Title: City of Angels

Author: Helmi1

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Some of the dialog is from actual Angel seasn 1 and Buffy season 5 episodes.

Rating: T, for now anyway

Pairing: B/A

Summary: Sequel to Different turn in life. Angel is making amends in LA and Buffy starts studying in UCLA. Angel season 1 and Buffy season 5 mixed together. B/A all the way.

Spoilers: Angel season 1, Buffy season 5


Chapter 1: Back to L.A

Buffy and Angel moved to LA and for once everything went smoothly, since Angel had the problem with the sunlight sunlight, he bought an old office building which had living quarters downstairs. The office space and the apartment itself were still a mess, just bed, couch and a kitchen table were in place while the floor was filled with unpacked boxes.

Angel walked through the office and entered the elevator, pulling the gate down and going down to the apartment.

"Buffy?" he called out to the seemingly empty apartment and soon her head popped from the bedroom. She had a wide smile on her face, her hair was on a tight ponytail and a red bandanna wrapped around her head and her baggy clothes were full of splodges of paint.

"What have you been doing?" he asked suspiciously with a small smile playing on his lips. "Nothing", she answered trying to look innocent but failing. He raised his eyebrow and made his way to the bedroom. When he saw the room, he couldn't help but chuckle, there was a bunch of cleaning supplies on the corner, old news papers covering the floor and bed, the walls were half painted with antique white paint but the most amusing sight was her since it seemed that there was more paint on her than the walls.

"The walls looked kinda grimy, old and depressing", she explained nervously. "I was hoping, I'd manage to finish this before you got back. Do you hate it?" she asked wringing her fingers. He just laughed at her and pulled her into his arms, smearing the paint into his clothes also and pulled her into a soft kiss.

"I like it. Not too bright and not too dark. I'm guessing it will look good once its finished", he assured her and her smile returned to her lips

"You really think so?" He nodded and leaned into another kiss. They pulled apart as they heard Doyle clearing his throat in the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt but we've got a problem", he said raising his hands in the air in surrender as Angel threw a annoyed glance at his way. "What is it?" Angel asked and went to Doyle who pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. Angel took it and read it out loud: "Tina. Coffee spot." He glanced at Doyle.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" "Talk to her, find out what kind of trouble she's in. That's your problem, I just write them down", he answered shrugging.

"Why would a woman that I don't know, want to talk to a perfect stranger like me?" "Have you looked into the mirror lately?" Doyle asked and seeing the look Buffy was giving him, to change the approach. "Nice walls", he said and pulled Angel out of the room with him.

"I'm not good with people. I don't know what to say to her", Angel exclaimed. "Sure you know, you've got a girlfriend", Doyle said not understanding where Angel was going.

"Buffy is different. She knows what I am." "I have no idea how you managed to get such a hot girlfriend with your conversational skills", Doyle chuckled.

"He followed me into a dark alley and I knocked him down on his ass", came Buffy's voice from behind them. Both men turned around to look at her and she took few steps into the room.

"Since Angel's going for a damsel hunt, you're in painting duty in his place. Make yourself useful", she said and pressed a paintbrush into Doyle's hand.

"Good luck, honey", she whispered into Angels ear and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. "I'll see you later", he answered, stealing one more kiss and left. Buffy watched him go and without even looking at Doyle, she said: "Remind me again, why can't I go with him."

"You can help him, darling, but he needs to do the dirty work himself", Doyle answered and was about to throw the brush to the table but was stopped by the look Buffy gave him.

"Just because you get visions, you're not getting off so easily, you and me are going to paint that bedroom before Angel gets back", she ordered and when he didn't move, she lifted her eyebrow.

"Do you really want me to remind you, I'm the slayer and I'm loosing my patience with that wall, I've been scrubbing it for half the day and breathing in all those cleaning fumes, after that I've managed to paint myself more than the wall. Come on, you help me paint that room and I'll give you a beer." "Well now, who could resist that offer", Doyle smirked.


