Was working on Anyone You Want and got serious writers block but I had this idea in my head for another story so I decided to start it.

Got the idea from a great book I read called The Year of Secret Assignments; HOPE YOU LIKE!

IMPORTANT: This story does not go along with the plot of the movie. SORRY.

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Chapter 1

Ms. Grace. Man that lady's hot. Too bad shes got no heart, and she's taken.

Ms. Grace is my tutor. I hate her. I know I said she's hot but I can still hate her right? Whatever. She doesn't realize how I already know everything I need to know in life. She thinks I need to improve on my writing skills. I think I write fine. Me and my best friends Nate and Jason write our own songs. We are Connect 3 we don't have time for writing assignments. Ms. Grace doesn't get that.

"You know boys, even rock stars need homework," she always says.

What does she know about being a rock star. She's just a no good teacher who somehow got lucky enough to have us as students. We're the unlucky ones. Millions of fans cheering for us and we have to stay inside and work. Like seriously, that lady only thinks of herself.

Basically for this writing assignment we get a pen pal from some school and we write letters back and forth. Lame I know. And we have to put fake names so they wont even know we're famous. We're pretending to be part of Burner High School, one of the schools participating in the project and we're writing to kids from well some other school.

This is going to be torture. The good thing was Ms. Grace wouldn't be seeing the letters because it was confidential so he could write as little as he wanted. The bad thing was that he had to keep a journal. Luckily that was also confidential so he didn't really have to write much.

"Here's your mail boys," Ms. Grace said.

"Since when do you get our mail?" Nate asked.

"Who cares. I love reading about how much my fans love me," I said.

"One for Jason, one for Nate, and one for Shane," Ms. Grace counted off handing each of them an envelope.

"One?" I asked, "This cannot be the fan mail."

"It's not," Ms. Grace said, "they're the letters from your pen-pals."

"Great," I said sarcastically.

"I want you boys to read them and then write your first letters. Have them done by tomorrow so that I can send them."

Ms. Grace then left and I opened my letter as did Nate and Jason.

From the writing I could easily tell that my letter was from a girl.

(A/N: The italicized writing is the letter, everything else isn't.)

To: A student at Burner High School,

My name is Mitchie Kiana Torres. I am seventeen years old and I go to Cromwell High School (though you should know that already because this is an assignment between our two schools).

"Well, I guess that wasn't that bad," Jason said.

"You finished reading yours already?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was short."

"Don't worry man," Nate said, "the hard parts coming. You have to write back to the person."

"Oh. Right. That sucks."

"Are you done yours?" I asked Nate.

"Almost, mine isn't that long either."

"Well you two are lucky then because mine is very long and I can tell this chick is going to keep on writing long letters," I said then looked down to continue reading the letter.

The two things I love most are school and music. I know it seems weird to say that I love school but it's true. I love to learn knew things and I love to read and write. Though I love school I'd have to say that I love music even more. It just gets me so calm and relaxed and I just love it. I play the piano and I sing. I also write my own music. I hope to one day become famous. That is my biggest dream in life.

Please this girl has no chance of being famous. She likes school. Man she has no life.

I am an only child with two parents. My mom's name is Connie and my dad's name is Fred. We live in a nice small house a few blocks away from Cromwell. It's a really great neighbourhood as I'm sure you know. But maybe you haven't been here. I don't really see many kids from your school in this area. Why don't you guys ever come here? I know that people from here are always going to your area.

Maybe people don't go to her area because everyone there is just like her.

My best friends name is Cierra. She's the best and she's like a total genius. She once tutored this guy who went to Burner. Maybe you know him. His name's Salvatore Galifi.

Her best friend's a tutor. Yup, she's a loser.

Why don't you tell me some stuff bout yourself. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you through these letters. This should really be a great experience.

Yeah right. This was going to be the worst experience ever.


Mitchie K. Torres

"Well won't this be fun," I said sarcastically, "now I have to write. Woop-di-doo."

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