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Chapter One: Conquistadores

Tatsuki knew they were keeping things from her. She felt betrayed that Ichigo and Orihime, her two oldest and closest friends, were keeping things from her. Important things. She knew that Ichigo and Orihime had disappeared for just about over a month during summer break. She didn't know where they went. But she did know that Orihime that wasn't anywhere on the face of the Earth. Tatsuki knew this because of her ability to sense where Orihime was. When she got this ability, she didn't know. But she did know that she had this sense before she gained the ability to see spirits. Though it did seem to become stronger and more precise after she started seeing spirits. She could now tell where Orihime was anywhere on the planet. But when she left, she could still sense her but couldn't place her anywhere on the planet.

Then they came back. The strange things didn't stop. There was Ichigo's reaction to her comment on that strange badge thing on Ichigo's belt. And then later it started yelling "Hollow alert!" in the middle of class. And yet just about everyone in class seemed to be unable to hear it. Only Ichigo, Orihime and Chad seemed to react to it. Then the three of them excused themselves and a few minutes later, she saw Ichigo running across the school grounds, wearing a weird black getup and a big sword wrapped in bandages on his back.

It hurt that they were keeping things from her. Wasn't she their friend? Wasn't she one of their nakama? Why didn't they trust her? Maybe she could help them. Maybe-

"Hey Arisawa! Get your head in the game!" the coach shouted, bringing her out of her thoughts.



There was an explosion virtually right next to where the team was practicing. Tatsuki was knocked off her feet by the force of the explosion. But aside from a few scraps and bruises, she was uninjured.

"Wha...What happened?" she said as she started to pick herself up.

Then the pressure hit her. It was intense and smothering. Forcing her to remain on her hands and knees. Tatsuki looked up at the smoking crater. The smoke was beginning to clear, revealing to men in white. The first was behemoth with tanned skin and wearing a jawbone on his chin. The second one was shorter and deathly pale. There was tear-like markings running down his emotionless face and a weird bone-like half-helmet on his head. By the thing that truly put fear in Tatsuki's soul, was the perfectly round holes on their bodies. Just like the holes that masked monster had.

"The World of the Living...I haven't been here since my days with a full mask. It's still a bore." the giant complained. "I forgot how thin the reiatsu is."

"Stop complaining." the smaller one said. "I told you I could handle this alone. You were the one who wanted to come along Yammy."

"Alright. Alright. I'm sorry." the giant, Yammy said.

Yammy looked around. Noticing the growing number people staring at the smoking crater, he said, "Hey! What are you ants staring at?"

Of course, other than Tatsuki, none of them could see or him. So they kept on staring at the crater.

"Stop staring at me or I'll suck out your souls."

Again, other than Tatsuki, none of them were even aware of what was going on. Suddenly, Yammy started taking a deep breath but he didn't stop inhaling. Tatsuki saw white energy leave the bodies of everyone near her and when those same people seem to be sucked dry of that white energy, they fell lifelessly to the ground. The energy was then consumed by the giant. Tatsuki then realized that this monster had just consumed all those people's souls.

Yammy then stopped inhaling and let out a loud burp. "Gah. Those souls were awful."

"Of course such weak souls would be bland and tasteless." the smaller one said. "Did you honestly believe differently?"

"Well they were staring at me like I was some kinda freak." Yammy said in his defense.

"They could not see us. They were staring at the crater." the pale one explained to his denser comrade.

"Well, it was still annoying." Yammy replied. "So how many do we have to kill?"

"Just one. The rest are nothing but trash."

"Just one of these ants?"

"That ant, as you put, is one of the few people of this world that pose a threat to Aizen-sama's plans. And must be eliminated."

Tatsuki had no idea what these creatures were talking about or who this 'Aizen-sama' was, but somehow she doubted that it was anything that could be considered even remotely good. The smaller one glanced at her. "It seems that you missed one."

Suddenly, the giant appeared in front of her and the pressure increase to the point where Tatsuki was fighting just to stay conscious. "So you escaped my gonzui. If that's the case, then that means your soul has enough power to resist it. Ain't that right?" The giant turned to his comrade. "Hey Uliquiorra, is this the one?"