Angel was waiting by his car after Tina got off from work and after some threatening with maze and confirming that he wasn't working for any Russell, they talked and he offered her a lift to a party she was going. She convinced him to join her and he did but soon discovered he was severely out of place. What he wouldn't give for Buffy to be with him, it would be so much bearable, there was too many people.

"You are a beautiful, beautiful man", he heard a man say to him and looked at the shorter man in surprise and confusion, not sure what to say to that. "Thanks", he finally said.

"You're an actor", the man stated but Angel shook his head. "No." The man offered him his business card and said: "I'm Oliver. Ask anyone about Oliver. I'm a fierce animal. I'm your agent as soon as you call me." Angel was still little confused and rattled.

"I'm not an actor", he tried again but Oliver wouldn't listen. "Funny. I like that. I like the whole thing. Call me. This isn't a come on. I'm in a very serious relationship with a landscape architect." With that Oliver walked away, leaving confused Angel staring at the card till he heard a familiar voice.

"Cordelia?", he said to himself in surprise. He walked towards the unmistakable rattling of the young woman.

"Cordelia?" he acknowledged his presence and the woman turned to look at him with a shriek: "Oh, my god. Angel!" Angel gave her a small smile.

"Nice to see a familiar face", he stated warmly. "I didn't know you were in LA. Are you living here?" "Yeah. You?" he asked politely.

"Malibu. A small condo on the beach. It's not a private beach, but I'm young so I forbear", she chatted back. "You're acting?" he kept up the polite conversation in hope that she would keep his mind busy till he could leave the party.

"Can you believe it? I mean I just started it to make some quick cash, and then boom, it was like my life! I've been in New York for a year, on Broadway, you know but now I decided to quit waisting my talent and come here to start in movies", she continued and after a while added: "So are you still..." She lifted her hands up as claws and scrunched her face in demonstration before making a Grrr-sound.

"Yeah, there's not actually a cure for that", he answered feeling slightly amused inside. "Right, but you're not evil, I mean your not here to bite people?" she asked raising her neatly plucked brows.

"No, I'm here with a friend", he assured her. "Oh good", she said absently. "Well, it was nice seeing you, but I've got to get mingly. I really should be talking to people that ARE somebody", she added and walked away.

"It's nice that she's grown as a person", Angel mumbled to himself as he watched her go back to the suits. He turned around just in time to see a man grab a hold of Tina's arm and say to her that Russell wanted to see her. He was about to make a move to help her but she pulled her hand free and made her way to Angel.

"Could we please go", she said and Angel nodded, leaving the party with Tina. "Who was that?" he asked as they stepped into the elevator.

"Just Stacy, he's a creep", she answered, her tone making it sure that she didn't want to talk about it. The elevator stopped at the garage but before they could step out, three men lunged at them, two of them tackling Angel and the third pulling Tina out as the elevator doors closed. He growled in annoyance and quickly knocked the two men unconscious.

He stepped out of the elevator in time to see Tina being forced into a car and it speeding away. He sprinted into run and jumped into a black convertible, trying to start the car in the quick movement but finding the keys didn't fit. In a second he noticed that his car was parked in a different space, he jumped off the car he was sitting and soon he was speeding to the car that held Tina. He kept driving towards the car, heading for a collision but the other car pulled over before it could happen, crashing into parked cars. Angel pulled over his car and made his way to the other, slamming the car door to the goon that tried to get out and snatching his gun away from him before aiming it at Stacy.

"Whoever you are, you don't want to get involved here, trust me", Stacy said but Angel didn't pay any attention to his words. He turned to look at Tina, still keeping an eye on the dirtbag he had the gun aimed at.

"Tina, get in the car", he said and she quickly did as ordered. "You know what? I don't think you're going to pull that trigger", Stacy said confidently and suddenly Angel punched him with his free hand. The man feel ungracefully to the concrete floor. "Good call", Angel stated and threw the gun on top of the unconscious man before making his way to his car.


