Harry Potter and the Final Moon

By Lillian B. Parker

1 Chapter 1

Alastor Moody sat in Professor Albus Dumbledore's office, twiddling his thumbs in a placidly manner. The door opened and Albus walked in. He leaned on his polished cane and slowly trudged into the room.

"Ah! Alastor. How good of you to have come." Dumbledore sat down, slowly, and leaned his chin in his hands. "Now what did you come to me about?"

"I came to ask you a favor."

"A favor? I've had enough favor's to do." Albus's eyebrows narrowed on his wrinkled face.

"This has nothing to do with Voldemort." Alastor said quickly.

"Is that so? Then please go on."

"I know that you want to have as much contact with other foreign magic schools and this is another great opportunity."

"Really? What school?"

"It's actually a society that specializes in magic. It's the American Salem Witches' Society. They are hoping to send over an Exchanged Student. Just for this year."

"Do they specialize in Dark Arts?" Dumbledore narrowed his white furry eyebrows further.

"No. They are quite friendly. And I have a relative of some sorts that teaches a class with a very special student who goes there that would like to come here as that student."

"Special student?"

"She's really creative and energetic. And has a mysterious aura about her."

"Ah. Well, I guess that would be fine. After all the changes at Hogwarts this year, it should be safe. It is also a good plan so we can have more caution on the Castle. With all the security around your home, she'll have to stay somewhere else. Do you understand, Alastor?"

"Yes, quite well Albus."

"Hmm." Dumbledore leafed through a folder full of papers he had gotten out of his desk. "What about the Weasley's? They're always willing to help. And you know how Molly loves guests."

"Splendid. I shall contact the Society right away." Moody stood up and bowed. "Thank you Albus."

"Anytime Alastor." Moody turned to leave. "Oh! And what is her name? So Minerva can send a supplies list?"


"Ah. Very well. Good day."

"Good day."

Nellie Vonwit hurried to her room down the cold corridor at the American Salem Witches Society.

"Oh Miss Vonwit!" called a voice. Nellie turned around and saw the Head Professor of the Society running towards her. "You've received a letter from Hogwarts!"

"Hogwarts?" Nellie cried out, her blue eyes sparkling. "How wonderful!" Suddenly Nellie had turned from a 16 year old to a 5.

"Have they said if I am accepted?"

"Here, read it."

" Dear Miss Nellie Vonwit,

We have taken in the thought of having you over at Hogwarts to be an exchanged student. The teachers and staff have agreed to let you come under the circumstances of the reign of Lord Voldemort. A letter of the supplies you will need is included. We have sent a ticket for you to come over to England. You will be staying under the vision of the Weasley family. Their address is included. We all look forward to seeing you." Nellie clapped her hands.

"Oh this is just splendid!"

At the Weasley home, a barn owl flew though the window and dropped a letter on the breakfast table.

"It's probably from the Ministry for me." Percy immediately said, and picked it up.

"That's not for you." Mr. Weasley said, snatching it out of his hands. "It's for you Molly dear." Mrs. Weasley took the letter and read it.

"Oh Arthur! We get to host an EXCHANGED student!" she cried. Ron spat out some orange juice.

"But Harry and Hermione are coming over, remember?"

"Of course. I may be old but I still have sense of remembrance. Then lets see. Percy can sleep in Fred and George's room."

"Aw mum! He snores!" Fred whined.

"And Hermione can keep her regular stay place in Ginny's room. Harry, as always again, stays in Ron's room. So that leaves Percy's room free for." She glanced down at the letter. "Nellie."

"That's her name?" George asked.

"Yes it is. Do you have a problem with that?" Mrs. Weasley snapped.


"Good." She set the letter down and walked away humming.

Ron went upstairs to his room and discovered Hedwig, his good fried Harry Potter's owl, perched on his bedpost. There was a letter tied to her leg. Ron took it off.


What's up, my man? Everything is chillin' here in Privet Drive. Except for the fact that Mrs. Figg delivers cookies about everyday now to make sure I'm okay. Dudley has lost a considerable amount a weight, but my Aunt is still hiding the goodies the secret keeper brings. Too bad I can't have any. The food your mom sent is great. I have 3 mince pies left. Tell her thanks. Hermione owl posted me a copy of the Daily Prophet about exchange students from other magic schools. Any comment on that?

"Yeah." Ron said aloud. "BORING!" He continued to read the rest of the letter.

I've heard from Sirius about Hogsmeade. That's really sick and wrong and sad. All those people and most of the Ministry of Magic forced to be Vol You-Know-Who's slaves. I wish I could do something, but there'll be no chance of checking it all out since there will be no more Hogsmeade visits. I am glad your dad got a Muggle job so he didn't have to be enslaved. What is Percy doing? Please keep me up to date! I will see you sometime soon in Diagon Alley before school starts.


Nellie had gathered up all of her clothes and her wand (American made) and stuffed them into her trunk that she brought every term to the Society. She was preparing for her flight to England. She had been born there, but her parents had died when she was very little. She was sent to the witches at the London Social Service. There they took care of her, then she was taken to a foster home in some crazy place called New York. Then she was shipped all the way to Salem. She had always felt like a U.P.S. package because of her frantic childhood. But now she was going back. Maybe she could even try to find who her parents were. Or had been. She didn't know. Vonwit wasn't even her last name. Nellie brushed a piece of her long red hair out of her face as she slammed the trunk shut.

"Nellie, are you ready to go?" asked the Head Matron of the Society, peeking her head in the doorway of Nellie's bunkroom.

"Yes." Nellie heaved up her trunk and carried it out to a taxi. It was quite a bumpy ride to the Airport, but she was glad when she was able to get out of the car and finally travel back. Back to her strange past.

"Maybe." She thought. "I will be able to find some answers at this Hogwarts place." She sent her trunk down the luggage conveyor belt, her wand cleverly hidden inside her jacket. She then set off to find her flight.