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I smiled as I inhaled the sweet, bitter aroma of the coffee. I could live like this forever. I looked out the window out into the sunny baby blue skies of Beverly Hills, California. So very different from Forks where the day pigs flew was like the day the sun came out. I sighed remembering I had to go and visit Charlie soon. It wasn't that I didn't love Charlie, because I did with all my heart, but that place, that small little house had so many memories of Edward.

I let out a wry grin, proud of myself it had been almost 5 years since I'd seen him and I was barely getting used to saying it again. I remembered when I used to flinch whenever anybody even mentioned the name Edward.

I smoothed my hands down through my plain pink T-shirt, and looked at the clock. I cursed when it say 9:30, I was supposed to meet with Pamela in 30 minutes!

"Doggy!" I screamed, getting out his food from the cabinet, while trying not to fall.

"Doggy!" I screamed again. Where in the world was he? I hoped Maggie didn't leave the back door open again. Oh, man she was going to be in so much trouble when she got up!

I stood still for a moment and listened. Hearing nothing I took a deep breath and sent a quick prayer to god hoping he was on my side today and this wasn't a start of a majorly crappy day. I listened again with a concentrated look on my face.

"Oh my damn Bella! Do not tell me I have to bring you plums again! Cause it looks like you have a constipated tummy!" I jumped nearly throwing the dog food into the air.

"Kenny!" I screamed out as my eyes were greeted with his friendly face slowly walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, Doggy by his side.

"Bella!" he screamed back in a mocking matter, laughing. "I thought I'd save you the trouble of screaming your tonsils out and bring him here since he was out back with me."

"Thank you so much!" I said as I fed Doggy.

"No problemo" He said as he dug his head into the refrigerator.

"Umm Kenny can you do me a favor and take care of Doggy for a while, because I have to go meet Pamela." I said while digging into my purse, looking for my keys.

"Ugh why are you going to go see that old hag, she's such a bitch." He rolled his eyes into the refrigerator.

"She is not!" I protested, although I knew it was slightly true, "Plus she's the one found me and got me somewhere in this life. Plus she gives great advice!"

"Yea only, because she can't take any for herself" he said matter of factly, "and she needs to…"

"Kenny don't be mean. If you haven't got anything to say-"

"Don't say it at all. Yea I got it Bells, like in second grade. Remember ?"

I laughed remembering her, and Kenny's screwed up little face when he first heard it.

"Well I've got to go I'll be back like in 2 to 3 hours, and ill pick up Maggie from Pre-School, bye Ken" I yelled out as I grabbed my purse and headed out to the large Maghoney doors.

"Bye Bells!"

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