Angel took Tina to the apartment which to his surprise was empty. He found a note from Buffy on the refrigerator door, saying that she went on to a patrol. He quickly snapped the note down, hiding it under a breadbox and proceeded to boil the water, finding the cups and other needed things.

"Just moved here?" Tina asked looking around the apartment but not moving from the room. "Yeah. I made some tea. Milk or sugar?" he asked and poured the boiling water into two cups. "Both", she answered, smiling nervously. Angel went through the cupboards and finally turned to her.

"I don't think I have any", he said sheepishly, it wasn't like he needed any food and Buffy wasn't much of a baker. "I don't get too many visitors", he clarified and handed the other cup to her. She glanced at the weapons hanged to the wall and few that peaked from the boxes and stated: "At least not the kind you like." Angel just gave her a weak smile.

"So, is this the part where you comfort me?" she asked but to her surprise, Angel shook his head. "No. I have a girlfriend, and I think you've been taken advantage by too many people already", he said and she gave him a humorless laugh.

"Boy, are you in the wrong town", she said trying to keep her tears at bay, she fell sitting down to the couch. He quickly grabbed a piece of paper towel and handed it to her.

"Does Russell have a last name?" he asked. "Yeah, but you don't need to know it, you've done too much already." "I want to help", he tried but she just shook her head while drying her tears. "It's too dangerous, he's the kinda guy who gets away with murder", she continued, her eyes showing fear. "Who did he murder?"

"I don't know, not necessarily anyone. He likes pain, he practically loves it. You don't leave him, he tells when he's had enough. My friend, Denise, she tried to leave him and no one has seen her since", she said, tears again flowing freely down her cheeks. "It's okay", he assured her and pulled her into a comforting hug, letting her weep against his shoulder.


Angel pulled the blanket more firmly around sleeping Tina and he spun around as he head the door open and close. He glanced at the clock, it was dawn in an hour or so. Buffy walked down the stairs and raised her eyebrow as she saw the sleeping blond on their couch.

"That's Tina", he explained seeing her look and with two long strides reached and pulled her into a quick kiss. "How was patrol?" he asked her, stealing one more kiss before they made their way to the bedroom, not to wake Tina.

"It was okay, four vamps and a demon with two heads, I've never come by one of those. Did you notice I forced Doyle into painting the walls with me."

"How you managed that?" he asked suspiciously. "I threatened with bodily harm", she answered cheekily but he looked at her in disbelief.

"Doyle knows by now its just talk." "Yeah", she sighed and added: "I miss Spike, I don't have anyone to taunt here." Angel raised his eyebrow at her in disbelief and she just looked at him innocently.

"I bought Doyle a beer, that's how I got him paint the room", she confessed. "How was your night? And what kind of trouble is she since you had to bring her here?"

"I'm not sure yet, some Russell guy is after her. She's actually trying to get back home to Missoula, Illinois. Did I ever tell you I visited there during the depression?" he answered and she gave him a crooked smile.

"Hope you didn't mention that to her." He just smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, leaning his forehead against hers.

"Could you look after her while I go to the library?" he asked. "Yeah, sure. What you up to?" "Her friend disappeared and I'm just going to look if I can find anything that sheds some light into it."

"Okay, just be careful, it's gonna be light soon", she chastised and he couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself", he said and she gave him a smirk. "Don't I know it", was her reply and he send her a dirty look, feeling the weight of the words.


Buffy was sitting in the kitchen with a steaming coffee cup in hand, Angel had been gone for few hours and as always, she couldn't help but feel little uneasy of him being out during the day. She rolled her eyes at herself, he knew how to take care of himself and stay out the sunlight, he had been doing fine for over two hundred and forty years.

She jumped up from the table as she heard the Tina-girl whimpering almost in pain. In a flash she was by the couch and shaking her awake from the nightmare she was having. "Tina, wake up", she said and the girl jumped into sitting, breathing heavily and clearly confused where she was.

"He was here!" she whimpered automatically not caring who it was that woke her. "There's nobody here but you and me. It's okay, it was just a nightmare", Buffy said in a soft tone, trying to comfort the woman she hadn't even met yet. Tina looked around her, clearly her head clearing from the dream she had been having and she turned to look at Buffy in question.

