Naruto: Pieces
Chapter 4: Unexpected Reunion


Doton no Jutsu (Earth Release Skill)
This Jutsu allows the user to travel underground, and come back up (or pull others under) whenever he/she likes.

Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
A high-speed movement technique. It is described as 'appearing with the wind and disappearing like the wind.'

Naruto stared aimlessly at the tail of the leaf that sat on his forehead, while Anko sat underneath a tree having her daily nap. He grunted impatiently and took his eyes off of the leaf and over at Anko. She had brought him here every other day after he had gotten out of school, did his homework, and his chores. Where they sat was a training area located in the woods not that far from Konoha, it was surrounded by flourishing green trees with wide open spaces and big boulders placed among various places.

She fell asleep again? Ah this training is so boring! I don't get the point of it. I don't see why we can't do something cool like that Taijutsu stuff. He thought as he inspected the area around him. Anko had already taught him the basics of Taijutsu only about a month ago and since then thats the only thing he's been wanting to learn, but lately shes been trying to teach him how to control his chakra. So far they haven't had that much luck.

"If you stop messing around then you'll probably get it Naruto."

Naruto shifted his head back to Anko who was still sitting underneath the tree with her eyes closed. "Am I hearing things?"

"No you dumb ass !," yelled Anko who's eyes were now wide open with her arms crossed, "Do you need me to repeat the steps again?"

Naruto took the leaf off of his forehead and waved it angrily in the air, "I get what I have to do but I don't get the point of it! I mean whats a leaf got to do with training if all I do is stare at it?"

Anko sighed furiously, "Do you not pay attention in school?"

"Well...uhm...yea...sometimes..." He muttered as he tried to avoid contact with her eyes.

"Oh thats a surprise," she said sarcastically. The Hokage had told her that Naruto had failed the graduation exam twice and that while she watched over him that he wanted her to help him out with his problems. So far the major problem with him was controlling his chakra, she would address the lesser problems later on so that she could get this out of the way, "We need to get you to learn how to concentrate better and this is just one of many steps to do so."

"Concentrate for what?"

"So that you can learn how to build up your chakra right! Ive only said this about ten times before and after we got here. Have you not been listening to me?"


"Well then put that leaf back on your forehead, sit down or lay back or whatever the hell you want to do and don't think about anything except for that leaf!"

Naruto growled and did as she said, "I still don't get the point..."

Anko's eye twitched at his remark and picked up a pebble that lay next to her and through it Naruto hitting him square in the side of the head making him yelp in pain.

"What was that for!" he yelled, his eyes slowly watering up.

"For not listening to me."

"I was listening," he said as he rubbed the pain away from his head, "I just didn't get it."

"Ok then make me a clone."


"Just do it. Then ill explain."

Picking himself up from the ground he got into his stance then made the first hand sign then followed through with the rest.

"Bunshin no jutsu!"

There was cloud of thick white smoke that appeared next to Naruto and as it dissipated a pale figure lay on the floor. Anko immediately busted into tears of laughter. It was basically another Naruto but the only difference was that it looked like a pale ghostly white figure.

"What the hell is that?" she managed to get out in between laughs.

"It's the best I can do." He said in disappointment.

"Well see theres your problem," she stated as she wiped her eyes of her tears, " Your guessing at the amount of chakra you have to put into the jutsu and that will in most cases," she said as she pointed at the lifeless copy of him, "Will end up like that." She got up from underneath the tree and walked over to Naruto who was starring at the grass in discontent. "Doing this first step of the training will help you hone in on your concentration allowing to you draw upon maximum power whenever you want and by how much you want. Each jutsu takes a certain amount of chakra, some more than others. So you get it now twerp?"

"Hmm yea I guess."

"Ok so," she started as she bent down and picked up a leaf off the ground and poked him in the forehead with it, "So lets start over," She said smiling at him, " So you can get this down and finally maybe pass the graduation exam."

"How d' you know?"

"How d' I know about what?" She replied back pretending to not know what he was talking about.

"How did you know that I failed the exam?"

"I have my ways." She said as she ruffed his hair, "Now sit down and don't think about anything but that leaf. And I mean NOTHING but that leaf, not about my bra's or underwear..."

Naruto's cheeks rapidly blushed and was quick to argue with her, "Why would I think of that?!" he protested.

"I know how your perverted men's minds think. Now sit!"

Naruto complied and sat down mumbling to himself until she had yelled a him to be quiet.

"Good boy." She said as she grinned.

A few hours later and Naruto had done what he was told to do. He could start to feel something building up in his forehead where the leaf sat.

Clear mind. Think nothing but the leaf. Picture the leaf. Leaf, leaf, leaf, leaf. He recited in his mind. Then something happened, the leaf moved slightly but he didn't think much of it as he thought it was just the wind that caused it to move.

Ahh screw this, I have been sitting here for hours and nothing has even happened yet. He got up quietly enough so that he wouldn't wake Anko who was talking in her sleep about an all you can eat buffet that served Sweet Bean Soup, Dumplings, and Dango's. Drool slid down from the side of her mouth as she slept in peace. As he crept silently away from the training area he made his way around the woods. Climbing tree's chasing squirrels and such.