"Of course not, idiot. Her soul is on the verge of shattering from your presence. She's trash."

"Well then. I just finish her off then." the giant said, pulling back his leg.

The pressure was becoming too great. Tatsuki's vision was blurring. She couldn't move an inch. And her mind was virtually blank. In other words, she was completely defenseless.

"Wait." Ulquiorra called out. "Bring her to me."

"What? Why?"

"Have you forgotten what Aizen-sama told us? He told us that there several souls living in this town that have untapped potential and that are close to our target. And he asked, that if we encountered one of said souls, to bring them to him."

"And how do you know that she's one of them?"

"I don't, you idiot." Ulquiorra said. "That's why I want you to bring her to me. So I can ask her without your presence smothering her."

"Oh." the giant said, picking her up. "Why didn't ya say so?"

The giant then tossed her like some trash at his comrade. Ulquiorra catch her with one hand. The pressure that was smothering her lessened to the point where she could function again.

"Tell me girl, do you know Ichigo Kurosaki?" Ulquiorra asked, letting some of his spiritual pressure wash over her.

Tatsuki tried to fight the pressure. But it was far, far different from Yammy's. His had been nothing but a raw, smothering force. Ulquiorra's was far worse. It felt like blades colder than anything she had ever felt were slowly piercing her body. But she had to fight it. She didn't know what these creeps wanted with Ichigo, but she wasn't about to help them in anyway.

"Go to Hell..." she said weakly, but defiantly.

"Answer the question girl." Ulquiorra said, releasing more of his spiritual pressure.


"I won't ask again girl. Do you know Ichigo Kurosaki?" Ulquiorra said, releasing even more of his reiatsu.

The pressure was too much. She couldn't fight it anymore. "Yes..." she weakly said, bowing her in shame for not being strong enough.

"TATSUKI!!" someone screamed.

Even in her state, Tatsuki knew who it was. "Orihime...Run..." she said, turning to her friend.

Suddenly, Tatsuki felt pain surge through her body as something stabbed into her chest. She faintly heard Orihime scream her name again. Tatsuki started feel numb. And very tried. She struggle to stay awake. But she just didn't seem to have the strength to do anything. Tatsuki took on last look at Orihime.

'Orihime...Please run...Forget about me...Just get away from them...Ori...hi...me...'

Then she died.

"TATSUKI!!" Orihime screamed as the pale man's stabbed through Tatsuki's chest.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as Tatsuki's body went limp. Then the pale man pulled back his arm, taking Tatsuki's soul with it. He discarded her dead body like a piece of garbage. Orihime ran forward, to try to rescue her friend. "Let Tatsuki go!!" she shouted.

Chad's arm shot out, blocking her path. "Stay back Orihime, I'll deal with these two monsters."

The pale man turned to her. "You wish for me to let her go?" he said. "Very well then."

He grabbed Tatsuki's broken Chain of Fate and kicked her towards her. The entire chain and plate ripped off instantly. Tatsuki started screaming the instant it was ripped off. Before Tatsuki's flying soul hit the ground, she exploded.

"TATSUKI!! NO!!" Orihime screamed.

"Tell me girl, is this the first time you've seen the birth of a hollow?" Ulquiorra asked.

To Orihime's horror, Tatsuki's body started reforming. Not as a human, but as a hollow. Her body was now larger, more muscular and she now stood on all fours like an animal. Tatsuki's skin was now black with red spiral designs on it. Her legs had become like a wolf's, with crimson razor sharp claws. Her arms remain human, but were more muscular and her fingers were now tipped with red claws. A scorpion-like tail now emerged from the base of her spine. Finally, Tatsuki's head appeared. Tatsuki's breathing became heavy, her hands grasping the grass, digging her fingers into the ground and her body started to tremble.

Orihime started to run to her. Not caring what her friend was becoming. Her mind was solely focused on helping her.

"Wait Orihime! Don't!" Chad shouted, trying to stop her.

"Not so fast ant." the giant man said, punching Chad.

Orihime would have stopped to help him, but she was completely focused on Tatsuki. Orihime reached out and touched Tatsuki's now large shoulders. "Tatsuki. Tatsuki. Can you hear me?"

