This is a story that I thought of after I saw The Dark Knight and I couldn't get it out of my head, so here it is. Note: This one takes place during the events of Batman Begins. Anyway please tell me if I should continue this or not. Enjoy!


The last bell rang for the end of the day at Gotham High School and Abigail Rachel Dawes Wayne was rushing to her locker to grab the gear she needed to boxing practice. Abby, as she was more commonly called, was fourteen years old, had shoulder length messy brown hair that she tied into a French braid, brown eyes, and had the appearance of her mother Rachel Dawes, but inherited her father's stubborn attitude. It had been seven years since Abby had last seen her father, Bruce Wayne. She slammed her books in her locker and grabbed her boxing bag.

"Hey, Abby," greeted her friend, Sasha Peterson. Sasha was an African American that had long dark brown hair that she tied in a pony tail, hazel eyes, and a sassy attitude.

"Hey, Sasha, sorry I can't talk, my coach will kill me if I'm late," said Abby in a rushed tone.

"Oh, alright, so when's your first match," Sasha asked.

"In a couple weeks, my coach has been pushing us ever since school started," she answered as they started to walk down the hallway to the gym.

"I'm so glad I'm not in any type of sport," said Sasha in a relieved tone. "I mean the only deadline I have to worry about is getting my articles in on time."

"Yeah, being a school newspaper reporter, I bet its way easier than worrying about getting beat up in the rink," said Abby. "But then again you get used to it."

"No kidding, I'm surprised your mom even let you go into this sport," said Sasha.

"Well, the only reason my mom let me do it is because she thought it would be useful," she said, "Especially in Gotham."

"Yeah, you don't know how many times Heather's parents had considered moving," Sasha said sadly. Heather was their other friend who was on the track team and had overprotective parents.

"Well anyway I gotta run, see ya," said Abby before taking off.

Abby ran ahead to the gym where boxing practice took place. She went into the girls' locker room and put on her grey tank top with her black gym shorts. She then put on her hand wrist straps, her boxing gloves, and her head gear. Abby walked out to the gym where she saw her teammates, standing in front of the rink, talking to each other. Most of her team was consisted of boys, but this didn't matter to her since she grew up with many boys on her street.

"Hey Abby, over here!" called her friend Aaron. Aaron had curtained styled brown hair and green oval shaped eyes. He had a heart shaped face that held that mischievous smirk between his thin lips, but what stood out the most of his facial features were his big ears.

Abby ran over to where he was and greeted, "Hey Aaron!"

"Bet you can't wait to kick my butt in the rink today," he smirked.

"Oh yeah, but I bet you can't kick mine," she teased.

"Would you guys stop bickering," said the boy called Adam.

"Dude I've known her since like preschool," said Aaron.

"That's right, he used to eat paste and crush on Vicky Smith," said Abby.

"Yeah, and you used to be a huge klutz back in Kindergarten," Aaron said. "I'll never forget, the domino-effect that you caused by one simple little misstep, Mr. Hansen never wore that suit again."

"I swear, I don't care how many times I say this, you guys have been friends for too long," Adam moaned.

"ALRIGHT, QUIT THE CHIT-CHAT AND LISTEN UP!" shouted the voice of Coach Jeff.

Everyone immediately, stopped talking and looked straight at their coach.

"The first match is only a couple weeks away and need to prepare!" He said. "I just found out who were fighting against," Coach Jeff clenched his teeth, "Redwood High."

"Whoa, I've heard they've got one toughest people in the league," said one of the boys.

"That's right, this means that means that we have to work harder until our fists bleed!"

Everyone just sat there quietly with big eyes.

"Alright, partner up and do your drills," Coach Jeff ordered.

Abby partnered up with Aaron and teased each other continuously. She got knocked down a couple times, but it didn't matter to her since she always got Aaron back. The clock struck six and the coach told them it was time to go. Abby quickly got changed back into Hollister top and jeans and meet Aaron outside of school. They walked over to where Abby lived since Aaron only lived a few doors down. Once she got home, she said good-bye to Aaron and went inside to her mom frustrated about something.

"Hey, Mom, what's up?"