"Who are you?" she asked suspiciously. "I'm Buffy, Angel girlfriend", Buffy introduced herself and offered a hand which Tina took with a small reluctance.

"Where's Angel?" she asked, she thought the 'I have a girlfriend' had been just a line to make her feel safer with him, but she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that he had been telling the truth, not that she was looking for a boyfriend anytime soon.

"He went out, to look into what happened to your friend", Buffy answered and saw from the corner of her eyes as Angel climbed from the trap door in the floor. She could see from the look in his eyes that he didn't come with good news. She went to him and took a hold of his hand, causing him to look into her eyes.

"I'm gonna go to the grocery store to get breakfast", she said to him and he understood what it really meant, that he could tell Tina his news in private. He gave her a quick kiss to the cheek before she left through the stairs and he made his way to Tina. Tina looked at Angel expectantly and he decided to go straight to the point.

"Did your friend have a tattoo on her left shoulder?" he asked and she nodded. "Yeah, a rose", she answered almost afraid of the meaning.

"I think she was murdered. And there were others. He picks girls with no family, no one to care", Angel confessed and tears sprang to her eyes, she shook her head in denial. Then her eyes caught the paper with her name on it and quickly she pulled farther away from Angel.

"Why do you have that? You knew who I was!" she accused and pointed at the slip of paper. Angel quickly followed her gaze and shook his head, he tried to take a step closer to her but she jumped back.

"It's not what you think", he tried but she didn't seem to believe him. "Russell is paying you, isn't he, to play with my head", she accused him and started to retreat. "He's not paying me. Please let me explain", he tried desperately but she just shook her head and slowly made her way to towards the door.

"You're just like him. Stay away from me!" she yelled and sprinted up the stairs to the office area, quickly making her way towards the front door. Angel ran after her and stopped her at the door.

"Tina, please, listen to me", he tried but she yanked the door open and his hand caught on fire at the sunlight. He growled at the pain, knowing that his face had just vamped out and she quickly ran out the door, into the sunlight. He was about to follow but the smoke rising from him made him stop. Defeated he looked after her into the sunlight and slowly retreated back to the apartment.

Fifteen minutes later, he was still nursing his burns and sulking after what had happened when Buffy came back with the bag of groceries. She glanced around her, not seeing Tina and then her eyes landed on the brooding Angel and the nasty looking burn wounds. She put down the bag and hurriedly made her way to him.

"What happened?" she asked and started to check the hand, frowning at the looks of it. He tried to pull his hand away but she would have none of it and kept the hand firmly in hers.

"She saw the note and got scared", he finally answered, not looking at her. "And you tried to follow her, not remembering your little sunlight allergy", she finished for him.

"She saw my face", he confessed, hanging his head in shame. "Angel", she said softly and cupped his cheek, pulling him to look at her. "Don't be ashamed of what you are. I know some get scared when they see you on your vamp face but don't cower away from me. I love you no matter what and it doesn't gross me out, it never has."

"It still bothers me", he admitted, this time looking at her and she nodded in understanding. "I know. Should I go after Tina?" she changed the subject.

"I don't know where she lives. And I doubt she'll open her door for you", he said solemnly. "I can be very convincing." "I doubt violence will be the right answer to this one", he said with a small smile tucking at his lips, though it was nearly unnoticeable.

"Who said anything about violence? Are you suggesting that I use violence as an solution to everything?" she asked placing her hands on her hips, giving him a mock glare.

"Of course not, honey", he answered and she raised an eyebrow. "Well, that didn't sound very convincing", she said and broke into a smile. He gave her one of his half smiles and placed a quick kiss to her lips before getting up from the seat.

"I need to find out where she lives, she's still in danger", he said and slipped into the trap door in the floor. Buffy grabbed a stake and quickly went after him.

"Just because you're the one doing the redemption thing, doesn't mean I can't help", she said once she reached him in the sewers.


