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"Are you sure he is ready?" Nukpana questioned to Monty in a somewhat quiet tone. The 'he' she spoke of stood before his parents so it was very easy to hear her. Still, she whispered out of habit and, mostly, out of concern. Never before had fear, concern, and worry made the volume of her voice go down a few notches; then again, never had she become a mother before so it was expected. Not to mention, never before had she had to deal with the fact that her son was going away, even if it was just for several hours without either parent.

Hasani stood there being stared at and studied by his parents. He felt more five than nine at the moment. Dressed up in some sort of suit that made him look a child playing in his fathers clothes, which in reality was much of a stretch from the truth, he tried to adjust to the movement. It felt so…stiff!

"He is ready." Monkey Fist stated just as grave as though they were talking about sending him into a suicide mission. "There are no other options; the other school rejected him." He paused and frowned. "It is time for him to go to public school."

Nukpana sighed slightly as though reluctant to let her son go to the place she had fought so hard for him to go to. It was like any mother, however. She smiled though, slightly excited and yet scared for her baby, her only child. "I know. Hasani, are you ready for your first day of school?"

"Yes mother." He smiled widely and brightly, trying to be as true as he could to it instead of bitter. Hoping to comfort his mothers fear, he reassured her, "I can't wait. I'll be fine, I promise!"

Truth be told, he was just as terrified as she was but skillfully hid it, a useful trait he picked up from his training with Monty. He had never been to a public school and suddenly they were tossing him into a normal fourth grade school. No fighting, no training, no reading about Mystical Monkey Powers; simply normal. What if he came off as a freak to others? He had learned over the years to try not to let the lung problem stop him, yet what if they made fun of him? So many questions!

Still, for his mother's sake and for the sake of being a 'man' he kept these questions silent.

"You begged me," Monkey Fist suddenly addressed his lover, "to let him go to a public school. You even did me a few…favors." He chose his words carefully so the young lad wouldn't click of what had happened. "Even he said he will be fine. Now relax and be happy for him." As if to make up for the sternness in his voice, he did something he hadn't done in quite a few months; he kissed both of her cheeks and forehead.

Instantly Nukpana's cheeks turned a fiery red and she spun away to keep it from her son. Still, Hasani noticed and smiled at the rare affection between his parents. When the Egyptian girl turned away, Monty smirked and looked back at his son.

"It's a bit past seven. Are you ready?" It was as if he was giving the boy a choice which, in truth, was the last thing he was doing. They had all worked too hard to turn away now.

"Yes." Hasani nodded.

"You are prepared?" Zuri asked as though giving an interview.

All around them, the room was dark from a lack of light. They lived at a deserted house, a place without electricity and whatnot. It was basically another way of saying they broke into a broken down home and were living there for the time being. It was no more different than the house they had back in Africa.

Abidemi stood there in another suit, in something that he had never worn before. In all his years he had worn mostly just pieces of clothing, scraps. Never had he worn something so…so fine! Of course it was stolen but still, it felt nice.

"Of course." He stated coolly almost in the same tone as she did. That was one thing he hated sometimes; after glancing at the families at the air port and whatnot, he wondered why he didn't have a similar relationship. Instead, he had something of a…a business relationship. It was quite upsetting at times but he had learned to push it aside.

"You know what to do?" Again, her voice was cold with a hint of anger, perhaps directed at Monty, this time.

The young lad paused and then nodded. "I do." As much as he hated to do it, he would without question.

"Come along."

Not long ago, she spotted Monty dropping off Hasani at the same school Abidemi was going to as well.

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