Author's Note:

Hey there, guys! It's been such an unbelievably long time since I've even touched this story, and I'm so sorry for being neglectful. Over the past two/three years I've been very busy with school, and gradually I was pulled out of my imagination and back to reality.

I was never completely happy with my style of writing or the plot-line when I started this story, and if I were to one day take Negotiating Fate off of hiatus then it would firstly be to re-write it from the very beginning. I also used to be a lot more devoted to fantasy books than I am now; however I have recently started a new story called North Star that is based around Seth Clearwater. Please check it out!

I've decided not to delete this story for now, and I hope I won't have to because maybe - sometime in the future - I'll regain the motivation to finish it. Again, I'm very sorry for indefinitely stopping the continuation of Negotiating Fate...

Lots of love and apologies, Holly xoxo