside from being one of the love interests for Naruto :p As listed above, main pairing is SasuNaru, though there'll be ItaNaru, GaaNaru and NejiNaru too. And some hints for othersNaru too 8D

A bit fast-paced because I'll be using a snapshot style, so I hope it's okay? Also, this is a rather new idea, so I hope you guys liked it! XD I'd love to hear your comments!
- 'Your fangs cannot reach me' – ripped off from Kuchiki Byakuya-sama of BLEACH. XD

Next chapter: the continuation of the auditions, introduction of Naruto's rivals, Itachi-Sasuke confrontation, and Neji's appearance!

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