It was already after dawn when Angel managed to dig up the information where Tina lived and he and Buffy made their way to the building. Already in the hallway he could smell the blood and fearing the worse, he ran into the apartment, there was no barrier on the door to stop him and he could see Tina laying on the floor. He walked to her and touched at the wound on her neck, she was already cold and the blood smeared into his fingertips. He jumped as he felt the gentle touch on his shoulder and he turned to look into the sad eyes of his lover.

"I'm sorry", she whispered and without answering, he turned to look at the woman on the floor. The smell of blood was making him crave for it and he couldn't stand it any longer, he jumped to his feet, Buffy's hand sliding off his back and he made his way out the apartment till he reached fresh air. He breathed in the air, trying to cover the scent of human blood that was lingering on his nose and making him want to sink his teeth into the next human that happened to be close by, and that was Buffy.


After the coroner office picked up the body, Angel and Buffy made their way back to the apartment. As soon as he stepped in, he started backing the weapons. Buffy had made a call to Doyle, telling the short version what had happened and he was already waiting at the apartment when they arrived.

"You couldn't have known this would happen", Doyle tried but Angel didn't seem to be listening. "The guy trying to take Tina at the party, his name was Stacy. He's a hired muscle, probably done some time", Angel said not looking at Doyle while packing the bag, Buffy watched slightly concerned from the door.

"First or last name?" Doyle asked and Angel shrugged. "Don't know." "Okay, I'll ask around." Angel nodded and threw a phone book to the table.

"Start with the car. Grey -87 Black Mercedes 300E, going to need some serious work on the bumper. Call the chop shops." "I know few that ain't on the book too. But why look for the car?", Doyle commented and grabbed the book.

"The car will lead me to Stacy and Stacy will lead me to her killer", he answered shortly, his eyes darkening. "You couldn't have known..." Doyle started but Angel gave him a look to stop talking.

"I don't want to talk about it. I'm not gonna start sharing my feelings and I don't want to open up. All I want is to find Russell and look him in the eye", he said flatly. "And then what?" "I'm gonna share my feelings", Angel answered and threw the bag over his shoulder. He was about to make his way out the door but was stopped by Buffy grabbing a hold of his arm. He turned to look at her sharply, but he felt the anger fading as he looked into her sympathetic eyes.

"Are you okay?" she asked in a whisper. "I will be as soon as I kill Russell", he answered and pressed a kiss to her forehead. She still didn't let him go.

"Let me help", she said, pleading with her eyes but he shook his head. "No, I need to do this. I know you want to help but it's a guy thing", he said and she nodded, understanding what he meant even though she didn't like it. As soon as he was gone, she grabbed her weapon bag and started towards the door.

"I thought you were going to let him do the guy thing?" Doyle said after her. "I am. But I really need to kill something right now", she answered without looking at him and left the apartment.


After throwing Stacy around and gaining the information on Russell, Angel returned to the apartment to get more supplies.

"Where's Buffy?" he asked Doyle who was sitting in the kitchen. "She went to kill something", he simply answered and watched as Angel packed another bag full of weapons.

"Well, have a nice vendetta, I'm going home to watch the game, I've got money on it", he said and got up from the table. "No you're not. You're driving", Angel said, making Doyle stop.

"Not gonna happen, buddy. I'm just the messenger", Doyle denied shaking his head but Angel threw his car keys at him and stated: "And I'm the message."

Doyle ended up driving Angel to the mansion and Angel told him to leave if he wasn't out in ten minutes, then he sneaked inside the walls. As Doyle watched him go, he couldn't help but think that if he didn't return, a certain slayer was going to make him an eunuch. Angel set an explosion with a timer on the fuse box and made his way inside the house, right into the second floor. He could hear Cordelia's voice and he stepped out of the darkness, Russell let go of Cordelia as he looked at the stranger.

"Russell Winters. I have a message for you from Tina", he said darkly. "You made a mistake coming here", Russell threatened and Cordelia's face brightened.

