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Setting: New York. Autumn. All Human.

Edward met Bella in Central Park during fall. Intrigued, he kept striking a conversation with Bella but Bella remained silent but it didn't mean that she wasn't able to answer Edward's questions. What Edward didn't know is that Bella can't speak. Thinking that Bella was playing a game with him, willed by his fascination, he decided to try and break Bella's silence. Edward's POV.

Chapter 1: Bench Hunting


I slumped from my piano bench and skimmed the ivory keys back and forth. I was running out of ideas, not to mention, time. I had to compose a piece for the winter recital, or it's goodbye career for me.

I sighed again and ran my hand on already messy hair and looked up at the ceiling. It's only been a month since I moved here in New York from Chicago. Time flies so fast.

Feeling the futility of my attempts today I drew the red velvet curtains and peeked outside my window. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting soon. Though it was fall for a while now, I still had an aversion to the season. I had a great view of Central Park though. Maybe I should go out for a walk…

Yeah, I need a break. So I changed from my sweatshirt into a grey turtleneck and black pants and a black sweater.

While I was enjoying my walk, my lack of sleep and nutrition from working on my piece finally caught up to me that I was looking for benches to rest on in no time. I need caffeine.

I could've just sat on the ground but for some reason, I had to sit on a bench. So I searched for one but couples occupied every seat nonetheless…


Music has always been the only love of my life and I'm not kidding. It's not that I haven't the opportunity to get into relationships; it's just that things kept coming up…. And… I don't know, I guess I don't want relationships; I want a relationship, the relationship. One that would last. One that's real. That's why I'm twenty-one and still single.

Oh, there's an empty seat! I think the person is leaving as she's just getting her bag or something of that sort. When I approached the bench, I realized the woman wasn't retrieving her bag to leave but dropped something. I couldn't see her face as half of it got wrapped in her scarf and her long brown wavy hair covered it as well. I watched as she positioned herself bringing her knees up then place a small notebook… no, sketchpad on her lap then proceeded to sketch. I realized that I was just staring and standing there and I mentally slapped myself. How rude of me.

But the pull to sit down on a bench nagged at me again so before I proceeded towards the bench, I checked first if she had company. When I was sure she was alone, I moved closer and stood in front of her.

"Excuse me miss, but would it be alright if I sit beside you? I'm sorry for disturbing you." I asked politely. I was about to add more but was cut short when a pair of the loveliest eyes that were of the deepest browns look up at me with surprise and curiosity. She blinked then lowered her scarf to reveal the most luscious lips I have ever seen. Recovering from her surprise, a beautiful shade of crimson painted her cheeks, and then she lowered her gaze shyly then smiled warmly then nodded at me.

I was so captured by her smile that I forgot to breathe. It was only when she blinked in confusion then patted the space beside her that I was brought back to reality.

I blinked then inhaled sharply and I felt my cheeks heat up, this was embarrassing!

"Oh! I'm sorry, I got… momentarily distracted, thank you, though."

She smiled and nodded politely at me but I saw the corner of her lips play, stifling a giggle then she continued sketching.

I sat down beside her, looking the opposite direction from her as I close my eyes, cringe and chastise myself for my behavior.

Edward, you're such an idiot! How can you lose your composure just like that? Maybe because of your beautiful seatmate…

Ugh. I sighed but my eyes remained closed as I took in the crisp chilly air. All I could hear was the remaining leaves rustling then falling and the sketching beside me.

Then, another urge crept.

No! Edward! It's rude to stare!

But I wanted another peek at her. So against my better judgment, I glanced discreetly at me seatmate.

And again I was breathless. Even bundled up, she was the most breathtaking creature I have ever seen now that I can see her up close. She had creamy ivory skin that contrasted beautifully with her dark brown locks but most of all, it contrasted well with her eyes that were the color of deep chocolate, so deep that I could drown in those pools. She was very focused on her sketch that I couldn't help but stare at her slightly open mouth… those beautiful lips… so pink… full… set in that heart shaped face of hers…

I have never been compelled to kiss anyone as bad as I wanted to now.

Ah! What am I thinking? She doesn't know you! You don't even know her name! Goodness, I never felt like this before. She looked so fragile that I wanted to take her into my arms, carry her and take care of her…

I'm losing it. I shook away my thoughts. This wasn't like me.

She just looks so… fascinating

She must've felt that I was watching her that she looked at me with a puzzled look in that cute face of hers.

