..Chapter One..




Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name




Cold orbs of lavender blue, almost white, stared up at the large looming building before her. The sound of a bus driving away drifted behind her. It was... so huge... She could feel the size of it suffocating her; trapping her. The night was so dark, so shady... it made everything seem that much scarier.

She felt a shiver run up her spine as she heard something crash in the distance and sirens start up. She placed her hands over head and cried out softly. She resisted the urge to cry and run all the way back to the bus station. Her breathing was heavy for a long while. And her hands were atop her head even longer.

As she felt the night, the sounds, dim down she removed her hands and looked at the daunting building once more. She would have to gather her courage. She had to. If not for herself, than for his memory alone.

She took a deep breath and grabbed her large black duffel bag. It was slung over one shoulder as she walked the long path up to the building. Her booted feet clicked loudly in the large, silent city beyond. In the distance she could still heard sirens. She almost thought she heard gun shots, but pushed it down. She had to.

She reached up tried to turn the handle to open the door.

She gasped.


She just couldn't be locked out. She couldn't be! Oh god, if she had to spend all night out here she would die. And if she had to go to hotel... if she made it safely there, she would just... oh god. She might as well just go back to the bus station and go home!

She felt tears pricking her eyes as she looked in the dark tiled building. Wasn't anyone up? She knew she'd gotten here late... but still... She banged on the door a few times, hoping against hope someone had heard her; or would hear her.

Her face lit up with hope as a young man passed the door. She was caught in a daze for a moment as she hit the glass with her fist harder. It took him a moment but he turned to look at her, his back still to the door.

Hinata felt her heart catch as she utterly stopped hitting the glass. Those eyes... they were so cold. She brought her hand to her mouth as she stared. What kind of person had... no eyebrows? Did he dye his hair?

She was struck by the image of him... that beautiful face free from marks or facial hair. It was sharp and unfeeling. His lips were barely noticeable but soft. His lovely eyes lined with black pencil makeup. She could barely make out soft red lashes as he blinked caressing his high cheeks. And above his left eye, high on his forehead under the mess of flaming hair, appeared a kanji mark of some kind. She narrowed her eyes on it, trying to make it out. Which, was impossible, she didn't know Japanese.

She blinked as he came to the door and just sorta stared at her through the glass; like an insect or animal on display. It was then and only then she recalled why she'd tried to get his attention in the first place.

"C-could you p-please let me i-in?" she wanted to berate herself right then. She hated her stuttering almost as much as she hated her lack of confidence.

He seemed to regard her for a while, his eyes cold. When he spoke through the glass, it was equally cold, heated and unfeeling. "You missed final call. Go home or come back tomorrow."

She gaped at him, mouth as wide as her eyes. Was he serious?! "Y-you... y-you just c-can't l-leave me out h-here! My b-bus was l-late!"

Apparently he could. "You're problem." He stared to turn to go.

"Wait!" She desperately reached into her bag, trying to find her papers. "I have proof! I emailed the director at the l-last s-stop!" When she did she pressed the sheet into the glass to show him. "I-I'm j-just later than I t-thought."

He stopped, his hands in his pockets as he regarded her with a single narrowed eye over his shoulder.

"Please..." she begged. It was late and the city was very dangerous. He couldn't be so cruel as to leave her there could he? She hoped not.

He turned and leaned forward to gaze at the copy of the email. His cold eyes scanned the lines. After a moment he stood up and reached for the handle.


He opened the door and stepped back, allowing her in.

"Thank you!" She said with brilliance on her face.

He said nothing and closed the door. "Based on the email, I assume he sent you all the information?"

She nodded. "I just need a key."

He regarded her for another moment before beginning to walk away. He didn't even ask her to follow, assuming she would anyway.

She watched his retreating back with some apprehension. She felt a nervous wave run through her. He was going to leave her in the hall? She pursed her lips for a moment and then walked on after him. They rounded a hall and he stepped into a dark office. She stayed outside the door and waited, shifting nervously. She bit her lower lip again and then blinked and stepped back as she found a key in her face. Her face turned into a wash of fear for a moment.

"Here." He muttered.

She took the key slowly. "Thank you," she whispered.

He grunted in response. He turned and walked down the hall again.

She felt fear rushing through her again. She didn't hate being alone... but this place was so new! "Wait!" She was crying again.

The boy with red hair stopped but did not turn around. "What?"

"Could..." Nervousness and few ran through her again. "C-could you t-take me t-to my room?"

He stood there for a while, a good five feet away from her in the dimness of the checkered hallway as he considered. Hinata was once more swept with the feeling of just how lovely he really was. His shoulders and arms were toned. His waist was thin. You could tell by the way the black tank top stuck to his pale skin. It was tucked into a pair of tight black jeans that hung low on his hips. The entire outfit was so simple in it's design, so classic.