"Crane let go one of Falcone's men…again," Rachel said clenching her fists.

"And this is a problem because…" said Abby.

"Because he's done that to all of them," finished Rachel. "It's just fishy."

"Mom, you're a lawyer not Superman," Abby pointed out.

"Yeah, I know it's just that I don't want Gotham being run by criminals anymore," she said.

"Hey, I don't want that ether, but it's kind of impossible to stop it," said Abby.

"I swear, you are just a stubborn as your father," said Rachel.

"Well, anyway did you try to talk to Carl about it?" asked Abby.

"Yes, but he says I should back out for my own good," she answered.

"Well, he's right," Abby saw her mother's eyes go big once she said this. "Ok, think about it: Falcone literally rules the city and if you try to protest, you ain't gonna win."

"How could say that?!" Rachel said, appalled. "Don't want what to walk the streets, knowing that you're safe instead of worrying about getting mugged!"

"Mom, chill out, it's okay I'm just making a point," she said offensively.

"Your father had the exact same attitude about this, if you remember," Rachel said, frustrated.

"Could you please not mention him," said Abby, darkly.

"Why do you never want to talk about father anymore?"

"I don't know, I just don't." she answered.

"Is something bothering you? Because you know you can talk to me—"

"No! It's alright, there's nothing to talk about."

"Okay then, if there's no problem then I guess you wouldn't mind eating fast food tonight."

"Mom, you know I can't eat that stuff," she said.

"Right well, you can order a salad if you want then because I don't have dinner cooked," informed Rachel.

"Fine, I'll go," Abby said defeated.

They went to the elevated train system that ran to the lower and upper parts of Gotham. It was a quiet train ride and it sagged most of the way. Rachel had told her that her grandfather had built the train system, but it just seemed to bring in more criminals to the city. The train soon gave a slow stop under Wayne Towers. Abby immediately got up from her seat and went to the sliding doors. Rachel, on the other hand, looked suspiciously at the man talking on his cell phone in the seat ahead.

"What is it Mom?" she asked concerned.

"Nothing, c'mon," Rachel gently pushed her out of the train.

The streets of Gotham weren't that big of scare to Abby any more since she knew what to expect, but she still had a fear of a shooting happening while she was walking. They walked down the steps and saw a man coming up to them. Abby turned around to ignore the man, but then saw another man carrying a gun that was aimed at Rachel.

"Mom, Look out!" shouted Abby.

Rachel hit the man behind her with her purse and faced the other man with a taser. The man looked behind them and ran in terror.

"Yeah, you better run!" shouted Rachel in triumph.

"Yeah, you big chicken!" shouted Abby as they both turned around.

Abby's mouth went open in fear when she saw what was really behind them. It was a man in a dark heavy suit with a cape and only showed half of his face. Rachel shot him with her taser, but all it did was give him a few small shocks, now Abby was really afraid. He pulled off the wire from the taser off his suit and said darkly, "Falcone sent them to kill you."

"Why?" Rachel asked quivered.

"You rattled his cage," he answered before he threw down pictures on the floor.

"What's this?"

"Leverage," he said.

"For what?" asked Rachel.

"To get things moving."

"Wait—who are you?"

He paused for a moment and took a short gaze at Abby. Her muscles squeezed tightly as he looked at her, Abby wasn't sure if she could trust him or not.

"Someone like you," he responded. "Someone who rattled the cages."

Rachel slowly bent down the get the pictures while Abby looked down to see what the pictures were of. But when they looked back up the man was gone.

"T-that was strange," said Abby as she tried to turn her voice from afraid to confident.

"Yeah, it was," agreed Rachel, "but he did give me the information I needed."

"Is everything okay?" asked the policeman from down below.

"Yeah, everything's fine," Rachel answered and he walked away.

"Mom, can walk home instead of taking the train this time?" asked Abby in a scared tone.

"Sure, we'll get the food to go if you like."

"Yeah, I just don't want to run into any trouble like we did just a few seconds ago," said Abby as they walked the stairs and into the streets of Gotham.

Thanks for reading! I know this might sound confusing at first, but it will be explained more as the story goes on. This is my first Batman Begins fanfic so I hope this works out.