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Ok this was officially one of the best nights of my life. Ashlyn and I had our burgers, and then walked back to her car. After that she was on top of me, and our lips were locked. Then I saw her. Bella sat in her red Ferrari, giving me the death glare. I could have sworn I heard her saw stupid dog, and something about me finding the first slut I could find. Ok so first of all I was not stupid. Second Ashlyn was not a slut she was also a model. Nessie just happened to be a failed imprint. Ashlyn looked up at me and asked me what was up. All I could say was "oh, I was just admiring that Ferrari. You don't see those everyday." She turned around but Bella was already driving away to her family of leeches. "OMG!!!!!!" she squealed, "a Ferrari". "Do you want to come to my place?" I asked her. I guess I might as well tell her about imprinting sooner or later. It would be easier with the whole pack. (OK I don't know how to explain the whole imprinting thing so sorry but I'm going to skip it)


I arrived home under a minute a new record for me. I was not only mad, but I was also so thirsty. I had not gone hunting in a long time. Edward felt my anger and was at my side in a quarter of a second.

"What's wrong honey?" he said. I was afraid to open my mouth, because I might have let out a hiss. I let down my shield and just let him read my mind.

" That jerk" he said replying to my thought. All I could do was nod. Then in my head I asked him if we could go hunting. He agreed, grabbed Renesmee and we left out to go hunt.

A Few Hours Later…


Ashlyn was totally ok with me being a werewolf. Actually she was really excited about it. First thing she told me was that she wanted to see me phase. Of course I gave her what she wanted, and also gave her a ride. She laughed throughout the whole ride, the most beautiful laugh ever. I started to wonder what was going on at the Cullen house. What was Edward thinking of doing with me. I shook that thought out of my head and watched Ashlyn sleep. She had had to much information given to her in one day. I knew I had to wake her up. I wouldn't want her parents to get worried about her. I want them to be able to trust me with their daughter.

"Ashlyn, wake up" I whispered. I nudged her shoulder but she shook it off. "Ashlyn it's 11'o clock, your parents are going to get worried.

"Oh shit," she said, "I have to go, where are my keys?"

"Here" I told her as I handed her the keys. "Let me go with you" I got into her car and we took off. We arrived at her house 10 minutes later. It was an average 2-story house. "You have to go, my parents don't like me bringing guys home," she said" Let alone werewolves" She smiled. I kissed her on the lips softly, and told her to meet me at my house tomorrow at 12. She kissed me again and I got out of the car. I phased and ran home. Tomorrow she would be meeting the other wolf girls, but for now I was going to the cottage were my fears laid.


After I had finally calmed down and had my fair share of blood I put Renesmee in bed. I went to sit on the love seat with Edward. We were getting over the Jacob thing.

I kissed Edward and sat on his lap. He deepened the kiss, but I was not in the mood to go any further. He was my friend and he had betrayed my daughter. At least we were going to get the dog smell out of our cottage, Rosalie would be happy about that. All of this was going through my mind, while Edward was kissing me. He started to pick me up but I got out of his lap. "Not tonight- right now Edward", I told him. I might change my later in the night. The town gets really boring at night. He understood and turned on the TV.

I got a book off the shelf and started reading. Why did main characters name had to be Jacob, I shook it off and continued reading. It was going to be a long night. A few pages later Edward let out a hiss, I turned around to look at him but then I heard it. Four paws running towards our cottage.

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