And yet, he almost seemed so... hellish. Like something more ravenous was hidden beneath his cool exterior. Tattoos lined his arms. Most of them tribal and jagged. The colors were an array of black and red. All varying shades.


She blinked. "What?"

He waved his hand with his back to her, becoming she come. "What's your room number?"

She blinked again but jogged up beside him. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the thin slip of paper. She scanned it as they walked. "Um... G-13." That had to be some sort of bat omen. 13? Lovely.

The red head next to her seemed to stiffen a moment. But, just as soon as it came it was gone.

She wanted to ask him what was wrong... but let it go as they trudged up the stairs.

The building was quiet and grand. It looked like some sort of theater or boarding school from back in the 1800's. Everything about the place reeked Regency Era. The wallpaper had been stripped at some point though; revealing the dark cherry wood beneath the surface. She noticed they just kept going up and up. She wanted to ask about an elevator, but, was too afraid her companion would snap at her or give her another glare.

When they reached the end of the stairs she was glad there were no more. The bag on her shoulder was slowly becoming heavier. She followed him as he led her down the long hallway. It was then they reached another set of stairs. She was about to fall over in defeat when she noticed they only went up about five feet.

She begrudgingly followed. The key in her hand was held forward, but, she gaped as he got his own out of his pocket and opened the door. HUH?! How did he have a key to her room? This did not bode well at all.

She stared at him as he held the door open for her. She supposed her mouth was hanging open in stupid, scared shock because he said...

"Are you coming or not?"

She reached for her wits and shook her head. Before she had a chance the change her mind or further wonder as to why he had a key to her room she ran up the stairs and inside. It was then she dropped her bag. After which, she jumped as he shut the door.

As she gripped her hands to her chest he walked by her. Wait... wasn't he leaving? He didn't seem to like her much so why would he stay?

"Bathroom is that way," he pointed to a door to between to others in against the right wall. "Your room is the one on the right. Mine is the one on the left."

Her eyes went wide. His room? His room?!

But he was still explaining his ever monotone. "Across the way is the living room and this is the kitchen."

She blinked at him, fear in her eyes. "We're... r-rooming t-together?" She was going to die right there.

For whatever reason he seemed to notice this. His eyes, she could have sworn, softened a little. "Sometimes the amount of one gender approved is too high and they have to room them them together with another." Cold aqua hues narrowed again. "I assume that's why they gave me me this room." He seemed to scowl slightly. "Although, I was hoping I had to myself."

She felt her form shaking slightly. "This r-room?"

He looked at her again, as though he'd forgotten she was there. "It's the biggest room in the building." He then walked away, leaving her there to fend for herself.

"Um..." she tightly held her hands to her chest as she stared at him. She looked away instantly as he caught her gaze from the island in the kitchen. She blushed. "Um... what's y-your.. n-name..?" Her voice was quiet. It didn't seem to bother him and unlike many others in her small town, he made no mention of it. She found it slightly comforting despite his cold shoulder and heated but demanding manner.

"Gaara," he said after a while.

"Oh..." She blushed again but refused to meet his gaze.

He arched a brow at her from his position, leaning back into the counter. "You are?"

He wanted to know who she was? She hadn't expected that.

As if reading her mind he responded. "If I'm going to room with you for the next few months I might as well know your name."

She nodded, her eyes still downcast. "Hinata..." was her soft whisper.

He nodded and pushed his way off the counter. He said nothing more as he headed towards the living room. She watched as he reached for the remote and turned on, what she assumed was, the TV. She bit her lower lip, wanting to follow. Wasn't he going to bed? It was late. At least midnight, right?

She glanced down at her bag on the floor one more time before grabbing all her courage and moved into the living room. She looked at both of the chairs. For some reason they were full of books. Book on... music? It made sense.. this was a school that catered to such talents.

She looked down at him on the small sofa. He didn't look at her. She felt something tugging at her heart.

"What?" He asked, never taking his eyes off the program.

She jumped a little and brought her hand up to her face, touching her lips. She hated being so bashful. "Um..."

He looked up at her, eyes once more narrowed. His lips parted slightly as he seemed to observe her. He was waiting for an answer. It amazed Hinata. He was actually waiting for her. No one ever waited for her. They just... kept asking her to go on or speak up. And here he sat... patiently waiting for her to come up with a response.

She couldn't just keep him sitting there, could she? "Um... do you... m-mind i-if I s-sit with y-you?"

He continued to stare at her. She thought she something flicker in those eyes. As thought he was just as unsure as her. How could he be? No, it must be her imagination.

"Sit." He scooted over and made space for her.

She nodded quietly and sat down, making sure to keep space between them both. She was tensed up even as she sat back into the plushness of the couch and watched the television. There was a commercial on and she had no idea what he was watching. She jumped slightly as he adjusted in his seat.