As reflex I laughed nervously then ran a hand on my hair. I must've confused her even more that she blinked thrice.

I wanted to run and escape from this but at the same time I didn't want to leave her. So I went in for the kill. And if I fail, I pray the earth swallow me whole.

"I'm sorry for staring but I was just… fascinated by your seriousness…" What was that? Ugh. Shoot me now!

Her face relaxed into a smile of understanding. I sighed in relief.

The rational side of me told me to take that and stay silent but my nervousness brought out the babbling. "Does it bother you that I'm here? I could go now if you want." I asked anxiously. Truth is, I didn't want to leave.

She closed her eyes, smiled and shook her head as if saying, it's okay, I don't mind. Wow, she was very nice.

She went back to sketching and silence enveloped as again. I didn't realize that I was watching her intently now. She did though because she stopped, then looked at me.

I just looked at her, frozen. I have no words.

She smiled then offered her sketchpad at me. I was shocked. She must've thought I was prying at her work. My gentlemanliness is officially down the drain.

I shook my head slowly and raised my palm to decline but she sighed and offered it once more.

"Are you sure you don't mind? I didn't mean to pry…"

She rolled her eyes and smirked. She gave me a look that said, C'mon, I know you want to.

I smiled at her and took the sketchpad from her and she watched me intently.

I looked at the sketch. It wasn't finished but it was beautiful. She was sketching the bench opposite us that were occupied with a couple only she didn't draw the couple.

I looked at her and was captured by her eyes again. Trying to keep my control I smiled at her and complimented her work.

"It's beautiful. You're good. Thank you for letting me see it"

She blushed and my heart melted. She was beautiful. Red was starting to become my favorite color.

I handed her back her sketchpad. She continued sketching once again.

I never liked silence. I would always be surrounded with music but for some reason, the silence here was comforting. A welcome break from the norm.

I noticed that she hasn't said a word to me. There was something about her silence that kept a secret. Her silence added more to her mystery. If only I knew her name.

Then why don't you ask?

I was then reminded of another thing I regret forgetting. I forgot to introduce myself. Lovely.

"I'm sorry, I was being rude. I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Edward Cullen." I offered my hand. She shook it and smiled but I swear I caught a tinge of emotion in her eyes.

She looked down.

Silence again. Did I do it wrong? She was supposed to say her name… I looked at her apprehensively…. waiting… she blushed and just kept looking down…the corners of her lips turning downward.

I made her frown. Great. Of course she won't tell her name, I sound like a perverted stranger who bothered her peace.

I should just go. I stood up sighed.

I was about to walk away when I felt a tug on my sleeve. She looked at me like she was asking, where are you going?

I forced a smile, "I'm being a bother so I'll leave you to your work..."

She blushed then shook her head.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion, "No? I assumed when you didn't tell me your name that –

I was cut short by the tune of Claire de Lune.

Embarrassed, she blushed and took out her phone and told me using her index finger to give her a minute. I smiled and nodded.

She faced her back on me and answered the call. To be polite, I averted my gaze. I didn't hear her say anything. I guess she just listened. Then I heard a click.

She faced me and looked apologetically then stood up. She needed to be somewhere I guess.

"Do you need to go?" I asked politely and smiled.

She sighed and nodded.

"You should go then. Thanks for sharing your seat with me."

She smiled at that and blushed again. Then she nodded and started to walk. I watched her go.

She was only three steps away when she paused then looked back at me.

Her lips formed and 'o', which she covered with her palm. Then she walked up to me and my heart beat rapidly and my palms became sweaty. Good grief!

She stood in front of me, and then looked at her feet shyly. I just watched her. I didn't know what to do.

She then looked up, blushed, smiled then bit her lip (which made me smile like an idiot) then placed something in my hand.

I was too surprised to comprehend what just happened that I just stood there frozen as she skipped away, and then threw a smile and a wave good-bye at me.

She was so beautiful, I thought I was only dreaming. But then I snapped back when I saw her green scarf fly towards my direction. I picked it up and was about to run to give it back when I glanced up, she was gone.

Then I remembered that she placed something in my hand. I opened my palm and saw a crumpled piece of paper, probably from her sketchpad.

I smoothed it out and smiled. There was something written on it.

Looking at her scarf then at the direction that she left, I grinned.

On the note, was written:

It's Bella.

Bella… Italian for beautiful… a name so fitting…

I was starting to like fall.

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