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Why the hell? Jasper, dear snap out of it! Ughh I hate those bitches who are taking our men away. Vampires technically. I was completely out of it, as Bella interacted with the stinky but somehow familiar werewolf girl.

Wait what?

"INCUBI?!"- we shouted, my squeaky voice drowned amidst Bella's and Rosalie's voices, each laced with the concern mine held. The only ones who didn't speak, were Nessie and that girl, Enid.

Damn. I heard a door open faintly out of the school exit, and as we whipped out heads toward the schoolyard, three gorgeous incubi, or at least I think that's what they are, stepped in the sunshine Jasper, Edward, Emmet and Jacob all made involuntary twitches, as their eyes never left the curvaceous leggy bimbos. If they think they are taking our men without a fight, they are so WRONG! From the expression all us girls had on our faces, I'm pretty sure we were thinking the same thing.

These… Men…Are… Our…..Existences….So…. BACK…..OFF…. or…..DIE!!!

"Don't do anything rash,"- Enid whispered, "They will not summon your men today. They are thirsty for human blood, and their spells are weakened at this state."

We let her words calm us down, as we kept a close watch on the guys, prepared to keep them at bay in case they might be pulled from these… ughh I don't know a bad enough word to describe them, bitchesslutsasseswhores doesn't cover it.

The incubi?, We really need to ask Carlisle about what they are, walked, more like glided through the courtyard with such grace, and all the boys around them looked like they were going to kiss their feet and bow to the land these goddesses walked on.

Jazz, Em, Jake and Eddie were a little more composed or maybe it was because we had our arms around them so strongly they couldn't break free.

I wonder what's gonna happen now. Whoa, ok that's a stupid question, I mean I CAN look at the future. I scrunched up my eyes but all I was getting was darkness, what the hell? Ouch that hurts, and it's a humoungous headache. Oww

I looked around at the present, as the bitches-who-need-to-back-off walked toward us in the big courtyard, looking like the sexiest super models, and my eyes caught Enid's huge brown ones. Ohh, yeah, it looks like she's still going to stick around with us. That's the reason for the glitches.

Heels clicked, miniskirts ruffled. 10 feet, 9, 8, 7, 5. I do not know if we're able to compose ourselves if they do anything. Me and Bella were getting worried about exposing our secret existence to the human world, but Rose and Nessie, well, they just are very very protective and growls left their throats. Enid, the fierceness in her eyes, and determination to keep herself in control told me they had had an encounter with the witches before this, and it had gotten ugly.


Lust. Desire. Passion. Betrayal. Worry. Anger. Love.

All these feeling flowed in the air with such an intensity it was causing me to project them all tenfold.

What in the world is going on? Why can't I take off my eyes from the three women coming toward me. The three gorgeous, sexy, beasts, arousing….


Think of Alice, your wife, your love, the reason for your existence, the way she loses control in your arms, her soft moans intensifying… Her love, her everything…my everything.

But these women, what are they doing to me? Are the other guys affected like me? What's going on?

My eyes run through their bodies hungrily. Over their short black miniskirts, long delicious legs, to their open blouses, showing off their cleavage, or heaven in other words. Their perfect faces were the best features though.

The middle one, with long dark locks, had the prettiest face, as her hair fell on her eyes, red, vicious, yet compelling, her lips parted as if in a secret smile, or definite hunger. The one to the right, her reddish-blonde hair blowing in the light breeze, had the same eyes, yet she had a small scar on the left side of her cheek, making her even more attracting, as it shined in the sunlight. Finally, the one to the left, her olive skin under the black straight, long and free-flowing, had full lips, very entertaining to just look at, with the crazy red eyes.

At just five feet away from me, their delicious foxy smell hit me hard. And I collapsed on the inside, squirming out of the arms that were holding me back, and at that moment I noticed Edward, Jake and Emmet trying to escape their prisons as well.

Now the smiles on the goddesses' faces were obvious, as were the growls coming from behind us.

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