Chapter 10 - Realize.

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After fleeing the most important conversation she'd had with Jessie, and without knowing her response to her outs secret, Katie found herself home again. She was breathless as she tore into her house, running all the way from town had caused this, yet she hadn't noticed. There was too much processing going on in her head. Had she really just done that? It was going so well, actually nothing went wrong, it was just she couldn't take the happening of it all anymore. Plus the look on Jessie's face when she had confessed her love, contained a mixture of disbelief and shock. Those two emotions weren't making Katie's processing any easier.

You got it wrong, you got it wrong, you got it wrong, why don't you over get it right! She kept telling herself. Entering her room distraught, she lay on her bed, an emotional wreck.

A rude tapping on the glass of the window above Katie's head, pierced the silence of her room. Curious, she pulled the fabric curtains back until she saw a figure standing pressed up against the pane. Jessie. This is not what she needed.

Meanwhile, Jessie had left her mum in the high street to chase after Katie. She couldn't leave their conversation like that; it wouldn't be right on her best friend. So here she was, tapping on the window to her best friend's bedroom, where she knew she would inevitably be. The curtains slowly parted as Katie pulled them back. Jessie could see she was sitting on her bed about a foot from her face on the other side of the glass. Her normally perfect hair was messy at the back, and her eyes were red rimmed from where she had been crying. It pained Jessie to see her like this. The situation had to be mended. It was what they needed.

There they stayed, just looking at each other. There was sadness on one's face and understanding on the other. Jessie spoke up "Can you let me in?" As a response to her, Katie turned away from the window, swivelling in her sitting position on her bed and lay down. If she looked up she could see Jessie peering down at her from the outside ground floor window. But her eyes were closed. Wishing this whole situation would just vanish.

Jessie persisted. "Katie." "Katie." The glass muffled her voice, and as it reached Katie's ears she thought it sounded hurt and regretful. Yet she remained lying down.

Outside Jessie remained too. A few precious seconds passed by as she gathered up her thoughts.

With all of the time that they'd shared together, she'd never been so scared for these next few moments.

"Katie, I'm not going to let this go, God I can't find the words to tell you this." Another moment's pause. It was now she was hoping Katie could actually hear her. It was now she was regretting saying this in the front garden and not in front of Katie herself.

"You're probably kicking yourself thinking how it feels like I don't know you or how I'm going to not be friends with you or something terribly awful like that." Katie couldn't help but smirk cynically despite herself. "But what you said makes sense to me...too much sense." On her bed, Katie reopened her eyes, as if doing so would make sure she was hearing correctly.

"Katie," the hurt could still be heard in Jessie's voice when she said her name, as if she needed Katie right now to make everything better. She refused to sit up just yet, because if she did this whole dream may shatter. And what she heard next may never have come.

"I love you, I think I've loved you all along!" This time, after hearing those magical words, Katie turned to look back at Jessie. Tears sprang to her eyes once more when she realised Jessie was crying. "I just..had to tell.. you," she choked out.

Without a second thought Katie swung open the window, almost knocking over Jessie who wasn't in the right frame of mind to move out the way of an opening window. Unfortunately, it didn't open that far, but it was enough to allow them contact at long last. Katie offered out her hand and found Jessie's arm. The arm was soon her hand, and as they stood holding each other's hand, it was only then they began to smile. Then they were giggling foolishly, in between tears. "Jess," she said with gentleness behind her voice. The contact she was feeling, was fuzzing up her mind, rendering her unable to say anything else.

At long last, Katie invited Jessie into her room. Climbing through the window was a bit of a challenge but one that was overcome by their eagerness to be together.

"Do you think we have to do a lot of talking about this, is that how it works?" Katie joked, she still had the remains of tears in her eyes, however they were from a completely different occasion now.

"Why would you think I know?" Jessie grinned back. They hadn't let go of each other's hands yet.

"Are you tingling? I'm tingling."

"Haha I think your hands are charged"

"Is that so!" She drew her face closer to Jessie's. They both stopped breathing for a heartbeat.

"You know, I wrote you a letter once, explaining how I feel about you." She carried on. "That's not weird is it?"

"Will you think me weird if I want to read it?" Katie was surprised to see Jessie was beaming as opposed to be frightened off.

"You know me for my messiness, do you really think I'll be able to find it?" Katie joked.

"You would have kept it. I know you." Jessie slightly squeezed her friends hand, letting her know she cared. Gradually she began slowly stroking her fingers, sending ripples of shockwaves through both of them.

Reluctantly breaking the contact they had maintained for such a while, Katie leaned down to the bottom shelf of her bookcase, pulling out an old bible.

"Oh no, you're not about to lecture me on the wrongness of our feelings are you?"

"No ironically, this is where I always kept the letter."


Katie just smiled back at her. She never thought she'd be showing Jessie this. It contained her deepest most private feelings, yet instead of feeling embarrassed she only felt proud to share it at last.

She slipped it out of its hiding place between the faded pages and handed it over. To Jessie, being trusted to read it was a gesture that meant more to her than actually reading it.

They were both opposite each other on the bed. No glass window separating them now. As Katie anxiously waited for Jessie to read her letter of secrets, the girl across from her noticed her chewing her lip. It was now that she fully realised the cuteness of this habit. It was now she realised how much she wanted to be the one nibbling her lips.

Putting the letter aside, Jessie instead reached out to Katie's cheeks. Katie froze in place from her touch. Slowly their faces became closer together. This moment was enchanting. Both the girls breathing hitched at the anticipation of what was happening. Not one of them dared blink, instead they gazed into one another's eyes, capturing this moment to look back on for a lifetime.

The fluttering of butterflies and the enthralling feeling of fireworks overtook both girls when their lips touched. Warmth came crashing down on everyone of their senses, as the converging of lips evolved into caressing, then turning into the trace of a kiss. With every movement, there came another more crushing than before. They couldn't have imagined it would feel this good to finally unite. Deep down, they both knew this was the way it had meant to end.

Drawing back, her breath taken, Jessie whispered into Katie's lips "Katie, you taste like vanilla."

Katie replied into another sweet kiss with a quivering smile "And you, taste of chocolate pancakes."

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