Sitting on a branch as still as the tree itself Naruto preyed on a squirrel that was enjoying a nut it had found on a few branches above him. Moving slowly he climbed up the tree to another branch and got into a leaping position. The squirrel turned around to see Naruto about to pounce on him and he through his nut as hard as his tiny little arms could. It bounced of Naruto's forehead as he leapt for the small fury creature only to catch air and landing on the branch with one foot. Looking around for the squirrel he spotted it... flying? To another tree. This threw him off balance and made him fall from the tree to ground.

"What the hell, did that thing throw its nut at me?" he looked up to see the squirrel floating down from above and land on a mans hair that sat still, undisturbed by the presence of the fury friend, "A flying squirrel?"

The man with the white spiky hair sat up against what looked like a memorial stone to Naruto reading a book. He wore a black mask that concealed the lower half of his face, which Naruto thought was a bit weird, but cool at the same time.

"I think the scientifically known term is, Petauristini." Said a voice.

"Huh?" Naruto looked around to see no one but the masked man and the squirrel who was still sitting in his hair. "I think I'm hearing things again." Scratching his head the voice spoke again, this time he could tell were it was coming from but the mans mouth wasn't moving on account of because of his mask but it should of moved too when he talked thought Naruto as he walked over to him.

"But I like to call him Momo." The masked man said as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a single nut and gave it to his furry friend not taking his eyes off of the book the entire time he did this.

Naruto starred awkwardly at the man as the squirrel 'Momo' disappeared into the man's hair. He started to wonder if the thing lived in his hair and thought that it wasn't very sanitary to have a squirrel living in your hair.

"You know that thing is in your hair mister."

Taking one hand off of his book he dug his hand around his hair searching for Momo and pulled him out and held him in front of his face. "How many times have I told you to not do that?"

Is he talking to that thing? Thought Naruto as he continued to watch the masked man talk to the squirrel, This guy is crazy.

He set the squirrel down and it ran to Naruto and climbed up his leg to his shoulder where promptly sat himself while he ate his nut. Naruto gave Momo an evil look.

"He's harmless." Said the mask man as he shut his book, "Your name is Naruto Uzumaki right?"

"Uh, yea, how'd you know that?" He asked, interested in how the man he had never met before knew his full name.

"Lets just say that you aren't the most popular kid in the village."

Naruto's facial expression turned to sadness as he knew what the man was saying. He knew how most of village disliked him, but he never or understood knew why they did. He turned his frown into a happy smile, "Anko-san always says to not worry about people like that, she says they are just stubborn and some other stuff."

"Other stuff?"

"Yea she likes to curse a lot."

The masked man chuckled, "Seems like she cares for you a lot."

"Hmm I guess."

"You think of her as your mom?"

"What?!" Naruto laughed loudly, "No. She's always beating me up and pestering me and stuff."

"Maybe thats just her way of showing affection to you."

"Ya well I don't think a mom goes around hitting their children for no reason and making fun of them."

"You'll understand soon when you grow up."

"Understand what?"

The mans one eye closed and Naruto could only simply guess that he was smiling underneath his mask. He motioned to Momo to come over and the squirrel jumped off of Naruto's shoulder and ran over to the masked mans shoulder. He turned his back on Naruto and started to walk away.

He looks just like you... Sensei. Thought the masked man as he walked away.

Naruto watched as the masked man walked away and then turned his attention to the stone where he was once sitting. There were a pair of goggles and a bundle of flowers that lay next to the stone. He silently read the stone to himself.

To those who gave their life in the line of duty.

Although no sculptured marble should rise to their memory, nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet their remembrance will be as lasting as the land they had honored. ~Daniel Webster.

Minato Namikaze( Konoha's Yellow Flash)

Obito Uchiha


He only read bits and pieces of the stone until he lost interest in it. Looking at the goggles that lay still, he picked them up and examined them. They had an orange tint to them and what looked like ear muffs on the sides. In a simple way he sort of adored them and started to think about getting a pair of his own. He decided that he would later ask Anko to give him some money so he could go out to the village and buy a pair of his own but a different color.

Making his way back to the training grounds some where along the walk he made a wrong turn. Looking at his surroundings he knew that he was lost. He tried to find his way back but everywhere around him were tree's. Tree's thats look like other tree's. Big tree's, small tree's, bushes. Eventually he found it useless to walk anywhere as he was just probably walking in circles. He sat on an tree stump that looked like it had been slashed in half. Figuring that if he just sat in one spot that Anko would find him easier than him walking around cluelessly. After about ten minutes of sitting there his stomach growled.

"I haven't ate since this morning, and it wasn't even a big meal." He morned.

The last time he ate a big meal Anko had took him out to the training spot and taught him some Taijutsu. He learned his lesson to not eat a heavy meal like that before training again.

"We have the bounty."

"Hm?" Naruto looked around but saw no one in sight, "Whats with me today, I keep thinking I'm hearing people when there isn't even anyone around me. I think all those blows to the head are finally getting to me." He said as he rubbed his head.

"Yes, ten million ryu."

