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'Edward, what's wrong?' He was pacing up and down the hallway, agitated. I was worried about him. He seemed so young, so innocent. He was only 27, but had had to deal with so much more than most people his age. Except we aren't exactly people.

'I'm leaving, Esme. I can't take denying myself any longer. You should know that. It's not fair on me, and it sure as hell isn't fair on you. We're not supposed to live like this, we shouldn't have to feed off animals. We're meant to feed off humans, not deer and mountain lion. Can't you see that we're denying our true existence by not drinking human blood?'

I was shocked. How could he think this? We didn't want to be monsters, we didn't choose to be what we are. There was ways around our traditional lifestyle. I'd be the first to admit that it wasn't the nicest thing in the world to be drinking from elk and deer, but it was better than murdering innocent humans every few days. It allowed us to act like normal humans, albeit we stayed away from their company as much as possible.

'But Edward, why do you feel this way? Isn't there an alternative? I know that you don't particularly enjoy most animals, but isn't it better than humans? Do you want to be responsible for the deaths of so many?' I was begging, and I knew it. I couldn't let him go. Even though our cover story was that Edward was my cousin, he was more like my son than anything else. I couldn't let him run oout that door without a chance for him to stop and listen to me.

'No, Esme, there isn't. How can we live like this? It's not fair on us at all. I have to go,' Edwards voice was rough, and I saw him preparing to start running.

'No, Edward, please, wait until Carlisle comes home. Please, just wait an hour!' I shouted at him, unconsciously.

'Goodby Esme,' and he ran.

I slunk to the ground, giving out racking, tearless sobs which wouldn't stop.


'Esme, what's wrong? Oh, please, tell me you're alright. What happened?' Carlisle's gentle voice lulled me out of my stupor. He was worried about me, and I didn't need Edwards gift to tell me that he was wondering where Edward was.

'He's gone, he left. He doesn't think that animals are right any more,' It was all that I could get out before dissolving again.

'What do you mean, Esme? Is Edward gone?'


The next five years passed. There wasn't a day that I didn't think about my son, where he was and how he was doing. We moved around a lot, and had just settled down in Rochester, New York, when the somebody knocked on the door. I thought it was just one of the neighbours, so I quickly fixed my hair and apron and went to open it. Standing there, looking sheepishly at me, was Edward.

'Edward? Is it really you?' I couldn't believe it. There was no possible way that my son was back here. Carlisle and I had privately agreed that it was unlikely he would ever return to us, so we just didn't try to prepare the house for him to be here.

'Yes, it's me. If you'll have me back, that is,' He seemed unsure, almost like he wasn't quite ready to believe what he was hearing through my thoughts.

'Do you really think that I wouldn't want my brother living with me?'

Edward walked in, closing the door behind him, and swept me up in his arms, giving me a huge hug. There was another knock, and he put me down as I went to open it.

'Esme, do I smell who I think I sme- Edward! You're back!' Carlisle exclaimed. We all hugged each other and realised that all was well.