"You don't know who he is. Boy, you're going to get your ass kicked", she said and stepped back as Angel drew out a stake and attacked Russell. They traded punches, almost even in strength. The fight wasn't long but it was fierce, Russell managed to punch Angel to the ground and he saw the guards rushing up the stairs, he grabbed the end of the carpet and pulled it from under Russells legs, making him fall to the ground.

"Kill them!" Russell ordered and the guards started shooting. Angel jumped in front of Cordelia, taking the bullets shot her way and he lifted her into his arms before jumping down the balcony to the main hall, making Cordelia scream in the process. He let go of Cordelia and they made a run to the car. As soon as everyone were in it, Doyle sped back to the apartment.

As soon as he opened the door, keeping Angel upright with his other hand, Buffy ran to the door, taking Angel from him, letting him lean on her. "What happened?" she asked with a tinge of anger in her voice as she helped Angel to the couch.

"He got shot", Cordelia answered and for the first time Buffy noticed her, raising her eyebrows in surprise. "Cordelia?" she stated but didn't wait for any explanation, she quickly went through few boxes before returning with a small box that contained all the medical stuff. She ran her hand through his hair soothingly and helped him take off the shirt full of bullet holes. She wiped the blood off and pulled out the tweezers.

"I'm sorry", she whispered to him and started dig the bullets out. "Doyle, you wouldn't happen to have some whiskey stashed away?" she asked not taking her eyes off the task at hand. "Sorry, hon, but no." Once the bullets were out from his chest, she put gauze bandages on them.

"Turn to your side", Buffy said gently and slowly he shifted to his side, grimacing at the pain that shot through him at the movement. Trying to be as gentle as possible, she pulled out the bullets before covering the wounds with gauze bandages. She pressed a gentle kiss to his shoulder before easing him back to his back, minding of his wounds.

"Thank God it's over, I thought I was going to faint while barfing", Cordelia said rolling her head around and making Buffy roll her eyes, she hadn't changed much.

"It's over, right? That Russell guy isn't going to come after me since Angel beat him up and all, right?" she continued but nobody answered. Buffy grabbed a clean shirt and helped Angel to put it on.

"Willow says hi", she told him, changing the subject. "How is everyone?" he asked liking the distraction.

"Everyone's fine. Hellmouth's been quiet, mom is pressuring me to visit soon and Xander is moping."

"He's still having a thing for you", Cordelia stated, it wasn't a question and it made a small growl appear deep in Angels chest. Buffy slapped him, minding of his wounds and she turned to Cordelia. "Xander doesn't have a thing for me. Besides, he's dating Anya, the ex-demon that made you wish."

"He has a thing for you", Cordelia insisted till she realized what else she had said. "He's dating Anya!" she shrieked, making Angel grimace as the sound was like nails on a chalkboard to his sensitive hearing. "Yeah", Buffy said distractedly, turning back to Angel.

"I'm gonna run you a bath", she said and got up from the couch, making her way to the bathroom. Cordelia looked after her and then turned Angel, raising an eyebrow.

"So you and Buffy... I figured you would have moved on by now", she stated and Angel send a half glare at her way. "Not going to happen", he stated flatly but she didn't seem to notice the tone.

"Isn't this playing with fire, one time you get all groiny and hello murderous psycho and goodbye my inevitable stardom." "There's no danger, my soul is bound", he answered and Cordelia couldn't look more surprised.

"That couldn't have happened before you made the end of my school year living hell?!" she asked loudly and Angel had to resist rolling his eyes.


Angel walked into the conference room and walked towards Russell, but he was stopped by a lawyer standing in his way.

"I'm with Wolfram & Hart. Mr. Winters has never been accused and shall never be convicted of any crime, ever. Should you continue to harass our client, we will be forced to bring you into the light of day...", the man said passing his business card to Angel but he walked past him, tuning him out as soon as he reached Russell.

"Angel. We do things a certain way here in LA", Russell said, not seeming concerned. "Well, I'm new here", was Angels answer.

