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Chapter 1-Two Hearts that Beat

Rose Tyler sat alone at the bar, tapping her fingers on the counter to the beat of the pounding music, her trained eyes scanning the crowd for anything unusual.


She took a bored swig of coke. What did she expect? It was a party, not an invasion. Sighing she stared at her shoes; high-heeled, silver-strapped things which were impossible to run in, and the gown was no better. In a way it was good mischief was unlikely tonight.

Someone took the empty seat beside Rose but she didn't look up to see who it was. To be honest she didn't really care. A minute of silence passed during which she knew his eyes were fixed on her, then he spoke; his voice oozed power and calm, she found it quite unnerving but strangely pleasant.
"Could I buy you a drink?" It took her a few seconds to realise he was speaking to her. Lifting her head she peered at him from beneath lowered eye-lids with a look similar to disdain; she held up her half-full glass as if in triumph. However as soon as she viewed him properly her hand fell and her tired expression became a nearly flirtatious smile. He was handsome and young and...
"I'm okay thanks," she said politely and swiftly, then returned to sipping her drink, scolding herself for even contemplating flirting with the strange man.

After a few minutes Rose realised he was still staring at her intently, studying her every movement as if she was an experiment and he a scientist. Slowly with a harsh, scary scowl she turned to face him, when she talked her voice was firm with an edge of cruelty,
"What are ya looking at?"
"Rose Tyler?" was his only reply. Her frown deepened as the unknown male stretched out his arm to shake her hand in a friendly gesture. How on earth did he know her name? "Harold Saxon," he continued surely, "But you can call me Harry."
Rose took his hand and shook it warily.
"Rose Tyler," she paused, her eyes scanning him thoroughly, "But of course you already knew that." The strange man smiled widely, unmoved by Rose's cold frown, which she found made her very nervous. Taking another sip of her beverage she tried to distract herself from this Saxon person, and his judging and intense gaze.

"Would you like to dance?" Rose sighed; did this guy ever take a hint? But as she was feeling bored and like she was going to drop off to sleep any minute, Rose decided a dance might do her some good, and she may be able to find out what this fellow wanted. So she nodded blankly and accepted his warm hand as he led her gracefully to the bustling dance floor just as a romantic slow dance whispered from the speakers.

Harry placed a hand on her hip sensually and began to lead her about the floor expertly. A million thoughts rushed through both of their heads; wonder and hate and shock and something that neither could place as they avoided each others eyes religiously. Getting swept away in the light, sweet melody Rose rested her head against his shoulder and shut her eyes, questioning the reason why the movement felt so right, and listening to the hypnotising beat of his heart. Suddenly she scowled, straining her ears, and disbelief filled her mind.

Double heartbeat?! No I couldn't be, it just wasn't possible, it couldn't...Rose's eyes shot open as she lifted her face from his body and turning from his knowledgeable, mocking stare, fled, unsure of what to think. But she could not even escape from his possessive grasp because he was still holding her hand tightly within his as she stepped back, and he tugged her back against him roughly.
"I think we should talk Miss Tyler, in private," he whispered with his lips close to her ear, so close she could feel them grazing against her burning flesh and her hair rustled softly due to his breath.