"Orihime..." Tatsuki said, looking up, seemingly in a daze.

Then Tatsuki's eyes widened in shock and tried to get away from her. But Tatsuki appeared to have difficulties with her new form and ended up stumbling back. "No...Get away!" Tatsuki shouted at her, as a clawed hand grabbed her head. "Please...Get away from me! I don't know how long I can fight it! Please I don't want to hurt you!"

"Please Tatsuki. Let me help you." Orihime pleaded.

Orihime honestly had no idea how to help her. But she didn't care. Her friend was suffering and she had help her. That was all that mattered.

"Kill me! Before I hurt you!" Tatsuki frantically shouted. "Please! Kill me!"

Orihime's eye widened. How could Tatsuki ask her to do that? She could never hurt one of her friends. "I I...I can't."


As Tatsuki's screamed, white liquid poured out of her eyes and mouth. The liquid covered her entire head and started to take the shape of canine's head. Her hair grew out, becoming a wild black mane. The liquid hardened into a white mask shaped like a wolf's head with a red half X extending from the side of each eye hole.


Golden orbs appeared in the eye holes of the mask. "So hungry...Need to eat..." Tatsuki rasped, her voice now deeper and beastly.

"No...Fight it Tatsuki! Fight it!" Orihime pleaded, hoping she could reach her like she did her brother.

Tatsuki's glowing eyes focused on her. "So hungry...So hungry...Must feed...Need souls...GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!!" Tatsuki roared before lunging at her.

A bloody Chad leaped in front of her and punched Tatsuki in her masked face. "Stay back Orihime." Chad said.


"There's nothing you can do for her now, Orihime." Chad said, raising his armored right arm. "I'll put her soul to rest."

"Oh? And who said that I'm done with you, ant." Yammy said, suddenly appearing next to Chad.

Yammy grabbed Chad's arm and pulled. Practically ripping his arm off. Chad let out a pained grunt before falling to the ground in a bloody heap. The giant turned his attention to Orihime. "Ulquiorra, is that girl trash too?" he asked.

"Of course. But let the hollow finish her off. I imagine that she's quite hungry."

Ulquiorra turned to Tatsuki. "You heard me. Satisfy your hunger. Devour her."

The hollow that had been Tatsuki, didn't need to be told twice. She roared and ran towards Orihime and the fallen Chad.

Orihime knew she had to be strong. Not just for herself. But for Chad. And for Tatsuki. "Santen Kesshun."

Lily, Hinagiku, and Baigon appeared and created her shield. Tatsuki slammed into the shield, but it held and Tatsuki was forced back.

"What the...What kind of ability is that?" Yammy asked.

Ulquiorra didn't reply. Rather, he continued to watch the battle.

Orihime turned to Chad's fallen form and said, "Soten Kishun." Summoning Ayame and Shun'o to heal him.

"What? It heals too? What is this girl?" Yammy said, surprised by her abilities.

"This human female...is most unusual." Ulquiorra commented, more to himself rather than to his comrade.

Orihime then stood up and unsummoned her shield. "I'm sorry Tatsuki. Let me put your soul at rest." Orihime said, raising her arms, tears flowing down her eyes. "Tsubaki. Koten Zanshun. I reject."

Tsubaki flew out and stuck Tatsuki dead on. But Tsubaki was dependent her intent to actually inflict harm on another. But in her state and the fact that it was Tatsuki she was attacking, she might as well have been throwing a rock at Tatsuki.

Tsubaki bounced off her mask. The only damaged he inflicted was several cracks through her mask. Which quickly repaired themselves.

Tatsuki roared and lunged at her. Orihime closed her eyes, waiting for pain and her death to come.

But it didn't come.

"Hey ugly, why don't you try taking me on."

Ichigo cursed himself for being so late. Those two guys in Chad was rough shape. His right arm looked it had been ripped apart. And Orihime was to be torn apart by the hollow.

Ichigo flash-stepped in between Orihime and the hollow as it lunged at her. Ichigo raised the board side of Zangetsu up to block the hollow. The hollow bit down on the sword and it's main hands grasped the blade, trying get through the blade and at him.

"Hey ugly, why don't you try taking me on." he said.