He looked over at her from the corner of his eyes.

She didn't dare look up at him. His bare body heat was too much. It felt like it was seeping through her clothes, her jeans as his thigh barely brushed her own. Her one hand was in her lap, the other near her face as she tried to keep the shy blush down. She feared moving further back and relaxing because ever since he'd sat down his arm was draped over the back of the couch.

What was it about new room mate that made her... so on edge? It couldn't be him, although he was ungodly intimidating. Everyone made her jumpy. Ever since... She bit her lower lip once more. She would not cry. He didn't want her to.

She looked up as the program on TV blared something about Trans-Siberian Orchestra being in town in a few weeks. It seemed the man next to her was forgotten as her cold lavender depths stayed transfixed on the music. It was powerful, it was electric and it was classical all at once. She'd never heard a rock... orchestra before. She wasn't exactly sure how she felt about it but it wasn't terrible.

"You like it?"

She jumped again, almost forgetting who was next to her. As the music played on in the background she looked over at him. He still had that same expression of... nothing... and yet there was something in his eyes. He was waiting again, once more patiently waiting for her to come up with an answer. She edged a slight smile. "I've never heard them before."


Was that her?

Did she actually manage a whole five words without stuttering? She hid her enthusiasm. Not well enough because he seemed to notice and his lips twitched at her slightly. He said nothing about though; unusually kind despite his icy demeanor.

"They generally only play Christmas music."

"They're very good." Now way! Another one! Inner Hinata was doing a cancan.

He smirked this time.

She decided to try an question this time. Let's see how long her track record held out. "Don't you need to sleep?"

"Don't you?"

She pursed her lips and looked down at her hands. "It's a new place." As if it were answer enough. Hinata had never adjusted to new places quickly. A new room and new city. New people. All of it had her on edge and she hated it. She wouldn't be able to sleep much for a few days.

He watched the TV, not seeming bothered by her shy behavior. He hadn't replied to her question and this unnerved her a bit. She almost wanted to pout. She'd felt like she was finally getting somewhere with her new room mate and her he clamped up again. Why did it bother her so much? She'd only just met him, what... twenty minutes ago?

"I have a hard time sleeping."

She looked up at him immediately, almost gasping as he caught her gaze and held it. It was so bold, so raw... she almost thought she saw an unbridled passion beneath those aqua hues; as though he was barely containing some kind of beast. It excited and scared her at the same time. She tensed up as she watched him lean in to her. What was he doing?! She blushed profusely. "What are you doing?" She managed to whisper.

He blinked for a moment, stared at her and then shook his head. As if he himself was pulled from some sort of spell she had on him. "Your eyes," he murmured.

"My... eyes?" She noted he still hadn't backed up. She tensed up even more as she watched his hand lift... as though it were going to touch her face. Part of her wanted him to... and part of her was deathly afraid.

He must have noticed because as soon as she started shaking, he dropped his hand, closed his eyes and moved away from her. "They're... different."

She let out a slow breath she hadn't even known she was holding in. All she could do was nod. Her heart rate was going a mile a minute.

"You should go to bed." He was saying, his eyes still on her. "Classes start early."

He wanted her to leave? Despite his earlier... advance... she was loath to go. For whatever reason the... man before her, seeming to barely contain some hidden rage, kept her from stuttering. That was a miracle in itself.

"I don't want to..." she was whispering, her eyes down cast. It was then she did feel a hand on her face, her chin, tilting her up to look at him. Once more, his eyes were on her and seemed just on the verge of something that shook Hinata to her core.

He wanted to say something... really, he did. But, all he could manage was... "Lean on me then, if you're too stubborn to go."

Before she could argue, he was pulling her against him and forcing her head onto his shoulder. She felt a shudder run through her and gasped as the heat of him ran down her body. He was warm, soft and notably strong holding her there. She didn't have the heart to argue anymore, not with that feeling riding through her. Too scared to speak, she allowed herself to drift into sleep and shut her eyes.


This time I wonder what it feels like

To find the one in this life

The one we all dream of

But dreams just aren't enough

So I´ll be waiting for the real thing.

I'll know it by the feeling.

The moment when we´re meeting

Will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen

So Ill be holdin' my breath

Right up to the end

Until that moment when

I find the one that I'll spend forever with...



AN : Ok, so I know I have two other stories going on right now... but I just couldn't not do this. I was calling to me. Really it was. I read another fiction, called Suna's Body Art, I think... and yeah, it was just so cute. I couldn't help wanting to make another music fic based on Gaara/Hinata. This time this one will be like a mock Raise Your Voice. Hope you like. And yeah, I dunno if I'll update it as quickly as the other two. Just depends on how I handle the others.

We'll seeeeeee.