Chapter 1:

Bella: vampgirl

Edward: edwardCullen

Alice: pixiechik

Emmett: imstrongerthanu

Rosalie: imprettierthanu

Jasper: scarred4life

Vampgirl: alice u r the best! I luv this new computer!

Pixiechik: no prob bella. I just thought we cud talk this way instead of the fone. This is more fun!

Vampgirl: yea but u just bought us all computers. U didn't need to do that.

Pixiechik: ur computer was sooo slow. It wud take u 15 mins 2 write 1 word!

Vampgirl: true

Edwardcullen has logged on

Vampgirl: Edward!!

Edwardcullen: hello love.

Pi xiechik: cud hav piked a more boring screen name. jeez.

Vampgirl: I like it 

Pixiechik: no? really?

Edwardcullen: thanx 4 laptops alice. They're really nice.

Pixiechik: no prob glad u like it.

Vampgirl: I gg. C u l8r guys. Love u Edward 3

Vampgirl is no longer avail.

Edwardcullen: wat does 3 mean.

Pixiechik: it's a heart sideways.

Edwardcullen: oh

Pixiechik: and people think ur smart?

Edwardcullen: haha

Edwardcullen : Alice

Edwardcullen: r u there?

Pixiechik: family meeting… living room… now!!

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