title: the spice of life

fandom: Reborn!

character/pairing: Tsuna and Gokudera, somewhat slashy, but lightly so.

day/theme: Oct 20th gingerbread

summary: Tsuna really isn't sure what to think of what's become of his life. Early!canon, light Gokudera/Tsuna.

a/n: Um, I'm in the very beginnings of this fandom, thus this is placed at the end of volume one but before volume two.Still getting a hang on characterizations, etc. I'm basically posting this as a Y HALO THAR to the fandom and in hopes it will inspire me to write more! Also, totally intended for vicious lullaby's birthday. Happy birthday! :D

Tsuna really isn't sure what to think of what's become of his life. For one, life before Reborn came into it was a lot more peaceful. Yeah, he was still 'no-good-Tsuna' then, but he didn't know what it felt like to be blown out of a building from a hand-grenade, almost decapitated or how to properly dodge machine gun fire. Life was a lot easier then.

And then there's Gokudera. Gokudera is, quite simply, the kind of person you'd not want to be caught with in a dark alley. Except when he isn't, and when he suddenly changes and starts smiling. Then he's almost as cute as Kyoko-chan (a thought which Tsuna instantly denies because no one is as cute as Kyoko-chan especially not his friend-slash-underling and then that thought is buried and never spoken of again.)

Before Gokudera came (exploded, really) into his life, Tsuna didn't know what it was to share lunches, gingerbread cookies or more traditional lunches. He never had to worry that if someone cut in line, they might get blown halfway across the prefecture (likely taking a good amount of the school with them) or have to plead for the lives of his would-be bullies. But then, he never had anyone to ask to the movies or play ball with either. Even if most of their time is explosive, quite literally and often contains more gunfire than an army of a small nation, Tsuna never really had a friend like this before.

Tsuna isn't sure what to think of his new life, but he doesn't regret the changes. (well, not usually, unless he's hanging from the top of the roof in nothing but a Post-Dying-Will boxers. Then he seriously reconsiders.)