"But you're a civilized man. We don't have to go around attacking each other. Look at me, I pay my taxes, I keep my name out of the paper and I don't make waves. And in return I can do anything I want", Russell kept talking. Angel watched him sharply, playing with the business card in his hand, before placing his foot on his chair and leaning in, staring at him intently.

"Really? Can you fly?" he asked and kicked the chair, making it glide through the windows behind him. He could hear Russell scream and when the screaming stopped, he started walking away, placing the business card back to the lawyers jackets front pocket. "Guess not."


Angel laid in bed with Buffy in his arms, her fingers were making mindless patterns on his arm. "You don't seem to be feeling any better", she stated, turning to look at him.

"I killed a vampire, didn't help anyone", he stated and got a small slap in the chest in return. "Of course you helped, just think how many girls you saved, it's not like Cordy was going to be the last victim", she said to him, leaving no room for argument.

"I second that. And there's a girl upstairs that is ecstatic", Doyle said from the door, making the couple jump. Before anyone could say any more, there was a loud scream upstairs and the three sprinted into run. As they arrived to the room, they saw Cordelia waving a duster in her hand.

"Look over there! A cockroach! In the corner, I think it's a bantam weight!" she kept yelling and the others looked at her not understanding what was going on.

"Okay, first thing. We need to call an exterminator and a sign painter. We should have a name on the door", Cordelia kept talking.

"Okay. I'm confused", Angel said and Buffy lifted her hand like answering in class. "That makes two of us", she added.

"Doyle filled me in on your little mission. So I was just saying if we're going to help people, maybe a small charge. You know, something to help pay the rent and my salary. You need somebody to organize things and you're not exactly rolling in it Mr. I-was-alive-for-200-years-and-never-developed-an-investment-portfolio."

"You want to charge people?" Angel and Buffy said at the same time, even though Buffy wasn't all that surprised.

"Well not everybody. But sooner or later we are going to have to help some rich people, right? Right?" Cordelia said hopefully raising her eyebrows nearly to her hairline. "Possibly, yeah", Doyle commented.

"Hand me that box. So I think that we should charge based on a case by case analysis, but with me working for a flat fee. I mean, um…that is if you think that you can use me? I mean look at this place, our little slayer may know how to dust vamps but she's not Martha Stewart" she asked suddenly turning slightly uncertain but soon gaining back her usual confidence. Angel looked at Buffy, he couldn't make the decision on his own since it was her home too, she gave him a slight shrug and Angel took it as a okay, handing the box to Cordelia.

"Of course this is just temporary, until my inevitable stardom takes affect", Cordelia said and took the box from him before making her way to other room. Angel turned to look at Buffy in question while Doyle drooled after Cordelia. Buffy just shrugged and explained:

"Despite the fact that Cordelia isn't my favorite person, I think she needs this, I doubt she's making big bucks on acting, since I've actually seen her on stage." She mentally shuddered at the memory. Angel smiled and pulled her into a kiss.

"You're a good person, you know", he said smiling and gave her another quick kiss. "It's not like I have to live with her 24/7. And I have to visit Sunnydale on regular basis so I think I can deal", she said and turned to look at Doyle with amusement.

"And Doyle seems to be all for it. You have a little drool on the side", she said signing to the side of Doyle lips and giggle as he started wiping his lips.

"Okay, I think I was interrupted from spending a quiet afternoon with my girlfriend, how 'bout we go and continue?" Angel suggested whispering to her ear and earned a wide, bright smile from her. "No arguments", she said and pulled him downstairs. Doyle looked at the closed apartment door and Cordelia came to stand next to him.

"Are they always like that?" she asked sighing dramatically. "Pretty much", Doyle answered glancing at the brunette up and down.

"It's gonna be worse than in Sunnydale!" she sighed rolling her eyes as she heard the giggles coming from the apartment.


To be continued...

A/N: I'm writing this (which is a sequel to Different turn in life) at the same time as my sequel to In full body and mind, hopefully it won't get confusing. Please, review (good or bad), they keep my muse happy.