The hollow growled and repeatedly swung it's tail at his head. But it was too slow. And Ichigo effortlessly moved his head out of every single attack. Ichigo then pushed as hard as he could, sending the hollow back.

Ichigo glance back at Orihime. "Are you alright Orihime?"

"Ichigo...That hollow...It's Tatsuki..."


Ichigo looked back at the hollow. Though it hair was longer and wilder, it bore a resemblance to Tatsuki's tomboyish hair style. And that's when Ichigo first saw it. Lying next to the shorter of the two white clad guys was Tatsuki's lifeless body, with a bloody hole in her chest. He felt his blood boil. The sight of his oldest friend murdered and turned into a monstrous hollow had enraged him. He was angrier than when his family had been attacked by that hollow when he first became a soul reaper. More than that time he fought that hollow that used the soul of a little boy to lure others to their deaths. Even more than when fought that monster that killed his mother.

"YOU BASTARDS!!" Ichigo shouted. "I don't know who you bastards are or why you're here. And I don't give a damn. For you what you did to Chad and Orihime, I'm gonna kill you. But for what you did to Tatsuki, I'm gonna send both of you straight to Hell! BANKAI!!"

There was a explosion of reiatsu, shrouding him in a blinding light and smoke. "Tensa Zangetsu!" he said as the smoke cleared, revealing his bankai.

The larger one scratched the jawbone on his chin. "Hey, Ulquiorra. Is this guy the one?"

"Orange hair. A black bankai." Ulquiorra replied. "Yes Yammy. He is our target."

"Que suerte!" Yammy shouted. "You saved us the trouble of hunting you down! I'm gonna-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Tatsuki roared and started running at Ichigo, clearly intending to attack him. Ichigo raised Zangetsu. He knew what he had to do. He was going to purify her soul and send her to the Soul Society.


Instantly, Tatsuki stopped in her tracks. She continued to growl, but otherwise, didn't move a muscle. "Young hollows will always obey a stronger hollow out of sheer instinct. Our of sheer fear of being devoured by a stronger hollow." Ulquiorra said emotionlessly. "Come."

Tatsuki let out a loud angry growl but to Ichigo disgust, she obeyed, turning around and walking towards Ulquiorra. "Sit." he commanded when she reached him.

And like before, she obeyed, sitting down like a dog next to Ulquiorra.

"I'm going to kill you." Ichigo said with pure hatred in his voice.

"You gotta go through me first, ant!" Yammy shouted as he punched Ichigo.

But Ichigo was faster. He raised, effortlessly blocking the punch. Yammy was completely surprised by this. "What?! How?!"

"You were the one who did that to Chad's arm, didn't you?"

Yammy quickly regained his composure and replied, "Of course I crushed that ant. Just like I'm gonna do to you!"

Yammy tried to punch him again. "Then I'll start with your arm." Ichigo said before flash-stepping.

An instant later, he reappeared behind Yammy. And an instant after that, Yammy's right arm flew off. "GAAAAAH!! MY ARM!!" Yammy screamed. "I TEAR YOU TO PIECES!!"

Yammy lunged at him. Ichigo sidestepped him and slashed him across the chest. And Ichigo didn't let up, using his superior speed, he attacked Yammy repeatedly. By the end, a dozen or so gashes had opened up all over Yammy's body.

"It's seems you're having trouble, Yammy." Ulquiorra said. "Shall I step in?"

"NO! I deal with him myself!" Yammy shouted, grabbing his sword.

Ichigo raised his own sword, preparing for whatever Yammy could throw at him. Suddenly, agonizing pain shot through his left eye.

'No! Not now! Get lost!'

Ichigo clutched the left side of his face while everyone else watched on in surprise. An unnatural blackness started crawling into his vision. Yammy, seeing his opening, attacked, driving his remaining fist into Ichigo's stomach. Ichigo stumbled back, only to get punched in the face. "Ichigo!!" Orihime screamed as she ran towards him.

"No! Get back!" Ichigo shouted.

But his warning was too late. Yammy backhanded Orihime, sending her flying.


Yammy booted Ichigo in the stomach mid-shout, sending him too to the ground.

'So if I resist you, you'll sabotage me, is that it?'

