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I continued to scowl, though my eyes were tightly closed. I was not happy about this, not happy one bit. And the reason I closed my eyes was so that I wouldn't see my home in California disappear behind me. It's not that I don't want my dad to take the job in Washington, it's just that I don't want to go with him. If I could chose, I would've never set foot outside Los Angeles - I had never had a reason too. But mom said we had to go with him for support, apparently he still needed a confidence booster when he has just been promoted.

This was unfair, plain unfair. The rain pounded outside the interior of our car and I felt another sting of remorse, I had not been allowed to take my prized motorbike to the town with a name of utensil either. I felt my face grower redder with anger and I slouched in my seat, too annoyed to respond to my mother's constant questions.

"Lucy!" She yelled and I sighed inwardly, there was no point ignoring my mom. She was too persistent to let me wallow in my angst in the backseat.

"What?" I said between clenched teeth, my eyes slowly opening.

I immediately froze, California no longer lay beyond the glass. Trees, trees and depressingly more trees. This time my groan came to volume and it knocked my mother mid-sentence.

"…I wish you would listen to me, Lu. You'll like it there, trust me." She cooed, twisting in her seat to face me. Her smile was partly determined, but I could see the cracks of desperation through it.

"No. No I won't." I hissed firmly and my dad grumbled something.

"Do you have to act so bratty?" He asked me and I narrowed my eyes at the back of his head.

"Do you have to drag me to the rainiest place on earth?" I retorted and I could see his face reddening.

"Lucy, don't you dare complain again during this car ride…" He started, but mom cut him off, coming reluctantly to my rescue.

"Please, just be open minded about it honey." She murmured and I crossed my arms across my chest.

I would not be open minded about this, how could I? I had already made up my mind - I was going to hate it there.

Silence filled the small space between us and soon my eyes closed again, unwilling to watch the blur of morbid colours outside my window.

I was more than unhappy with our moving, I actually loathed the idea. But now, here I was on some highway in Washington State, unable to escape my all too miserable future in Forks.