"There it is again." Siting up from the stump he walked towards the source of the voice. As he walked nearer to the voices they became more hear able. They were talking about what seemed like a bounty thing. There were two of them, both in black coats which had red cloud patterns and both also wore straw hats. Only one did the talking, but it didn't look like he was talking to the other man who was noticeably shorter than the other one. Next to the taller man an old man laid on the floor, either unconscious or dead.

"Yes.......Understood. Ah that guy, he's such a pain."

"He has his reasons." The shorter man said. "Isn't your old village the one hidden in the leaves around here?"
"Hm, yes. It's been a long time since I've seen it. One day I will come back and destroy it and its prominent Hokage." Replied the fairly taller man who was snickering.

Naruto was shocked to hear this news, "The Old Man?" He whispered.


"It would seem we have a visitor."

Suddenly the taller man disappeared in an instant and Naruto felt cold air crawl up his back.

"Well well look at what we have here."

Naruto shocked to hear were the voice came from turned around to see the man standing behind him. He grabbed Naruto by the throat and picked him up.

"I'm guessing you must be a little Konoha brat." The man said as he smiled devilishly.

The shorter man appeared beside the taller one, "It's just a kid." He said plainly not really caring for him.

"What should we do hmm?"

"If he is from Konoha we should leave quickly, we don't want to try and start anything so soon with them."

Naruto tried to wiggle out of his holders grip, but found it helpless.

"Oh I'll make it quick." He said as he licked his lips.

Anko awoke up from her nap and wiped her mouth of her drool.

"That was a nice dream." She said as she yawned. "You get it this time Nar-" Finding herself to be talking to no one, she looked around for Naruto.


She had been yelling out his name for about the past ten minutes and cursing at him to come out and stop playing and that if he didn't she would kick his ass. But no Naruto.

"Where is that kid?" She asked herself as she walked around the woods. "I wonder if he went home." Turning back to go to the village she heard faint screaming. At first she shrugged it off until the screaming didn't stop. She listened closely to the screaming and finally matched it.

"Naruto!" She yelled as she began running, "I need to move faster damn it. Shunshin no Jutsu!" Disappearing with the wind she quickened her haste.

In minutes she arrived to spot where she had thought the screams originated from. She stood on a branch some feet away where the two black coated figures stood. One of them held Naruto up against a tree while the other watched.

"You bastards." Cursed Anko as she took out a kunai with an exploding tag wrapped around it. She would have to split both of them apart since she didn't know the level of the two mysterious black coated people and she didn't want to go head in into the fight now knowing what they were both capable of. Creating two shadow clones she sent one underground with her Doton no Jutsu technique. The one that went underground was in place and the other clone was in place as well. Both the clones acted on the same time, the one underground was underneath the smaller man and grabbed his feet and pulled him underground.

While the other clone appeared behind the taller man with a kunai at his throat.

"If I were you I would let that boy go." Anko whispered in the mans ear as she brought the kunai closer against his throat.

The man snickered and dropped Naruto, "This should be fun." Anko lost grip on her holder as his body turned to mud. Naruto lay half awake on the floor watching the scenario play out in front of him.

"Anko?" he uttered out faintly.

"Hey kid. How ya holding up?"

His face was a bloody pulp, he had cutes and what looked like burn marks across his body. "I'm alright." He said forcing himself a smile. His left eye opened in terror, "Behind you!"

A sword went through Anko's stomach and she dropped her kunai. It made a clanking noise at it hit the dirt.

"Anko." Naruto whispered.

Naruto blinked with his one eye, the other was swelled up so bad that he couldn't open it, a single tear dropped and ran down his bloody cheek. The body in front if him smiled and spoke, "Don't worry twerp." and it poofed into smoke.

"A shadow clone." The man said as the sword recontacted back into the snakes mouth and in turn returning into his. A loud thunk landed next to him but he couldn't see what it was with all the smoke around him. As the smoke cleared he noticed a red tag sticking up from the ground. "An explo-"

The tag went off and there was a huge explosion of flames mixed with dust. Naruto opened his eyes to see Anko carrying him away from the explosion.



"I thought..." he sniffled, "You were dead."

"Heh I'm not gonna die that easily." She said as she stopped running and put him down against a tree.

"I think you got him." said Naruto as he looked back at the explosion.

"Probably, but I doubt it." She said as she reached into her pouch. "The tall one he-"

She was cut off by the hissing of snakes that shot out from the tree above them. Anko jumped back as the snakes shot down towards her and chased her. Jumping in the air she made quickly made hand seals and breathed fire at the pursuing snakes. They burnt to crisps and the ashes were blown away by the wind.

"This technique, Its gotta be him." Caught off guard a snake she didn't see before came up from under the ground and wrapped itself around her leg as another snake did the same. They bit her leg as she cut them free.

"Shit." She panted heavily as she looked at the ground where a puddle of mud lay. "I know it's you."

The mud rose from the ground and took shape of the tall man in the black coat, "I have to say, I'm quite disappointed in you...Anko. I was expecting more from you."

Anko grinned, "Don't underestimate me..." The man laughed and took off his straw hat, "Orochimaru."

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