First period English was a drag. Despite needing no sleep, therefore never feeling tired, I still felt chagrined at the idea of having to listen to this load of bollocks, so early in the morning. Mr. Mason had this annoyingly loud nasal voice that made it hard to tune him out. Not to mention the fact that there was not much this man could teach me.

It was hard to tune anyone out anyway, since everybody seemed extremely excited about the new arrival at school; Police Chief Swan's daughter, Isabella.

Personally, I could not care less. In the two years my family and I had been here in Forks none of us ever had contact with any of our fellow students and I preferred it that way. My sister Alice had tried to befriend some girls, but she gave up after she realized she either scared them or they annoyed her. Of course, now she annoyed me because apparently I was the only one she could 'really' talk too.

Today she seemed extra chipper because of this Isabella Swan, hoping maybe this girl would want to be friends with her. I shuddered at the idea of that; the last thing our family needed was some random girl hanging around the house. I was glad I did not need to pretend there, but if some nosy little teenage girl would be walking around, it would be necessary to keep up the human facade again and I really did not want to do that. Not in my own home.

Yo, dude! What's with the constipated face?, Emmett asked me silently

It was humorous to read my brother's mind. Well, most of the time. I tuned him out when his thoughts went down the unpure route when he was thinking of Rosalie and 'his ways to make her scream.'

Since he couldn't read mine - a small blessing only I had the gift of reading people's thoughts - I answered him quietly.

"Alice is desperate for a new friend. Honestly, I do not know why she is so keen on befriending a human", I muttered under my breath.

Maybe she and Jasper want a third party present for one of their sweet love making sessions. And if you go hardcore on a threesome, you might as well do it with a human. Perfect snack for afterwards, Emmett chuckled internally.

"Seriously Emmett, does this horny streak of yours ever wear off. It's disgusting to hear your raunchy thoughts.", I groaned.

Hey, it's not my fault I have a hot wife whose not held back by any kind of fragility, I got to give my woman props for that. What can I say: the lady turns me on, Emmett shrugged. Anyway, who is Alice preying after now?

"The new girl; Isabella Swan.", I told him

Ooh, seen her walk down the hall this morning. Not bad, not bad at all. Emmett approved.

This bothered me for some strange reason. I had yet to meet Bella - as she corrected every one who called her Isabella immediatedly - in person and had only observed her briefly through the thoughts of the other students but I did not like my brother seeing this fragile, soft human girl as an object of lust.

"Shut up Emmett", I muttered.

My brother was crazy aroused all of the time. I knew it was a phase; him and Rosalie were experiencing a few months of 'madly in love' again and it bothered me more than I liked to admit.

Living around three couples of perfectly paired up people, I was the bitter one amongst them. I had never been with a woman; in every way of the word. And I didn't even want to because I could not imagine there was anybody out there for me anyway.

Maybe you should give Tanya a call, you know she wants you. Not to mention it might loosen you up a bit, Emmett winked before his thoughts shifted back to Rosalie and I was forced to tune him out before I would gag.

Tanya. She lived in Denali, Alaska. She 'had the hots for me' as Emmett had put it but I was not interested. I could have had her, if I had given her the word, but she did nothing for me. Nothing at all. No one did.

The rest of the morning went by slowly. I tried to tune out the thoughts of the people around me as much as possible, but I could not help to get stuck on every thought about Bella Swan I caught.

This I did not understand, nor enjoy. I wasn't interested in this girl and I didn't want to occupy my thoughts with anything relating to her. I was not like the rest of them, this did not rock my existence; her arrival was nothing exceptional.

So why did her name run through my head like a neon-sign flashing to get my attention? Why did she stare at me in my mind with those deep brown eyes, despite the fact I hadn't even met her in person yet.

At lunch, I caught up with Alice and Jasper - who were having one of their 'gazing into each other's eyes' - moments outside the cafeteria.

"Don't mind me". I mumbled.

"We won't", Alice replied sarcastically, never breaking her stare.

Then Emmett and Rosalie walked up to us and together we entered the cafeteria.

Ready for another hour of human pretence, I thought wryly.

As we made way to our regular spot - always empty, even when we were running late because no one dared to cross our little clan - I noticed someone staring at us from the corner of my eye.

For a small moment my eyes locked in with a pair of wide chocolate brown ones. The same eyes that were burned into my thoughts already.

I knew whose face these eyes belonged to, but I still allowed myself to glance down to take hers in.

It was heart shaped and pale. Wide cheekbones, small nose and red full lips.

Her ivory skin contrasted against her thick wavy mahogany hair. That same ivory skin coloured scarlet now and Bella Swan looked away immediatedly.

"I think I should introduce myself", Alice suggested quietly

"Sit down, Alice", I hissed.

What? You're the only one who gets to pay attention to her?, Alice wondered silently

"You're too enthusiastic for your own good. Give the girl some time to adjust", I adviced her.

The rest of the lunch hour was spent with Alice complaining about my warnings to leave Bella Swan alone. Emmett was cracking one sex joke after the other, annoying even Rosalie who usually found his lusty ways endearing. Jasper was quiet, mostly paying attention to Alice and occasionally glancing at the Swan girl.

There is something about her, He kept musing silently.

