Title: Gossiping Portraits

Author: enchanted nightingale

Timeline: Not sure. Harry is 17 and Lucius no longer his enemy.

Summary: The Portraits in Hogwarts Castle for Witchcraft and Whizardry have always had the best gossip mill. Then again they have to pass the time one way or another… And some offer juicier stories than others.

Pairs: Harry Potter/ Lucius Malfoy.

Disclaimer: The characters from Harry Potter books do not belong to me. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

Chapter 1: The Education of Elladora Katteridge


Elladora Katteridge was born in 1656 in her home town Yorkshire. She was not a beauty, not really. She had long brown hair, breaded from the base of her neck, but tufts of hair escaped her bun, giving her a crazed look, grey eyes and a pale, yellowing complexion. Her father was Gulliver Katteridge, a proper pureblood and a scholar, her mother Emogene Katteridge, nee Nott, the best match for him.

Elladora had been a smart witch, her father used to say, a genius in Herbology and once even taught in Hogwarts for four years. She was well known for discovering the use for Gillyweed, a herb enabling the one who consumed it to be able to breathe underwater for an hour. When testing it she had nearly suffocated after eating it, discovering purely by accident –though she would never admit it- that she could only recover when she stuck her head in a bucket of water.

After that her usually gaunt features turned plumper, like she was permanently holding her breath, and her features turned a flushed color that clashed with her yellowish skin.

The day her portrait was taken she had turned fifty and had just gotten betrothed to Fjodor Malkin, a fine pureblood from Lyon that owned a clothing store in Diaghon Alley, London.

By the time she died in 1729, she bore two sons and won mastery in Herbology, up until a whomping cherry tree she was experimenting on hit her and threw her out of the greenhouse and thirty feet away, too young to die.

Still, she was a proper witch through and through.

So it was with little surprise how appalled she was when 'IT' happened.

There were rumors, like always, but usually never bothered her as the corridor on the third floor she occupied was quiet, away from the brats that were everywhere in the castle. She heard from Miss Violet that students were not as proper and decent as they used to be.

She had scoffed, thinking that Miss Violet had merely had eaten a few more chocolates filled with cherry liquor than usual, as scandalous as that was.

How could she have known then?


Harry gasped when he was slammed up against the stone wall. Then the muscled body that covered his smaller one was grinding and rubbing against him. He had been hard from earlier in the day, just watching him parading his body all over the school, covered in those robes, throwing him all those glances. He was so hot and bothered that he could barely sit still through lunch and skipped dinner altogether.

"Merlin, I missed you!" he moaned as he rubbed his growing erection against firm thighs.

"So did I my little lion," the man whispered huskily.

He stole Harry's lips in a hungry kiss, plunging deeper with his tongue, leaving the teen dizzy.

He tore his mouth away from Harry's, teasing the tender neck with his teeth and tongue.

"Ah, Lucius," Harry moaned.

The blonde chuckled and pushed him up against the wall, forcing his lithe legs around his waist, his own hardness pressing against Harry's clothed bottom.

"Sweet Morgana! You're hard already!" the teen protested half heartedly.

"I have been since the morning when I caught sight of you at the pitch," Lucius whispered in Harry's ear and then promptly licked it.


'Of all the nerve!' Elladora thought enraged. 'These things are not proper, not proper at all!'

She watched as the two men engaged in another kiss, not missing the bold hand that went under the teen's school blouse.

'Wait a minute! The blond does not wear a uniform!'


Harry tugged on Lucius' robes.

"Take them off!" he whined.

The blonde chuckled.

"I'm not going to."

The teen glared him but felt a hand unbuckling his belt, Lucius pulled back a bit and soon Harry's pants were on the floor and the green eyed Gryffindor was up against the wall, his bare bottom freezing cold.

Seeing him shiver, Lucius slipped a hand and caressed the smooth skin of his hard member, enjoying how it thrust in his grip.

"I'm freezing my butt here, literally," the teen told him. "Hurry it up!"

"I can't find my wand," the older wizard told him.

Harry reached down and undid Lucius' pants.

The blonde gasped when his young lover reached into his trousers and touched him. He hissed when Harry's hands tugged his member and then the teen set a rhythm.

"If you don't stop, I'm going to come," Lucius told him.

"Find your wand," Harry told him. "I'm not letting you in me without lube, I've got Quidditch practice tomorrow and I'd like to sit on the broom. Last time my teammates got suspicious. I was just thankful the Weasley twins are no longer here or I would not hear the end of it!"

Lucius checked his pockets and found the wooden wand.

He quickly muttered the spell and started preparing Harry.


Elladora was shocked when the pair started rocking against the corridor wall. Slowly the sound of their moans made her red, both in embarrassment and in anger. She decided to flee her portrait, for the first time in a decade and seek refuge with Violet. Perhaps drink a glass of sherry. Yes, that was a fine plan, she decided and fled just as the dark haired one started screaming.

"Oh, Lucius!"


Next morning…

Harry was late getting to the Great Hall for breakfast and when he did, Sir Nicholas, the Gryffindor ghost, accosted him in the entrance.

"Good morning," Harry told him.

The ghost smiled at him.

"Had fun last night Mr. Potter?"

The teen blinked and could only watch when the ghost glided away.

Then he was mortified.

"Merlin no!"


A/N: The name Elladora Katteridge and the info are from the PC game 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', which I do not own, but it had some pretty awesome information in there and it was rather fun for me as well.

Tell me what you think of it.

There will be more chapters after that if it goes well, like many one-shots, separated but with a solid plot uniting them. Or at least that's the plan in my mind, I have no idea how it will work out.