Must Read

Hey everyone I have some awful news right now.

Well to tell you the truth I had most of the new chapters done and was ready to post them up, but then me and my sister got into a fight and she deleted my user from the computer where all of my chapters and new ideas for the stories were.

I am so deeply sorry. I literally have been crying my eyes out for the past 3 hours. I am just so angry and miserable, sonce this isn't the first time she's done this.

So basically I won't be updating till the next month, because I have to do all of my homework that i had to do over christmas break which were Eight 10,000 word essays over again since they were also saved into the computer and now they are gone.

So now i have to do over those essays too.

And that's going to take some time since there are so many tests coming up and my mind is just going to be so hectic and full of things, there won't be time for me to write.

I am so sorry, but I just felt you all should know.

-Annie :[