This bothered me even more than Emmett subjectively eyeing her in the hallway this morning. Emmett was shallow and his thoughts were harmless. But Jasper was more sensitive and if he felt 'there was something about Bella Swan' then it meant something more.

I didn't need another reason to focus my attention to this girl, so I kicked Jasper under the table, demanding his attention. He looked apologetic.

Sorry, it's just a feeling I have. Can't explain it. It's not romantic though, don't worry, he explained

Like I cared if it was romantic. I mean, had I actually believed Jasper's thoughts to be romantic? Wasn't that impossible in more ways than one? I mean Alice and Jasper had been together for decades and I knew that once one of our kind settled with someone, they'd settle forever. So, why had it bothered me then?

I glanced at the table near the buffet. Bella Swan was sitting there with Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton. Plus some other kids, but they were the most prominent ones on Forks High. Both of them shared this odd popularity; Mike Newton as the hunk and Jessica Stanley as the self crowned queen.

Usually neither of them interested me the least bit, but the fact Bella Swan was sitting with them now, made me pay more attention to their thoughts.

"She's cute, I am gonna ask her out soon. Better do it before that Yorkie kid gets his chance, Newton thought angrily

Of course, Mike Newton was already measuring his chances with the new girl. I suppose, being the most popular guy in school, he'd have a more than decent chance at taking her out on a date.

This bothered me, but I didn't have time to dwell on it because Jessica Stanley's thoughts were too loud not to distract me.

Look at her, the attention swarming around her. And she does not even seem to care. Unless she is acting like she does not care but totally loves all this attention in secret. Ugh, look at Mike ogling. And I can't believe she even got Edward Cullen staring at her earlier when he walked in. What is so special about her anyway, she is super pale and stuff. Not pretty at all.

Jessica's thoughts were bitter, Mike Newton's thoughts took a turn for the inappropriate I had no lust to hear and so I was actually relieved when the bell rang to announce lunch hour was over.

Of course, being preoccupied with all these human thoughts about the girl, I had not anticipated on Alice fleeting from our side and going over to Bella's.

She knew I could not stop her in a room full of people and so she took advantage of that.

As Bella and her new friends readied to leave the cafeteria, Alice made it over to her side, leaving me standing a few feet away, carefully trying to hide the shock on my face. Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie left my side to head to their next class.

"Hi", I heard her say, "I am Alice. You must be Isabella. It's a pleasure to meet you", Alice purred.

Bella looked startled, the rest of the group suspicious. Alice had tried to make acquaintance with some of the girls before - including the hateful Jessica and overly jealous Lauren but she never succeeded. She smelled a new opportunity now.

"Bella", the girl corrected, like she'd done all day, "It's nice to meet you too", she returned shyly.

Her voice was a clear one. A quiet one. And suddenly something occured to me. Something that unsettled me. Since I had been busy trying to pay attention to the thoughts around Bella, I had forgotten to pay attention to hers.

I paid attention now, hoping her voice would help me recognize her thoughts. I assumed Alice appearance and approach had an effect on the girl and listened in to hear her internal reaction.

But there was nothing. Pure silence.

Shocked rippled through me...

I could not hear Bella Swan's thoughts.

While I so very much wanted to overthink and analyze how this could be possible, I had no time to do so because Alice didn't refrain from simply exchanging pleasantries, she had taken it upon herself to walk Bella to her next class.

My next class. Biology.

I rushed through the halls to make it to the building. Not because I cared about Biology so much, but because I wanted to do damage control before Alice would go overboard and invite Bella over for a slumber-party.

This was also something she had tried before. In her enthusiasm, she always went too fast. She wanted to befriend someone, to feel a little bit human again, and I could symphatize with that, but she didn't seem to understand that most humans simply shied away from her eagerness.

Alice was waiting for me outside the classroom, smirking.

I think she likes me, she concluded satisfied

"I hope you haven't scared her too much", I murmured bitterly.

I strode past her and walked into the room. There, Bella was sitting at my table.

Of course. She was going to be my lab-partner for the semester.

Even if I wanted to escape her - and I really did not know why I was so desperate for this - I didn't seem able to. Everywhere I went, she seemed to be. Not in the least because my sister had decided she wanted to befriend this girl...

I could not repress a sigh as I slid into my seat next to the girl.

She looked up and I could read wonder in her eyes. But also confusion and curiosity. Her cheeks flushed with a bright red as she quickly looked away.

She tossed her thick brown hair over her shoulder as a shield between us. The breeze of it hit my nostrils and I immediatedly knew why I had felt the need to shy away from her.

The scent - Bella's scent - was heavenly. I smelled humans all the time, but this was different. This scent was indescribably amazing. So incredibly alluring.

I wanted to lean in to take a good whiff, but I knew she'd probably not appreciate that one bit.

Never in my existence had I wanted someone. It had seemed redundant to me, a waste of time. Since I was not human, I did not see the point of love and relationships. Those were the trials and tribulations humans went through and I'd rather stick to my monotone immortal life.

But this girl, whose been on every one's mind today, whose thoughts I could not hear, who my sister had picked to become friends with, who smelled so fantastic...

It was this girl - and not in the least her scent - I was fascinated by.

Attracted to...

I wanted her, was my odd and extremely puzzling conclusion.

And so - in a moment of ridiculous weakness - I spoke without thinking or halting myself.

"Hello, I am Edward Cullen. I believe you met my sister earlier..."