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Goodbye ant! I'm gonna smash you good!" Yammy said, raising his fist over his head.

Yammy brought his fist down...

...Only to hit a crimson shield.


"Hello there. Sorry we're late Mr. Kurosaki." Kisuke Urahara said as the shield disappeared.

Standing next to Urahara was Yoruichi. Both looked ready for a fight.

"What now? More ants?" Yammy grumbled. "This place is freaking crawling with ants."

"Ants? That's not a nice thing to say." Urahara said.

"Shut up! You're die for butting in." Yammy said, bring his fist down on Urahara.

Only for Yoruichi to flash-step and grab his arm. Yammy was sent flying as Yoruichi flipped him.

"I'll see to Orihime. Give me the medicine, you can deal with these clowns." Yoruichi said as she walked past Urahara.

"YOU LITTLE COCKROACH!!" Yammy shouted as he got back up to his feet.

Yoruichi completely ignored him. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!"

Yammy lunged at her. Only for Yoruichi to flash-step and kick the side of Yammy's head. Before he could react, she flash-stepped again and drove her fist into the top of Yammy's skull. The behemoth fell to his knees before falling face first into the ground.

Yoruichi knelt down next to Orihime. "Ms...Ms Yoruichi..." Orihime weakly said. "Is Ichigo..."

"No. He's fine. Here drink this." Yoruichi replied, raising a small bottle of medicine to her lips.

Orihime brought her right hand up, stopping her. "Wait...Tatsuki..."

"What?" a confused Yoruichi asked. "What are you talking about? She not here."

Orihime didn't say anything. She just pointed. Both Yoruichi and Urahara looked in the direction that and saw what they had missed. Tatsuki's body. "Damn..." Urahara said in a rare serious tone. "I'm sorry. Had I known, we would have been here soon-"

"RWAAAAAH!!" Yammy roared as he got back up. "YOU'RE DEAD!!"

Yammy opened his mouth. A growing crimson energy ball appeared in his mouth. A cero. Yammy fired off the cero. The area in front of him exploded. Yammy started laughing. "Ha! Ha! Ha! You're nothing but stain on the grass now!"

The smoke cleared, revealing a long trench-like crater and Urahara and everyone else safe and unharmed.

"What?! How could you deflect that?!"

"Deflect it? No. Deflecting it would have been too risky. I didn't deflect it. I simply canceled it out with a similar attack." Urahara explained. "Would you like to see it again?"

Scream Benihime!" Urahara said, swinging his sword.

A crimson crescent flew out towards Yammy. It almost reached him when Ulquiorra appeared and with his bare hand, deflected the attack.

"Thanks Ulqui-"

Ulquiorra punched Yammy in the stomach, interrupting him.

"Wha..What the Hell was that for?!"

"Yammy, you idiot. That's Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin." Ulquiorra said. "In your current state, you don't stand a chance against them."

Ulquiorra then reached out and drew a line in the air. The line slowly opened up, revealing a dark abyss. "We're going."

"Running away?" Yoruichi said.

"Watch what you say, woman. We both know that the two of you can't fight me while protecting that trash." Ulquiorra said. "Besides we've achieved our immediate objective. I'll tell Aizen-sama that the so-called soul reaper he has his eyes on is nothing but trash."

Then Ulquiorra turned to injured comrade. "Take the hollow. I'm sure Aizen-sama can find a use for it."

Yammy grabbed Tatsuki, who started biting and clawing at him. "Hey! OW! Stop that! Ow!" Yammy said as he walked through the portal with Tatsuki.

"NO!" Ichigo shouted as he got back onto his feet. "You're not taking Tatsuki with you!"

"And what exactly are you going to do to stop me, trash." Ulquiorra said as he stepped into the portal. "Your power is unstable and pathetic. It wouldn't surprise me if you ended up destroying yourself."

The portal then started to close. Ichigo ran forward, trying to reach the portal before it was too late. But it was too late. "TATSUKI!!" he yelled as portal completely closed.

Ichigo fell to his knees. He had failed to protect those close to him. If he was stronger, Chad won't have be hurt. Orihime won't have been hurt. And Tatsuki wouldn't have been killed and turned into a hollow. All because he wasn't strong enough to protect them.

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