As the music continued he dragged the blonde woman from dance floor and through a side door out into an alleyway. The night air was chilling and made goose-bumps rise up on Rose's bare arms, but she did not care, all she could think about was those tell-tale heartbeats she had just heard. She turned to him with her eyes blazing and her cheeks tinged pink; she was angry and completely confused,
"Who the hell are you?! You're not him, are you a..." She found herself unable to continue, even after years the whole situation was utterly overwhelming. Harry gave a knowledgeable smirk; he seemed to be quite amused by the whole thing,
"Time Lord?" He asked as if able to read her mind, before he answered his own question, "Yes. I take it 'him' is the Doctor." He stated, already knowing that the answer was yes. What really surprised him about her was the fact she did not seem heart-broken or as if she would burst into tears at the mention of his name, she was hard and stony faced, professional and very intelligent about the whole situation. She simply ignored his question.
"Are you from this universe?"
"What do you think?" He asked her teasingly, but it seemed that Rose Tyler was not in the mood for playtime as she snapped back quickly,
"Don't play games with me," she was feisty, he liked that a lot, "Are you from this universe?"
Rose found herself quite drawn to him despite the fact he was an alien and very different to anyone she had ever met before including the Doctor: he had a gorgeous smile and deep, powerful eyes, his voice was velvety and he was intelligent and playful.
"No," he finally answered honestly, also he was telling her the truth, right from the start, "I'm from the other here; your universe Rose Tyler."
Okay, maybe not. Shaking her head stubbornly Rose disagreed surely, she could hardly believe this, "But that's impossible, the universe would collapse, we'd all be dead, you and me included. You're lying!"
"And yet here we are, you and me," he looked at her with a sexy side glance, breathing the words out sensually, "Alive and well. Could it be the Doctor lied?"
With a scowl Rose spoke under her breath, yet Harry could hear her, Time Lord hearing was far superior to humans, "Wouldn't surprise me!"
"Nothing's impossible if you want it enough," he said his voice low and soft as if the words were just floating from between his lips and he winked cheekily at her, she blushed a little but did not drop her gaze; instead she met his eyes and found herself drowning in their beautiful, enchanting depths.
"Are ya trying to tell me somethin'?" she asked, getting her emotions back under control as quickly as possible. He smiled again,
"Maybe. Your precious Doctor never came back for you did he?"
"No," she said unemotionally, she decided along time ago that that man could not hurt her anymore, "But I stopped mourning him years ago, and he is NOT my 'precious' Doctor." She spat the word precious as if it were poisoned and letting it linger for too long on her lips would kill her. The Master smiled happily,
"Nothing." But Rose smiled secretly to herself, she had heard him, "Miss Tyler," he began politely, "Would you allow me to take you out on a date, say seven o'clock Wednesday evening?" She was staring at him with probing eyes, wondering what was really wanted of her; her authoritative gaze was enough to shrink him down. It took his breath away; she was the only person or alien to have ever done that,
"But I don't even know you," she stated firmly.
"Come on Wednesday and you'll soon learn," it was clear he was hoping to intrigue her into agreeing. Rose sighed and shrugged carelessly, she had nothing else to do and she had a strange feeling that she would really enjoy this man's company. She held out her arm in a motion that mirrored the one he had done at the start of the evening,
"Okay Mr Saxon," he gave her a faked, scolding look, "Harry," she corrected herself, "I accept." He took her hand and shook; it did not go unnoticed by either party how perfectly their hands fitted together or the little jolt that surged up their spines when their flesh touched. Harry's grin was wider than ever before, Rose just had to smile as well,
"Excellent. I'll pick you up at your house at seven on Wednesday then Miss Tyler."

Rose breathed out, realising that they were still unconsciously holding hands, it seemed neither wanted to let go first. Suddenly they both broke contact at the exact same moment, looking a little embarrassed, their faces slightly flushed,
"Lovely doing business with you." The man shook his head seriously,
"Not business Miss Tyler, purely pleasure." Rose nodded, showing she understood and agreed. Then she turned and started to head back inside, after all her job was to guard the party from alien threat, not flirt in a back-street with one of guests. The director would kill her if he heard about this. With a coy smile she looked back at him and said,
"Oh and Harry," she purposefully emphasised his name, "It's Rose." Then she was gone.

After she had vanished back into the noisy party and the door had snapped shut again Harry Saxon smiled to himself proudly. He had done it. Stage one: getting acquainted with Rose Tyler, former companion had been successfully completed. And he hadn't even had to use mind control. But what was more shocking was he found himself quite liking her, well, really, really liking her. Everything about her was perfect in his eyes: she was pretty, young, brave, intelligent, gutsy and charming in a cheeky, commanding way. Something had happened when they touched that had never occurred before and the feel of her eyes meeting his, her smile, just every movement she made, made him feel as if he could no longer breath. His heart was still pounding even now. It was terrifying, but rather pleasant at the same time. He did not understand, despite his geniusness. What was this odd, new emotion?

Rose was leaning against the wall, eyes closed tight shut as she recalled the conversation in her mind's eye. But it wasn't his revelation about his species that shocked her; something about him had made her suspicious as soon as he'd sat down beside her. No. What surprised her was the way her heart was thumping up in her throat and her breathing was fast and shallow. How could one single man who she'd never even set eyes on before make her feel like that? It was incomprehensible. Now the whole Time Lord thing was sinking in she found herself quite (in truth, very) taken by Harold Saxon, and looking forward to their quickly arranged date. He seemed the perfect gentleman. She had not felt like this since meeting the Doctor for the first time, and even that seemed less intense than how she was currently feeling. Maybe her dreams of moving on romantically were finally coming true.

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