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Misery Loves Company

Ch. 1- The Devil's Arithmetic

It had been a long day and all Val wanted to do was go home. But, her car wasn't working, so she was forced to have to walk home from the station. Brooke, was home sick and the boys had already left. Oh, she really didn't want to walk, it was a long way to her house. Stop it, she told herself and continued to walk briskly, darting across the streets. Suddenly she felt someone behind her. She turned around slowly, only to find a gun pointed at her face. She closed her eyes in fear. Was this it? Ws her life over before it had even began?

No. Her mind was one step behind reality. The guy took her purse and ran off. Val collapsed to the ground.

* * *
"Val honey are you ok?" Frank Liner said as he rushed to her sitting at the police bench in the station. But, Val just sat there, motionless. Paralyzed.

"She's still in shock. One of our cops found her on the streets soon after she came too. We didn't take her to the hospital, but she seems alright." the officer replied.

But, she wasn't and wouldn't be for a long time, for Val was scared. The guy who took her purse knew her name and where she lived. He had her keys, her student ID card, everything. She had looked into the robber's eyes, seen his face. Why had he let her live?

Val was now a stranger in her own life.
* * *