You're A Marine Now

Rune Alchemist Kaori

Chapter 1

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"Smoker-taisa!" Tashigi shouted, her voice a bit nervous. That was how his day had started. Smoker wasn't sure what he had expected. What he hadn't expected was to see a beat up pirate sprawled out on deck. He raised an eyebrow.

"So… Portgas D. Ace, we meet yet again," he said. Ace made no reply, his eyes moving up to the marine, he opened his mouth but not a sound came out. Tashigi knelt down and held a cupful of water to his lips. The pirate drank down the liquid greedily, holding tightly to the cup even after every drop was gone.

"We found him drifting sir," Tashigi explained. Ace's skiff was on deck as well.

"Just another piece of trash in the ocean," Smoker said, "Lock him away."

Ace felt hands on him, he felt himself being lifted, his eyes widened and those who were touching him got their hands scorched.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!!" the pirate screamed and he stared at them with a sort of terror in his eyes another moment and he passed out onto the deck. The captain rolled his eyes and grabbed the pirate.

"I guess if you want something done right you have to do it yourself," he grumbled, carrying Ace below deck. He took him into a cell and set him down before he began to clean him up. If he didn't get cleaned up all the cuts on his body were liable to get infected. When the alcohol touched his cuts Ace's eyes snapped open and his eyes roamed about then fixed on Smoker.

" Taisa?" he muttered the groaned softly. He felt as if he'd rather be dead than to be in so much pain; his mouth was dry and he could barely speak. His body jumped as he felt the sting of the alcohol again.

"Stop squirming Portgas," Smoker snapped, "Or I'll just leave you like this."

Ace flinched slightly, but remained still for the most part. He looked at Smoker's face.

"Neh… Smoker… I didn't know Whitebeard was your dad…" Ace said softly, not wanting Smoker to explode.

"He's not," Smoker snapped, tying the last bandage a little too tightly.

"Oh…" Ace mumbled, "I guess I got punished for nothing then…"

"Like my father would be a murdering pirate…" Smoker was grumbling as he made sure Ace was all cleaned up.

"Oh and like marines are any better," Ace said, "My grandfather left me and Luffy alone when we were just little kids because 'duty called.'"

"Marines keep the people safe from the likes of murdering thieving pirates." he said. "If your grandfather was a marine then I hope he's dead so he won't have to bear the shame of his two grandsons becoming pirates."

"You know he isn't dead! The whole reason your chasing Luffy is because you're supposed to be keeping an eye on him. He always did like Luffy better... probably because he's straight..."

"Who told you that?" He snapped. "There is nothing I would like more than to have the two of you strung up by your necks." he lied. He hated being assigned to such a softie's mission.

Ace winced again. His body hurt. "Water..." he mumbled, "Can I have some?"

The older man rolled his eyes but he wasn't going to deny him water. From the looks of it he hadn't gotten any, other than the cupful Tashigi had given him, for some time. He came back with three cupfuls of water and set them in front of the pirate. Ace drank slowly, knowing he'd get sick if he drank too fast. The pirate looked at his captor's somewhat inquisitive face.

"I got thrown overboard," Ace explained.

"No honor among thieves I take it," Smoker said.

"It was my own fault… I screwed up… majorly… Thanks for the water… You can throw me into the ocean now… or whatever you want…"

"Oh no… you're going back to headquarters for judgment."

"That's fair I guess… although I think I'd rather drown"

"Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find enough evidence to send you to the gallows," Smoker said.

"Gee… thanks…" Ace said, "You don't really get it though. You know my grandfather's the Vice-Admiral. He's gonna know I don't have anywhere to go now. He's gonnado something horribly ironic I know it."

"Oh well whatcha gonna do..." Smoker said.

"You're not very sympathetic," Ace said, looking annoyed, "Imagine if you're dad captured you and you had nowhere to go."

"MY FATHER IS NOT A PIRATE!!" Smoker yelled at him. Ace just stared at him resolutely.

"Yeah? Well tell that to my aching body that got the shit beaten out of it for messing with the captain's son." Ace said, glaring slightly. Smoker froze, and looked at Ace in surprise. He knew the boy was always following him, but… A small amount of pity came to him for Ace, but he couldn't let him know that. He stormed out of the cell, locking it.

"Oi! Hey dumbass you put me in the wrong cell!!" Ace yelled after him, "I can melt this lock you know!!"

Yes, Ace could have heated the lock and kicked the door down since Smoker had been absent-minded enough to put him in the wrong cell and not cuff him but he didn't really have anywhere to go, so he laid down to sleep.

Meanwhile Smoker was trying to think of the best way to deal with Ace. He did this for a long time until he heard a crash downstairs and realized his blunder. He ran downstairs only to see Ace casually walking out of his cell.

"What a cheap door…" Ace muttered.

"Actually their rather expensive," Smoker said, looking pissed off. Ace hesitated.

"I just need to move around. That cell is small and I've been stuck in one place for three weeks.." he explained.

"That's not your choice to make," Smoker said. Ace pouted at him.

"Please?" he begged, "I'll stay below deck and I won't touch anything…"

Smoker's eyes narrowed as he asked, "Why should I trust you?"

"Because I have absolutely nowhere to go. This is actually the safest place for me," Ace explained, "If I leave, Whitebeard will send someone after me."

Ace blathered on for a few minutes about why he was going to stay on the ship before Smoker stopped him.

"I still don't trust you Portgas," he said, "If you go anywhere it'll be with me, so I can keep an eye on you."

"I can live with that," Ace said, "I'm not here to put up a fight…. Besides, I like being with you."

The pirate winked playfully. Now that he wasn't about to die of dehydration, he was pretty much himself. The captain just rolled his eyes and cuffed Ace's hands with cuffs that had seastone in them. It wasn't enough to make Ace unable to function, but it slowed him down and he was unable to use his logia. Smoker attached a leash to the cuffs and then led Ace to the mess hall in silence until Ace spoke up.

"You know, unless you're trying to break my spirit or something…. The leash is a bit much. I don't have anywhere to go. You took my skiff and I can't swim.."

"I could just lock you back up in a cell," Smoker said sharply.

"Ok… Ok.. I'll be quiet…" Ace mumbled. And amazingly, Ace was true to his word. He remained silent until Smoker pushed him into his new cell.

When morning came Smoker had called Headquarters and informed them about their situation. The orders he received were not exactly what he had expected. He opened Ace's cell and tossed a uniform at him.

"Get up boy," the captain said, "You're a Marine now."