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Esme POV

I was waiting for Carlisle to arrive home, so we could go hunting. My days were filled painting and decorating our home, and the nights with hunting and Carlisle. There was no way for me to be any happier. Edward was acting as my brother, but privately we all felt more like Carlisle and I were his parents. Physically, he was only seventeen, and we were both in our twenties.

The loss of my son still upset me, and I couldn't bear to see young children. Anyone below four or five, and I found it impossible to even look at them. It was just so difficult, they all reminded me of my little boy. But yet, I still managed to do it.

My self control was improving. I had only tasted human blood once, and it was more than ten years ago. I was changed in 1921, and that year I had slipped up. But now it was 1933, and my diet was mercifully human free. Edward had more problems than I did, he was still recovering from what we now called his adolescent phase.

"Esme, come here now!" Edward called. I rose from the sofa, and went into our unused kitchen. Edward was standing there, motionless. His face was fixed in a mask of horror, and he seemed terrified of what he could hear in someone's thoughts.

"Edward, what's wrong? Are you alright? Is something bothering you?" I asked him. His gift was more often than not a curse. He could tell when somebody was going to do an evil deed, and this meant that he felt that it was his fault if he didn't stop the person. But he couldn't save everybody. It was impossible to do that.

"Rosalie Hale is being defiled. Her fiance and his friends, on the street. She's bleeding, badly. Everywhere is just covered in blood, she can't do anything. He has her powerless. Nothing can help her. Oh God," Edward stopped there, obviously afraid of scaring me. His human mother had done a good job in raising him, he was always respectful and courteous to everyone who came near, especially women. But he constantly forgot that I was a vampire, a killer. He could never remember that I had murdered before, that I was made for killing. Much as I'd like to forget what I was, I couldn't.

"Edward. I am not afraid of whatever you are about to tell me. Just because my human experiences may have been terrible, I'm still fully capable of listening to whatever is happening to that poor girl.

"She's being beaten, left on the street. She doesn't know what is happening. Her brain is slowly shutting down. She just keeps thinking 'I want to die'. She says it in her mind over and over again, she can't stop saying it. She truly wants to leave this world behind her, she just wants the pain to stop. But it won't."

I was appalled. I had seen Rosalie Hale around the town when I was out shopping for our props, and she was beautiful, one of the most beautiful humans I had ever seen. She didn't deserve this. Those men probably treated dogs better than they were treating her at this moment in time.

"Carlisle's found her. He's lifting her up. He's biting her!" Edward sounded horrified. He couldn't understand why Carlisle would bite her, why he would take her away from her family, not let her be given a proper burial.

"Edward, how far away is he? I'll go and get the spare room ready,"

"He'll be here in around 3 minutes. You'll want to hurry, the venom is beginning to spread, the pain is getting worse for her,"

I ran upstairs and got the room ready. I put fresh blankets down on the bed, and made sure that it was clear of things that wouldn't break easily. When she awoke, she wouldn't realise her own strength, and I didn't want anything to be broken.

I heard Carlisle coming upstairs, and he called for me.

"Carlisle, come upstairs. The spare room is ready for her, lay her down on the bed!"

He ran upstairs, and laid her down on the bed. Her long blonde hair was streaked and matted with blood, and I felt my thirst increase. Her white dress was ripped, and also covered in blood. She was so beautiful, her oval face and violet coloured eyes. Her eyes were such an unusual colour for a human, almost purple. They were on the very far edges of blue, and they looked just like my little boy's.

A scream came out of her mouth, and her violet eyes opened wider. She stared right into mine, and continued screaming. I was thankful for our home being out in the forest, because there were no neighbours to ask us about the screams echoing around the forest.

Days passed, and on the third she seemed a little more lucid. I had washed her hair, and dried it carefully. Then, brushing it, I saw how much she had already changed. Her skin was so much cooler, and her screams had died down.

Edward and Carlisle walked into the room, arguing. Edward didn't agree with the decision to change her, he felt she was too noticeable in Rochester. We would have to move. But we would have had to anyway, he was forgetting that Carlisle was already claiming to be in his thirties, when he was physically only 23.

"What were you thinking Carlisle? Rosalie Hale?" Edward was irritated, angry at the fact he would have to move again, to somewhere secluded because of a newborn.

"I couldn't just let her die," Carlisle murmered, "It was too much - too horrible, too much waste." Carlisle voice was so sad. he was upset at what the girl had gone through.

"I know," Edward said. I could tell he cared for her now, after seing what had happened to her. But to an outsider, he would have sounded dismissive. He was like that, not letting people in until he absolutely had to.

"It was too much waste, I couldn't leave her," Carlisle kept repeating. My heart ached for my mate. I just wanted to look after him, and tell him it would be alfight.

"Of course you couldn't," I whispered, rubbing his back. His shoulders were tense, but he visibly relaxed under my touch.

But Edward couldn't let it go. "People die all the time. Don't you think she's just a little recognisable though? The Kings will have to put up a huge search - not that anyone suspects the fiend," he growled.

More time passed, and Rosalie's heartbeat was getting gradually slower. When it was almost out, Edward began to speak again.

"What are we going to do with her?"

"That's up to her, she may want to go her own way,"

They continued their conversation, and I kept my eyes on Rosalie. The feeble sound of her heartbeat faltered, and with one last ba-bump, it stopped. She opened her eyes to a new world.

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" She asked, shying away from Edward and Carlisle.

"Edward, Carlisle, get downstairs now. I'll talk to her. Stay away until I call for you,"

Neither of them were happy with me, but both left. I would talk to Rosalie, I knew what she had gone through.

"Rosalie? My name is Esme Cullen. Do you want me to explain everything to you?"

"Yes. I remember Royce, and his friends, and then pain. So much pain. It was like I was being burned, like my life was being burned away from me. What was it?"

"Rosalie, Royce and his friends attacked you and left you for dead. My husband Carlisle found you and brought you here. He worked so hard to save your life, but he couldn't. He couldn't let you die, you didn't deserve the hand fate gave you. So he bit you," I paused, waiting to see if she had any questions.

"What do you mean, he bit me? Are you vampires or something?" She scoffed, then seeing my expression, she stopped. "You're vampires? But they're only in story books, like Mr. Stoker's Dracula. Vampire's don't exist!"

"Rosalie. I'm going to show you yourself in a mirror. You'll look different, and your eyes are red, like mine were when I was changed, and Edward's, and Carlisle's. We don't age, and you don't either now. We don't eat or drink - unless you count human blood - and we can't sleep. I'll explain everything later, I promise."

Rosalie looked at me, "I'm ready,"

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