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Chapter 16-Devils and Archangels

The launching party entirely filled the whole of the enormous conference room in what was once known as the Millennium Dome. The Prime Minister stood in all his smart, suited glory with his grey hair combed back and fixed back against his skull on a raised platform behind a tidy lectern. Before him stood hundreds upon hundreds of photographers and journalists eager to lap up every word that he uttered and have it reported in the next day's paper. And behind him on the mini-stage stood an array of senior politicians, all portly, elderly gentlemen with thinning hair and bad moustaches in dull grey suits.

Except for one, one of the men stood out from the others.

Perhaps it was his shining, black tuxedo; or his youthful appearance set amidst a sea of age; or the air of assertiveness and honesty that surrounded him, but there was something about him that caught everyone's attention and held it as if they were hypnotised by his very being there. Only when the monotonous voice of the Prime Minister rang out over the heaving mass did they return their gazes back to the man who was supposed to hold them.

"It is my pleasure to launch the amazing new Archangel Network; which consists of thirteen new satellites, already in orbit, which will put Britain as the leader in mobile communications."

Applause rang out across the room as everyone realised that was as much of a speech as they were going to receive that evening, a slight disappointment to the many reporters who had hoped for some sort of awe-inspiring, Kennedy-esque creation to quote in their articles. Now they would have to make up the drama and the romance, meaning extra work during the hours that followed the drinks and polite chatter that this party would entail.

Instantly the politicians dispersed, many fleeing to the nearest waiter to wrap their podgy hands around another champagne flute, others raced to the buffet table where they could stuff their flabby faces with smoked salmon rolls and other canap├ęs.

But once more the youngest cabinet member deviated from the behaviour that dominated his peers and instead made his way swiftly through the crowds towards a pretty female dressed in an expensive, royal blue gown with a string of glittering diamonds adorning her pale, slender neck. As soon as they met their fingers tangled round each others and their lips came together in a soft yet passionate kiss.

"It's not fair," she murmured as his lips skimmed the skin at the edge of her mouth, pressing a final caress on the edge of her chin, "Him getting all the credit when you designed the thing," she moaned and rested her forehead against his, aware that there were now camera flashes going off around them, the couple would be on the front page of the gossip rags tomorrow, the newest 'it' couple, "You should be up there."

Harold smirked at her delightfully sweet concern, barely noticing the reporters that were beginning to encircle their cosy scene, entirely wrapped up in her.

"Soon my love," he whispered almost inaudibly, "Soon."

A huff escaped her lips in a most unladylike fashion, her hands moved up from where they were smoothing out the satin of her dress to clutch at the lapels of his jacket so needily her knuckles turned white, her face was tainted with a beautiful form of annoyance and she pulled him close against her so that he could feel her hot breath against his sensitive skin.

She growled fierily, making him smirk with pride and adoration,

"It better be, or I'll ring his saggy old neck."

With that she threw a hateful gaze back at the current leader of the nation, not that he seemed at all fitted to that role, he was more like a child who had been thrown in at the deep end before he'd learnt to swim, this was his spluttering time before he sunk into the deep, cold blue.

Yet firm fingers caught her chin and forced her head tenderly back to meet the soulful, brown eyes of her husband, the man she loved over all things.

He planted a gentle kiss onto the tip of her nose and held her tight within the circle of his arms whilst only a few meters away the Prime Minister chuckled light-heartedly at someone's joke and answered a question in his usual bored voice, he motioned his head back to the lectern which had been turned around to reveal a huge, crimson button, bright enough for even those at the other end of the enormous hall to see,

"Once that button is pressed, at midnight exactly, all mobile communications across the globe will be transmitted through this new network."

Harry rolled his eyes, Rose laughed at the humorous expression that decorated his handsome face.

Of course the PM wouldn't inform the media and the public that the Archangel network had been running global communications for the past week and that his darn party was all for show, with no technological significance at all, hence the pointless, big, red button. Humans, how predictable.

"Now it really begins," he mumbled mysteriously, giving a cheeky wink to his spouse and beginning to guide her towards a small group of political big-wigs, reporters and celebrities, after all they needed to keep up their profile if the plan was to be viable.

Both fell into the conversation with a fluid ease: laughing in perfect sync with everyone else at the precise moments they were meant to, sipping just enough champagne so as not to seem rude, and giving their own views in a sophisticated but down to earth manner that seemed to impress everyone who heard what they had to say.

And at midnight, as Big Ben's familiar twelve tolls echoed around the city, the PM made a big show of pressing the starting button; as confetti rained down on all who observed the event in a spiralling, swirling dance and cheers of ecstatic celebration sounded in the large centre, the Prime Minister called out in a low, flat voice,

"A new age has dawned."

Rose and Harry smiled as they lifted their half-full glasses in response to the toast, he did not know how right he was.

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